InstaLIFE #2- My Week in ‘Grams

Here’s my week in instagram pictures! Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more photos/videos not included here :)


Cherry Garcia Cake: It’s not really a secret that I absolutely LOVE baking, but I have always had a hard time with cakes, especially layer cakes. I think it’s because I’m super impatient, and theres a lot of waiting time! For Father’s day, I wanted to make my dad a really special dessert. I saw this recipe for Cherry Garcia Cake, and since that is his favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor, I thought it would be a great fit! The cake was crazy good, but suuuuper rich. I couldn’t finish the small slice I had, it was just a LOT going on!

Instalife2 1

The Nest: I bit the bullet and bought a Nest this week, and I am soooo glad I did. It’s a thermostat that learns your cooling/heating patterns, and changes on its own based on that. It also is able to be changed from your cell phone, and since the only thermostat in my house is upstairs, the lazy girl in me is pretty happy with that! :)

Instalife2 2

xSparkage HQ: I combined my makeup room and office this week to be a super amazing xsparkage HQ, so everything is in one place. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! It’s SO much easier and really inspires me :) I filmed a teaser video to give a little taste for you guys, but I’ll have a full in-depth video next week!


Had-To_Have: I saw these shoes months ago on Dailylook, but they were sold out of my size. They came back in stock last week and I immediately bought a pair. Silver holographic lita-style shoes with a clear heel? YES PLEASE. I have no idea where I will wear them, but i HAAD to have them :)


Absolutely Addicted: A couple weeks ago I bought a 3DS because Animal Crossing: New Leaf was coming out, and I used to play it ALL the time on my DS. I figured I’d play it on and off, but oh my god, I haven’t put this thing down! I am OBSESSED with this game. I left it at home last night when I was out at Pauls friend’s house, and was just about having withdrawals! I have fruit to pick! Loans to pay! TOWNS TO MAYOR!

Instagram2 1

Long Dog is Long: Tora lays like this all the time, and it cracks me up. She’s a weirdo, and a total brat, but I love her! I’ve never had a dog before, and she’s definitely testing my patients, crazy puppy.


Hope you all had a great week!


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