InstaLIFE #3- My Week in ‘Grams

Here’s my week in instagram pictures! Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more photos/videos not included here :)

Battle Wound: Rikku is still the new kid on the block at my house, and Kiki and Babyyak have been chasing her around a bit. I saw her on Monday with a little scratch on her face, I guess they got the best of her :(


Instalife3 1
Peeeeenk! lotsa new L’Oreal lipsticks to swatch! I have been holding out on swatching them because my lips are super chapped and awful lately. naahhht exactly the best for macro shots, haha!


Instalife3 2
Motivation Station: Redesigning my makeup room into a makeup/office fusion has been super good for me and really made me love filming and making blog posts again. Not that I wasn’t liking it, but it was not nearly as fun as it used to be for me. Now that everything is all functional, It’s brought back the inspiration! (shirt and necklace from Dailylook!)

Instalife3 3 
Doggy Dreams: It’s so weird to think that a year ago I really hated dogs and had no plans to ever have any. Now these two are my buddies and I adore them!


Instalife3 4 
MAC Bag: This is the first MAC bag I have seen in a looooong time that I actually like and would use, Usually they’re so cheesy or not my style, I was excited to get this one!

Instalife3 5I’m A Sugarpill! I got sent this picture from PHAMExpo of one of Sugarpill’s newest collections, and look there! a bright as hell green pigment named Sparkage! I don’t have the collection so I can’t tell you how awesome it is, but just LOOK AT IT. LOOOOOOOK.


I’m totally pumped and have big big plans for July for the blog, youtube, and vlog channel. Hope you stay tuned <3


  1. Natalie says

    Adore the new L’Oreal lipsticks, can’t wait to see a review!

  2. Letitia Harriet says

    You should do a video or blog post on how you take your macro close ups of your lips. I’ve always been curious. :L Sparkage looks like an awesome colour!

    1. xsparkage says

      i just take them with my macro lens on my nikon, and do a little editing in aperture to make sure the lipstick lines around my lips are even, and then adjust the levels and thats really it!

  3. DivineMissE says

    O_O I want all of those Sugarpill pigments. Waaaaaahhhhnt.

  4. brandon says

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  5. cio says

    woooww very cute cat

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