InstaLIFE #6- Bringing it Back!

Today I’m going to bring back a weekly blog series I missed doing- InstaLife! This is just a weekly personal post about things I’m doing, buying, watching.. pretty random :) I like to be candid with you guys and make sure this blog has a nice personal touch to it )


Thanksgiving with my family is always fun, because my mom, sister and I all love to cook and bake, and the Holidays are always my favorite time to try new recipes out that I’ve found on Pinterest or Food Gawker or the like. This year I wanted to make something for breakfast, so when I saw these Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls from Pioneer Woman, I immediately knew I had to make them!


instalife6Image via Pioneer Woman


These were fan-freaking-tastic! I rarely dabble in the yeast-dough area of baking (no idea why) but these were really easy to make, and I made them the night before and baked them in the morning. I took them out of the fridge about 2 hours before baking, but they still needed to bake for around an extra 10 mins before they were fully done. Everybody loved them, so I’ll have to remember this recipe (especially because this is just a version of the cinnamon rolls and you can make them lots of different ways!)


My family tried some new things too- My mom made an apple sausage stuffing in the crock pot, Chelsea made applesauce from scratch (which was AMAZING- my mom got 40 pounds of Honeycrisp Apples from Bountiful Baskets the weekend before, so we had lots of apples to use!) and probably the biggest of the new things we tried was that my dad bought a turkey fryer. I have never had a deep fried turkey, but it was delicious! My mom also made a turkey the traditional way in the oven (as she loves thanksgiving leftovers and using them to make things like turkey soup, turkey pot pies, etc.

For dessert, my mom made homemade cheesecake. Usually I’m not a cheesecake person, but this was delicious. All in all, a great holiday of food :)


This past month I haven’t felt 100%, and my blog and youtube have definitely suffered from it. I’m starting to feel better now, thank goodness! I’ve spent a lot of the past month in bed, which means a lot of tv and netflix.


One of my absolute favorite animated movies is How to Train your Dragon, and I got really excited when I saw the teaser trailer and the new poster for the sequel. I also learned only a week or so ago that there is an entire TV series about Toothless and Hiccup, and I can’t tell you how excited that made me :) I’ve almost watched the whole series now, and It’s really good for a kids show! It has a lot of the same voice actors from the movie, so it doesn’t feel like a cheesy spinoff. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for the movie sequel, though. Here’s the teaser trailer, it looks amazing!!


Something else I watched this month was a show I absolutely loved a few years ago and since it was on Netflix Instant, decided to watch it again- Ugly Betty! I forgot how much I enjoyed that show, the over the top plot twists, and how you see how Betty grows up over the course of the show. I always loved that show because I could relate to Betty in that way. I was always really, reaaaally awkward in high school, and didn’t really come in to my own until later on. Even so, I wouldn’t trade the awkward years, because they made me who I am today. If you’ve never seen Ugly Betty I absolutely recommend it. It’s 4 seasons long and is a great, mostly light hearted show that will stick with you.

Like I mentioned before, I haven’t felt great recently and so I hadn’t been really keeping up with beauty (or anything) and hadn’t bought much.. that is, until Black Friday. I wasn’t even planning to pick anything up, but I ended up on Ebates (which had double cash back on Black Friday) and ended up spending a good chunk of change at Kohls, Threadless, and Sephora. I will definitely post next week (or the week after, whenever I get my stuff) showing a haul, so don’t worry :)


I think that’s about it! I’m sorry that this post has zero of my own photos, I kinda just decided to start doing this weekly blog post again today and wasn’t prepared :) Next week I will be! In the mean time, let me know how your holiday was! If you have any special food traditions or recipes you wanna share, please post them!!! :)


  1. Emily Bryan says

    I love my cousin’s apple sausage stuffing! Not big on apples, but THAT I will eat. This year, my cousin (with my help) did a bunch of different things because we agreed that we were tired of the same ol’. We had kale casserole that I found in a Food Network magazine (in the 50 sides booklet–we didn’t do the green bean casserole they provided that the kale casserole was based off of, we did the French’s fried onions usual and just switched out the greens), cauliflower au gratin, which was AMAZING (wish I had the link off-hand, found on pinterest), and a DELICIOUS appetizer of white cheddar & cranberry dip from Cooking Stoned on YouTube. It makes a small amount, so we’re thinking about doubling it up next time we use it. Our turkey was Creole-injected, unf <3 I made cookies for dessert: chocolate chip cheesecake cookies. The only thing "cheesecake" about it was using cream cheese, but they stayed SO soft! I made it two days in advance and was glad to see they were still soft by Thanksgiving. Recipe here:

  2. Chia-Yi Liu says

    this year my bf crowned me queen of sides when i followed smitten kitchen’s apple-herb stuffing for all seasons (made with sourdough baguette which i feel is what made it over the top awesome. the sour tang from the sourdough gave the savory/sweet stuffing an extra dimension. i also used pink ladies instead of granny smiths). it was demolished so fast we didn’t have enough left overs to make our traditional left over casserole the next day and i had to remake the stuffing. i also duplicated her green bean casserole with crispy onions (basically green bean casserole from scratch). i tinkered with the recipe just a tad by adding a splash of cognac in with the heavy cream. my bf sang its praises the whole night. instead of mashed potatoes, we did mash parsnips.

    i LOVE how to train your dragon!! i screamed in excitement when i saw there’s gonna be a sequel.

    take your time recovering. nothing worse than spending weeks recuperating only to relapse due to i feel better overtaxation.

  3. fancie says

    I saw the Ugly Betty pic and was drawn to this post like a magnet lol. I discovered Ugly Betty on Netflix last year and binge watched every season. I was sooo hooked I even had my friends addicted lol. It wassuch a great show! Have you ever watched Desperate Housewives? I got hooked on that too on Netflix and had no idea how crazy awesome it was lol. If you haven’t already definitely check it out!

  4. kat says

    Those pumpkin cinnamon rolls look delicious! I actually have a similar recipe sitting on my holiday baing list this year.

  5. Chris says

    I made those Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls from Pioneer Woman too (a couple of weekends ago) and my husband absolutely scarfed them up. We also did the Ree Drummond thing of giving pans of them to people – so my in-laws and our favorite neighbors each got a pan. SO unbelievably yummy. Now I’m dying to try some of her other sweet roll variations!
    This was a fun blog post – thanks for sharing!

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