Leesha’s Simple Go-To Day Look

I recently took over the area in my apartment that is meant to be a dining room and turned it into a little studio-esque area, with my light studio and a table to film videos at :) Before there was a glass circle table in this room and I had my light studio on it, but it really wasn’t efficient. Since we don’t use the table for eating, the table and all the chairs around it were a bit pointless, so I took them out, got a corner table at Ikea, and started using that for my light studio. It’s a MILLION times more efficient!!

After setting that up I decided to use the other side of the room for filming videos, because then I could have a background behind me (it’s so much easier than having my room behind me, because I always have to make sure everything looks really clean, otherwise I get complaints.. along with complaints about the fan reflections, the fan making noise, etc)  along with a completely bare table that is 2x as big as my current makeup table in my room (and I’m sure you’ve noticed the rummaging noise when I can’t find something that has been lost in the depths of my makeup mess when I film, I am NOT an organized beauty girl!!) With this table I can just grab what I need from my room and bring it out here so there is very little mess!

Okay, enough with the novel!! I will get pictures up of my little ~studio~ in another blog post :) I filmed a test video last night to see how the lighting and set-up worked on camera, and decided to upload it since I haven’t uploaded a tutorial in awhile. Enjoy!!






go-to look

Products Used:

Sigma Make Me Cool Brush Set

Jack Black Lip Balm
Too Faced Primed & Poreless
OCC Skin Tint in Y2
Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Light
Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadow in Whipped
Inglot Coral Eyeshadow in #361
Lancome Artliner in Beach Gem
Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliner in Stingray
YSL Plum Mascara
MAC Lush-Light Bronze Studio Cremeblend 
Tarte 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy
MAC  Light Sunshine Beauty Powder
MAC Budding Beauty Lip Gelee


  1. Holly says

    i love it, the eyeliner really brightens up your eyes :)

  2. Angie says

    Your skin looks gorgeous :)

  3. Ashley says

    Haha But I always like your room background, and I like you rumaging through your endless amazing stuff xD Have a great day!!!

  4. Casey says

    I looove the look :)

    I’m just gonna miss your old set up :( I think anyone who complained about something as simple as if you had a fan on or not is a LITTLE silly, because I know you for always doing your videos in your room. I really liked it that way; it made the video feel more personal like we’re friends and you’re talking to ME. With this new set-up it feels too…I don’t know what the word is, but more like you’re talking to everyone and there’s no feel like you’re talking to ME as an individual. And also, people shouldn’t be watching your videos to judge how clean your room is, but on the look and your opinions and tips on things. Also, I am not you, but IF I were you, I’d feel more comfortable in my own room and it’d be easier because I’m used to everything in my room: where things are, the lighting, the set up… I don’t know.

    I’ll still continue to watch your videos, I’ve just NEVER liked change (tehe, sorry! It’s a pet peeve of mine!) But your room is besides the point and no matter what, I’ll always enjoy watching your videos :)


  5. aze says

    I personally feel like that background color doesnt compliment your hair/skin tone at all :( Your pale and pretty and green always adds a feeling of sickness to anything i feel. Nice tutorial tho

  6. Rachael says


    The new set up is going to take some time to get used to. I dont like that you have to hold a mirror. I dont know if you are going to fix that or not. But what happens if you need both hands for something. Like sometimes I need both hands to do lashes (sometimes). Anyway… the look you did is actually really close to my daily look. I dont use Eve Pearl, I just use a light shimmer color. But I always bump up my daily look with a color liner. LOVE IT!!!

  7. Melissa says

    I love quick make-up looks like this, I work and especially in the summer I do not have a lot of time because I sleep. Maybe you could do like a series of just quick make up looks, I really like this and plan on trying it out!

  8. Julia says

    I’m not a huge fan of the background color. I think something neutral would compliment the true colors that you’re using, and your own hair and skin tones.

  9. Izabella says

    very simple yet very flattering! love it!

  10. Brenda says

    I think you should have a white background. The color of the background is awesome but I think it can compete with the look you’re trying to do. It’s distracting. Or maybe the same background but now as bright?

  11. Brenda says

    *not as bright!

  12. Marcy says

    lighting and background look great! and although i’m not a fan of soft, subtle looks, this one is actually very pretty and summery/fresh.

  13. Anastasia Spearing says

    For tutorial ideas, would you ever consider redoing some of your older videos? Update them, same look, maybe more current products :) just an idea btw I do love your videos :)

  14. Ashlyn says

    Please don’t change!! I completely agree with Casey above. Doing your tutorials in your room was what made things personal. Now I don’t feel like you are talking to me, just everybody else. Who cares if your room is not clean, mine sure isn’t. You just didn’t look comfortable in the new setting. Holding your mirror, and you didn’t drop anything and laugh at yourself like you always do. It’s just not as fun anymore.
    Plus I agree with the other comments about the background…not flattering at all. You looked majorly pale and showed all your imperfections. Which I have also so i’m not judging you.
    Your room > new setting.

  15. Sandee says

    leesha you look so pretty as always!

  16. Jennifer says

    NO! I want to see your bedroom now lol!!! Who cares if it’s a little messy… we’re all human… I just fell like this isn’t as personal.. Leesha don’t change :-(

  17. Pam says

    I love the blue nail polish. Is it one of the Zoya sparkles?

  18. Chris says

    I am not really sure if I am a fan of this set up. The green colour makes your skin look kind of red, and it also dominates the colours you put on your face. Personally I don’t mind the set up in your room, even though I understand you prefer to make tutorials in places which are easier for you =).

  19. JulieV says

    Oh gosh ! I cannot bear all those people complaining stupidly about the “”mess”” in your room. I’m really tired of those stupid people, I don’t kno how you can bear that. Yet whatever you do, they will always complain so just do what’s the most confortable for you ! C’mon are we here to look at the way you clean (or not ahaha) your room ? I dont think so, and I never noticed your bedroom so called mess because I was concentrated in what I’m here for : your beautiful face and the admirable way you produce all those pretty MUs.

    And those bubbles behind you kind of…I don’t know…ehhh disturb me psychologically oO.

    Anyway :D ehhh…bye bye :)

    A french fan. (so please don’t mind my enlish)

  20. Nicole says

    i know it’s not what the video was about, but i just love the nail polish you are wearing!
    what colour/brand is it?

  21. serena says

    Leesha, gonna be honest, I really don’t care much for the new setting. The background colors aren’t flattering and honestly a little boring. The way you have to hold the mirror is awkward, and we can’t see you close up, and I learn a lot about blending that way. I LOVE you!!!!, don’t get me wrong. I’m always going to watch your videos, I’m just being honest. xoxo

    1. Ashlyn says

      Goldie Starling did a video on the look….just fyi in case Leesha doesn’t do it.

  22. Macy says

    Do you still do tutorials

  23. Sofia says

    wow very cute look i love it! and i also love what u did to ur hair it looks just like mine! great videos you rock girl!

  24. penguin says

    this is a great look, if you don’t wanna spend ages on yr makeup but this still looks lush. Could you try 2 do some neude everyday looks because when i put on my makeup i’m just not sure how to do ineude looks without just looking like i’m wearing just a load of slap foundation, but i still need to cover blemishes?

  25. Charlotte says

    I really love that eyeliner! I think i’m gonna buy it ! ;o

  26. Natacha says

    i’m curious which shade of eve pearl concealer you use? is it the lightest shade?

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