Jack Black The Balm Squad Lip Quad

It’s no secret that I looooove Jack Black Lip Balms. They are absolutely my favorite lip moisturizer of all time and are amazing at taking your lips from chapped and yucky to super smooth! I have gone through at least 3 of these tubes in the short time I’ve known about them, and always make sure I have at least 1 or 2 in the house.

Why do these balms rock? They have SPF25, are emollient, and actually last on the lips so you don’t have to apply over and over, and on top of that, work fast!. You can put this on at night and wake up to smooth, soft lips that other balms could take a lot longer to get the same results.

When I ordered from the Sephora Friends & Family sale, I saw this and instantly clicked “add to cart”! These were flavors I hadn’t tried, and I am running out of my current Natural Mint one, so I figured I might as well pick this up :)


jbbalmI just love the name of this :)


This set retails for $25, which is $5 less than what they would cost individually. Personally I like having a few of these around, as I’ll have one at my makeup desk, one in my purse, one where i film videos.. you get the idea :) I’ve tried so many lip conditioners, and nothing seems to come close to these!

Of the flavors, my favorite is the original, Natural Mint. The Lemon tastes like fruity pebbles, the mango is a very subtle fruit flavor, and the shea butter doesn’t really have a flavor, but feels a lot softer on the lips than any of the others (so if your lips are really rough, that would be my recommendation!


  1. Ashley says

    I absolutely LOVE the Jack Black lip balms! I got this set during F&F sale too, eeee I’m so excited to try the mango flavor!

  2. Debbie says

    This is random, but any idea why they’re called Jack Black? Did the actor create them? haha

  3. Trish says

    Debbie when I heard the name I wondered theexact same thing! lol
    These really do seem great, will have to try them! Thanks Leesha.

  4. Kelsey says

    Thanks for sharing this, sweetie! I just now started trying to decide what to get with the F&F discount, and the only thing I knew for sure that I needed to get was another Lemon & Chamomile Lip Balm since my current one is completely gone. I’m not 100% sure yet if I’m going to go for the quad or not… honestly, the only reason I’m really tempted to is for the Shea Butter & Vitamin E one. Shea Butter & Vitamin E are literally my two favorite moisturizing ingredients in existence, and Shea Butter is definitely one of my all-time favorite scents. Do you by chance have any idea whether the two new scents are going to be sold individually at some point, or if they’re strictly limited edition?

  5. Swatch And Learn says

    These are hands down my favourite lip balms ever because they actually heal and moisturize your lips almost immediately. I love how they don’t just coat your lips or make your lips feel dry when the balm wears off. They’re my holy-grail lip balm for sure. :)

    Ooohh, I didn’t even know they had a mango one. That must be new! I’ll have to try it. Thanks for mentioning this set – it’s quite a good deal.

  6. Valerie39 says


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