Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book

This palette was an impulse buy when I was making an order on Sephora’s website. I’m so glad I picked it up! I really don’t own much from Kat Von D, but this palette is making me want to pick up some more stuff. It has 24 eyeshadows, 12 of which are brand new shades. The shades are paired up in the palette with a complimentary shade, and the idea is that you can use them together, or mix them to create a new shade.


KatVonDSBP 24KatVonDSBP 23KatVonDSBP 22KatVonDSBP 21KatVonDSBP 20 The palette does have this weird clear overlay that has the shadow names on it. Is this a new thing with palettes? I bought a Smashbox palette recently that had the same thing. I really don’t like it- there’s enough room on this palette to print the names right under the shadows instead, and this weird overhead-style sheet keeps falling over the shadows when I tried to move it away. I’ll probably end up cutting it off, because the names of the shadows are on the back of the palette anyways.

KatVonDSBP 19 For close ups and swatches, the close ups have two sets of the shades (it was the easiest way to make them fit in the photo!) and then the swatches have three for each set- one of each individual color, and then one of the two mixed. So for this palette, its like you’re getting an extra shadow for every row :)

KatVonDSBP 18Dark Throne, Precious; Sunset Blvd, 8 Bit KatVonDSBP 17Dark Throne, Precious, Mixed

Dark Throne is a dark, charcoal satin. Precious is a gorgeous shimmery beige. Mixed, they create this interesting slate gray shimmer.

KatVonDSBP 16Sunset Blvd, 8 Bit, Mixed

Sunset Blvd is a golden summery yellow with shimmer. 8 Bit is a teal green shimmer. Mixed, they create this lovely green gold shimmer.

KatVonDSBP 15Holy Bible, Oddfellow; Instagram, Stupid Autocorrect KatVonDSBP 14Holy Bible, Oddfellow, Mixed

Holy Bible is suuuch a cool color! It’s this amazing shimmery white with light blue. Oddfellow is a matte black with blue glitter. Mixed, they create a really unique dark gray with almost a blue duochrome.

KatVonDSBP 13Instagram, Stupid Autocorrect, Mixed

Instagram is a light pink shimmer. Stupid Autocorrect is a mid tone red shimmer (and a badass name!) Mixed, they make a shimmery mid tone pink.

KatVonDSBP 12Smile Now, Cry Later; Queen, Bukowski KatVonDSBP 11Smile Now, Cry Later, Mixed

Smile Now is a light orangey beige with pink shimmer. Cry Later is a medium brown satin with glitter. Mixed, they make an awesome brown with pink shimmer. I am really loving the mixed colors these make!

KatVonDSBP 10Queen, Bukowski, Mixed

Queen is a brown with green duochrome. Bukowski is a bright, pool blue shimmer. Mixed, they create a more prominent duochrome. LOVE that!

KatVonDSBP 9Babe, Piaf; Geek, Fallen KatVonDSBP 8Babe, Piaf, Mixed

Babe is a pink-purple shift. Piaf is a shimmery gray with silver overlay. Mixed, you get this deeper version of Babe. I really like how the gray plays a part in this.

KatVonDSBP 7Geek, Fallen, Mixed

Geek is a light orangey beige. Fallen is a super gold that almost looks like its foiled, its so shiny! Mixed, you get a great mid beige gold.

KatVonDSBP 6 Birdcage, Gunner; Galore, Hexagram KatVonDSBP 5Birdcage, Gunner, Mixed

Birdcage is a limey green shimmer. Gunner is a forrest green with glitter. Mixed, is probably my favorite mixed shade here- Shimmery grassy green!

KatVonDSBP 4Galore, Hexagram, Mixed

Galore is a shimmery champagne. Hexagram is a bronzey shimmer. Mixed is a light bronze that would be a nice lid color.

KatVonDSBP 3Arcadia, Wonderland; Countess, WTF KatVonDSBP 2Arcadia, Wonderland, Mixed

Arcadia is a lilac shimmer. Wonderland is a deep, cranberry shade with glitter. Mixed is a shimmery shimmery reddish brown with loads of overlay.

KatVonDSBP 1Countess, WTF, MIxed

Countess is the lightest shade- a satin beige. WTF is a bright red shimmer. Mixed, is a light toned down red shimmer.


Overall I am so happy I picked this up! I can’t wait to create some looks with these colors. The texture on these is really great- all the colors are really pigmented and blend lovely. A couple of these shades are verrrrry soft, and its easy to get a lot of product coming off of the shadow when you don’t want it to, so that’s something to keep in mind.  I know that mixing colors to create a new shade isn’t in any way a new idea, but it can be difficult to know what will go seamlessly with another shade to create something really cool, so it is neat that the colors are paired together so that you know what will work together. A lot of these pairs I wouidnt have thought to mix, so it does inspire me!

Available for $55 from Sephora.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    I was thinking about getting this as a birthday present to myself but decided to wait for a trustworthy review! Thanks for the great swatches and the great review! :)

  2. Shalena says:

    When you do a video tutorial with these can you also take a minute to show how you’re mixing them to make the new shade? Which shade you use first, best brush, technique, etc? I can never mix shades right. Thank you!

  3. deathbyglitter says:

    Oh man, I love this whole thing. It’s such a beautiful palette and I love the colors! The mixed colors are my favorites! :D ITA – I would never have thought to mix some of these shade together and it’s inspiring to see such gorgeous results! *swoon*

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