April 15, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Yida

    They look so buttery! Any comment on their texture? Also, I love the mixed eyeshadow thing :)

    • xsparkage

      added some thoughts on texture! its really nice :)

  • http://laurasblog.posterous.com/ Laura “Daisy” Adams

    Now can theses pigments be depoted?

    • xsparkage

      ummm you probably can, im not sure though!

      • http://laurasblog.posterous.com/ Laura “Daisy” Adams

        Thanks for the reply…you could probably take a pairing knife to the sides of the pot but it will probably be messy :(

  • http://lipglossandspandex.com/ Marilyn

    I was thinking about getting this as a birthday present to myself but decided to wait for a trustworthy review! Thanks for the great swatches and the great review! :)

  • Shalena

    When you do a video tutorial with these can you also take a minute to show how you’re mixing them to make the new shade? Which shade you use first, best brush, technique, etc? I can never mix shades right. Thank you!

    • brandikayy

      yes I agree! i’m wondering how you “mix” the shades!!

    • xsparkage

      usually i use the darker shade first, or ill just pick up both shades on my brush one after the other to mix them. if you want it to be more of one shade, add more of that shade. its really easy and you really can customize it to how you want it to look. Dont overthink it :)

      • Shalena

        Thank you!!

  • http://www.modernbeautygirl.blogspot.com/ sisi

    I love the mixed shades! I was going to go for the Vice 2 palette, but I might have to pick this one up instead!

  • http://oflifeandlists.blogspot.com/ oflifeandlists

    Now I’m torn between this palette and Vice 2! I don’t have any Kat Von D products, so this might be a good way to introduce myself to the the brand.

  • brandikayy
  • http://flawlessmuair.com/ Flawless Mu Air

    Along with face makeup , eye make up is the most important part to be take care of whenever ready to go for any of the occasion


  • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

    I picked up this palette recently too and did a look with Birdcage and Gunner. I really love how the 2 shades mix together! So pretty :)

  • Sonya

    So pretty. I love that she’s paired the shades together. And I quite like the names of the shadows too.

  • Gina Rose

    I really love the concept of mixing them! Awesome review, Leesh :D

  • Mim

    Awesome, just purchased this palette- now to wait the month it takes to get to my country :S

  • http://prettypandmakeup.blogspot.com/ Margo @ PrettyPandaMakeup

    Hmmm….idk. Great post though hun…I just know I have a million shadows and I don’t know if I can justify the $55…but the names and the colors…ahh, so pretty!

  • Orlena Langan

    Please do tutorials on some looks with this palette. I can not find any on YouTube.

  • Tanya

    Please do a spellbinding shadow book tutorial!! :)

  • Robyn

    I’m debating between this and vice 2… Suggestions?

  • deathbyglitter

    Oh man, I love this whole thing. It’s such a beautiful palette and I love the colors! The mixed colors are my favorites! :D ITA – I would never have thought to mix some of these shade together and it’s inspiring to see such gorgeous results! *swoon*