Leesha Loves! Weekly Recap & Faves :)

Happy Monday!

I want to start adding more videos to my weekly schedule, and I thought this would be a nice addition- a super casual and fun recap of the week’s videos and blog posts you may have missed, plus some things I was excited about over the week and what plans I have coming up :)






Beautifully Disney Enchanted Kiss Makeup Tutorial: My tutorial this week was using the Princess themed palette from Beautifully Disney that I got at Disneyland! Check it out from the link above :D


Blog Posts:

leeshaloves leeshaloves
Beautifully Disney Palettes (L to R): Midnight Hour and Enchanted Kiss: The two eyeshadow palettes from the Beautifully DIsney Line. Swatches and up-close photos through those links!


New Urban Decay Eyeshadows: Seven new additions to the Urban Decay shadow line. Gorgeous colors that apply amazingly!


Leesha Loves:

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Line: LOVING this!! Especially the Damage Erasing Balm. Super thick and lush deep conditioner that works so, so well.


Leeshaloves 1
Cards Against Humanity: The description says it all. I just got the three expansion packs and I cannot wait to play with them. I need a bigger box now though, and since each expansion pack comes with 20 blank cards, i need some witty people to give me amazingly horrible ideas to write on them.

Dailylook: My new favorite clothing site. I really like it because they literally have a daily look- a different look put together on their site that you can buy whole or piece by piece. This is awesome because it’s given me loads of ideas on outfits. Shown Above:


That’s about it for last week! This week I’m heading to Florida for a vacation with my cousin, and we’re going to Busch Gardens, Harry Potter World, along with just being around Tampa and Orlando. I’ve never been to Florida so I’m pretty excited :D



  1. Mellie says

    Cards against humanity is the best.

  2. Whitney says

    What is the lip color you’re wearing? It is so pretty! (:

  3. Corrin says

    Total Repair 5 is AMAZING :)

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