Leesha Loves: July Favorites

July was really fun and flew by! I got to go to Vancouver for IMATS and not only visit a new country and beautiful city but got to meet a bunch of amazing people, teach my first class, which was both nerve-wracking and really fun, and turned 23 and had a great birthday!
My parents and brother came out to visit last weekend- we went out on Lake Travis on a ski boat and had a great time, and then I was surprised just last night with my best friend coming to visit for 3 days- apparently my entire family knew about this but kept it a secret all weekend. I had joked to my mom about how I wish my present was my best friend Kristin coming to visit, and they had already had the whole plan in the works :)

As fun as July was, it wasn’t half as crazy as August will be- I’m going to LA for a week, then Minneapolis, then AZ, then possibly NYC.. its going to be an insanely crazy busy month, but I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going to have to work my butt off pre-filming and pre-blogging this weekend so that I have things to post for you all throughout the month!

Anyways, here are my July favorites! It mainly includes skincare, as I’m not huge on wearing a lot of makeup when it’s 100+ degrees outside- I already feel like melting without having to worry about if my makeup looks okay!





Products Mentioned:

  • Kiehls Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ Super lightweight yet effective sunscreen!
  • Freya Scandinavian Skin Science Skincare Line (Favorites are the night cream and Anti-Aging Serum)
  • SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age Defense Amazing blemish serum, works great and isn’t harsh at all!
  • Fortune Cookie Soap Shampoo/Conditioner Bars PERFECT for traveling- no liquid!
  • Naked Cosmetics Advanced Skin Cream Amazing amazing skin cream, like nothing I have ever used before!
  • Lit Cosmetics Glitters (Shown in video- Elton John, California Soul #2, Seeing Stars #2, and Lemon Tart #3 on my lids!)

july lit swatchQuick swatches of all my lit glitters.. I’ll have a review up here for you all ASAP :)



JulyfavesIn Vancouver.. this whale looked like it was made of legos!

JulyfavesHolding the world in Vancouver :)


julyfavesThe only photo I actually took at IMATS Vancouver (fail!) hanging out with some pretty girls from Eve Pearl!

julyfavesMy mom and I on the Ski Boat.. I’m holding on to my little bag that had my camera/flip cam for dear life haha :)


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  1. Rachel says:

    You are only 23!!???!?!? Boy do I feel unaccomplished. I turn 23 in October and I still live at home lol. 2 Bachelor’s degrees and can’t find a damn job….Waaaaaaa!

    • Jenn says:

      Girl…2 Bachelor’s degree’s is NOT unaccomplished!! Finding a job nowadays is hard too, I just graduated with my Graduate/Master’s degree and I’m looking too.

    • yoshimi says:

      Times are tough right now, as I’m sure you know! I think if anything else, Leesha is a fantastic example of turning something that you love and are passionate about into a career. :)

      Also, everyone is on their own time schedule, so what if it comes together for someone at 30 or 40 instead of their early 20s? Harper Lee didn’t publish To Kill a Mockingbird until she was 34.

    • leesha says:

      they are very similar, and from what I have heard, the owner of Eye Kandy used to work for Lit, so that might explain it (this is only what I have heard, I know nothing more than that!) but yeah, the glitter adheisive and having 3 cuts of glitters is similar.

  2. Lovelovelove says:

    Freya is the love goddess of the Norse mytholgy. The Norse mythology is an old believe that is told in scandinavia ;) Just a funny fact.

    • Freya says:

      Thats my name!!~ and actually she is not just the Goddess of love, she is also the Goddess of beauty fertility crops and war…I would know its my name and I’m Wiccan

  3. Ally says:

    I never realized you were so young! You look like you are in your mid-twenties, but your knowledge about makeup always led me to believe you were older! Keep up the awesome videos!

  4. Kateri says:

    You’re coming to Minneapolis?! I live in Minneapolis :) What are you stopping up here for? Haha, I’d probably be way too nervous to even say hello to you.

  5. Jessica Allison says:

    Leesha you tease! How many times did you mention how expensive Freya was, yet you didn’t tell us the prices! How dare you make us do our own research! Since I’m looking it up anyway, I’ll share that the products Leesha talks about range from $45 to $130.

    Now I’m off to find and ingredient list for that Naked cream; I may need to get my hands on that!

    • Leesha says:

      hahaha I can always count on you to do research! I wasn’t sure offhand (I wish i was more like you, i always forget to look up prices before I film!)
      I think you would love love love that naked cream. its seriously crazy amazing, and is concentrated as hell.. water isnt the main ingredient so a little goes a LOOOOOOOOOONG way, so its worth the price!

  6. kacibrianna says:

    Annnnd you’re amazing (: Happy [late] birthday, and I bet you’re happy that you saw your best friend and family in the same week! My birthday isn’t til another month, and I’ll be lucky if I get a vanity mirror (the double-sided circular one), ONE of the BHCosmetics 120 pallets, and some TooFaced Shadow Insurance, let alone all this! Hahaha it’s still nice–thinking about future :D

    Bahaha either way, happy birthday :D

  7. Jasmine G-W says:

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    Thankyou xxxx

  8. Jennifer says:

    I like the glitter swatches you did. Though I have to say, the green one’s kind of remind me of fish bait. :P

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