April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://www.pinkglitterboutique.blogspot.com Lindsay

    The lid of that Mega Whip product is really cute. I’m a sucker for cute/interesting packaging.

  • http://glitterdetector.blogspot.com Marta

    I’ve seen so many reviews of this new Bed Head line the “Candy Fixations” I really need to get some products from it, specially the Sugar Shock.
    Great video Leesha xx

  • http://www.phyrra.net Phyrra

    I love the Manipulator! I’ve used it a lot over the years because of how well it works to give a piecey effect. Right now I’m mostly using Redken Wax blast on my hair for volume. There’s another product coming out soon by Redken that my stylist got a sneak peek of. It’s like a powder and you put a tiny bit on your hair wherever you want volume and then you rub it and it gives you amazing volume and texture!

  • http://ihazabeautyblog.com Ihazabeautyblog

    The Mega Whip packaging is making me want to try it!

  • Sunray

    Dude it would be really cool to do a tutorial on how to use dry shampoo and conditioner, i’ve had a few friends ask me about it and stuff, and it would be cool to just refer them to a viedo. umm yeahh XD

  • Candace

    Do you have any pics of the back of your hair? I’m getting my hair cut similar to yours tomorrow evening and curious as to what yours looks like.

  • Sarah

    I just recently cut all my dreadlocks off and now have short bleached blonde hair, so thanks for all the tips. I’d forgotten how much fun playing with your hair can be – it made me giggle a bit how many different products you use, but I totally identify! I’ve got the bedhead manipulator, but I’m not a big fan, maybe I’m applying it wrong, so I’m going to try it on the ends instead (I found it too heavy on my really fine hair). Keep up the good work!

  • oysterblues

    I just grew my hair out from a cute little platinum pixie and now I want it back so bad lol. Thanks for posting this :)

  • Atina

    Can you recommend a good hair dryer? I can style my hair straight or curly…with the right hair dryer. I’m considering the sultra sophisticate. Any thoughts about great hair dryers are greatly appreciated!! ;-)