Insta-Life: Weekly Update from LeeshaLand

[Insta-Life is a weekly Sunday blog post talking about things that have happened during the week. Just a fun way for me to keep track of life and share with you guys!]


This week Kevin, his girlfriend Leah, and I took a road trip up to Flagstaff to visit Chelsea for her 21st birthday! It’s a pretty quick drive, just over 2 hours, and its really nice up there right now- around 20-30 degrees cooler than Phoenix. We spent basically the entire drive playing Akinator, Kevin had never heard of it, and since it’s become really popular lately (which is funny because I remember YEARS ago getting freaked out by it knowing who I was!!) we decided to play. Kevin got pissed that it guessed “the mystery block you drive into in Mario Kart”, and I was mad it guessed Face from Nick Jr within 12 freaking questions. 



Kevin, being the great guy he is, made us three tshirts with the worst possible picture of Chelsea on it. We got lots of attention. Thankfully Chelsea is a good sport and didn’t really mind. 


Once it was later we went out for Chelsea to have her power hour. I was proud of her, she kept it together and didn’t turn into a crazy drunken fool! Overall we had a really fun time and I’m glad I got to spend it with her :)




In other news here is a Tora. She just got a bath and is being crazy wet dog around the house :)



This month I am really, really stepping back on with healthiness- More working out and more eating healthy. Last week I had a green smoothie almost every day and was so excited with the energy and focus I had, and with how much lighter I felt in general. I miss that! I think this month I’m going to start doing Healthy Beauty both here and on the xSparkage youtube. I feel like with healthy stuff its really common to see posts after the person is healthy, after the weight is gone, and not so much during the journey. hopefully having posts while I’m trying to get healthy will inspire some of you to join me! :)


  1. Raven says

    So yesterday I went to Akinator site because I had no idea what it was and me and my fiance spent the whole damn day on it! LOL, thanks for the entertainment. :)

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