InstaLIFE #4 & 5: My Week in ‘Grams

I didn’t get last week’s Instalife up, so here’s two weeks combined! 

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Instalife45 Hangry: When you are so hungry you get angry. it looks something like this.

Instalife45 1Sea Life: We had date day last Monday and went to the aquarium in AZ Mills. It was a lot cooler than I expected! We went in with zero expectations and actually had a fun time. Theres a vlog about it here!

Instalife45 2Bat Ears: Only posted this to see how much of her face would be cut out due to her giant ears.Instalife45 3Comfy Pillow: Kiki likes to sleep on my desk when the dogs are outside. She’s there right as I type this too :)Instalife45 4Sisters: Chelsea and I went to San Tan Mall to see Queen of Blending at Sephora. I didn’t get a picture with her on Instagram, but I did get one on my camera:

DSC 1939

Instalife45 5 Bell so Hard: I became a Bellionare on Animal Crossing this week when my friend’s town was buying turnips for super high. Woo!

Instalife45 6 Smoked Utopia: THis week’s Tutorial!

Instalife45 7 Moisturize me: I promised Paul I’d start watching Dr Who this week, and this is how I let him know I was.Instalife45 8 Join Us: Slowly forming Paul into my own image- Tumblr Obsessed.Instalife45 9 Sleepy Baby: Tora and I are nap buddies :) She’s also absolutely insane about laser pointers. Check out her jumps-

Instalife45 10



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  1. Sarah Asher says:

    Be careful with the laser pointer.. My doberman is obsessed with them too. When my power went out because of a storm, I nearly got knocked over because he was trying to attack the light from a flashlight! It was hilarious… For a hot minute.

  2. Alaina says:

    Hey Leesha! Could you do a tutorial on what you’re currently using on your eyebrows? I can’t seem to find an eyebrow product that works :/

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