Let’s Save Money!! Deal Websites You Should Know About

I feel like it’s about time I put together a post talking about my absolute favorite deal sites from around the web! I know I have mentioned sites like Hautelook and Ebates in random videos, but I feel like they need a special place on my blog and deserve some love, since I have saved so much money from them :)



Hautelook: This website has all sorts of items, from fashionable clothes to shoes to beauty, along with mens clothing, and even a getaway section that has great deals on beautiful hotels. Sign up for Hautelook

Ideeli: Ideeli doesn’t seem to have many beauty items, they are more centered around clothes, shoes, and gadgets (I got a great deal on a nonstick pots & pan set, along with lots of stuff from Cuisinart.. you guys know i love kitchen stuff!) Also have gotten Tarina Tarintino Jewelery and Betsey Johnson shoes! Sign up for Ideeli

Rue La La: I forgot to mention this one in the video, but this site is a great one with all sorts of deals. I got a Cuisine Art 17 item Stainless Steel cookware set for $100 cheaper than retail! Sign up for Rue La La

Gilt Group: I find that this site is usually pretty fancy stuff, but I have seen Mario Badescu and some Cuisine Art stuff on here. Sign up for Gilt Group

Ebates: One of my absolute favorites! Get Cash-back on TONS of online stores you probably shop at regularly, like Sephora and Beauty.com. The cash-back also works if you order online and choose store pick-up (I ordered a TON of stuff from The Container Store when Ebates had their birthday promotion and gave the container store 12% cashback instead of 4%.. that, along with their 10% off coupon for signing up, and getting store pickup for the next day.. awesome!!) Sign up for Ebates


Living Social: I’m sure you have seen commercials for this site (especially if you use Pandora, just shoot me) BUT, the site is actually great. I’ve gotten great deals (paying $99 for a Brazilian Blowout when it retailed $250) and have gotten great deals on local food joints! Sign up for Living Social

Groupon: Just like Living Social, this site has local deals. I love this app on my phone, I have about 10 groupons ranging from food to hair treatments just waiting to be used on there! Especially now that they have Groupon Now, where you can use deals instantly. I use this ALL the time when we want to go out to a new place for food! Sign up for Groupon

Urban Dealights: This one is new to me, but I just got a deal from them for $99 for six laser hair removal sessions that retailed at $650!! Sign up for Urban Dealights

Something else I also COMPLETELY forgot to mention that I do every time I buy online is google for promo/discount codes for that specific website (retailmenot.com usually has most of the promocodes!). Almost every time I am able to find some form of promo code, be it for a free sample, free shipping, or a certain % off. EVERYONE should do this, its an easy simple step that can save you lots of money! :)


Okay, I can’t think of anything else to add. Do you have any favorites I forgot to mention? Let me know :)




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  1. Caroline says:

    This post is amazing! I can’t remember is Bloom Circle is discount or not but you could mention that. It’s perfect for people wanting to try new products!

    • leesha says:

      the shipping can be a huge downer on some of these sites, especially if you only want 1 or 2 things! also sucks is that they take awhile to send, but then its kinda like a surprise haha :)

  2. jamie lynn says:

    the link you have for Ideeli is broken, just FYI :) i’m still going to join and see if i can put you down as my referral that way!! Thanks for the tips!!

  3. Mel says:

    Don’t you make enough money off of us from YouTube and your blog? Using all the affiliate links when you’re a pseudo Internet celebrity is pretty damn greedy. Why don’t you get a real job instead of sitting around on your computer all day? It’s amazing that you’re satisfied making videos and doing blog posts for a living. Spoilt much?

  4. Emily says:

    Allcosmeticswholesale.com has some amazing NARS deals right now. Earlier in the week, they had almost their entire catalog of products up. They’ve probably sold out of a few things by now, but it’s still worth checking out, since their prices are so cheap.

  5. Alecia says:

    Lol I didnt know how to spell it either when I first tried to find the site. I sounded it out but ended up on some porn site lol! yes ACW is a good site. Some items came damaged because I feel they were not well packages but everything else was ok. Cherryculture.com is known for their slow shipping so for anything NYX I go to rock the catwalk.

    Did y’all see the living social deal last week for 50% off mcdonalds? Worst deal ever lol!

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