Kevyn Aucoin Liquid Cyber Lip Glosses

Kevyn Aucoin was on Hautelook a few weeks ago, and since I am a big fan of his (If you’ve never seen his books, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Face Forward and Making Faces, they are super inspiring!!) but have never tried his makeup, I decided to get two lip glosses since Hautelook sells brands at a nice discounted price. Being me, I went for the two standout shades: an icy bright blue and a shimmery orange.









I’m sure you can tell from the pictures, but these glosses are extremely sheer. I guess I somewhat knew that they weren’t going to be INSANELY pigmented, because very few people would go out with neon orange and freezepop blue lipgloss, but these barely show up on me at all, and my lips aren’t very pigmented at all. I will say that I do really like the somewhat paling effect the blue gloss gives; you can tell from the two photos that the picture of my lips with the blue gloss is much lighter.

The stickiness on these was average, but the stopper in the tube (so that you dont get a TON of gloss on the wand) is a bit too small, as I had to go back for more gloss at least twice just to get enough.

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  1. Joleen says

    Still despite the sheerness they look fun :)

  2. Sweetbsting says

    I like the Datura Gold and am totally digging the Tori Amos references in the names!

  3. Marie says

    Ah! @sweetbsting — I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of Tori right off the bat!!

    1. Sweetbsting says

      Of course! She and Kevyn were close friends… and maybe I know a little too much about Tori LOL

  4. Heather says

    Aww man, I hate when a gloss is so pretty in the tube and you get next to nothing color. I don’t expect full coverage or anything, but a little something is nice. I do see that the blue comes off a little paler, but they may as well have been a clear gloss. Thanks for the post =)

  5. Casey says

    Just a LITTTTLE bit more color pay off would be nice but still goregeous sheer glosses.

  6. Katarina Corleone says

    I’m a little confused by this. Though I was a huge fan of Kevyn Aucoin, he died in 2002. HIs books were absolutely marvelous and he was as true artist.Looking further at I’m just a little wierded out.

    1. Sweetbsting says

      I think the emphasis is on the brand being on Haute, not the man. Kinda like Disney still releases movies under the name even though poor old Walt died years ago (or at least his body, we all know his head is frozen somewhere in Cinderella’s castle.)

  7. Valerie39 says

    datura gold is awesome

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