Inglot Shadows Pictures & Swatches

Here are swatches of my Inglot shadows :) Keep in mind when looking at some of these that because a lot of the colors I have are a matte/satin with a glitter overlay, they tend to not want to photograph the way that the eye sees them, because the glitter really shines through when it can hit the light at different angles, and you really cant capture that in a photograph well. :)

These two pictures do a pretty good job of showing just how much glitter is in the glitter colors!



yumm :)

light palette


dark palatte



(371 is a bit light, it looks more like electric eel from MAC, but better!)

purple palette

(366 is more red, less orange.)


Another cool thing about Inglot palettes is they have magnets on the corners of the top and bottom, so you can stack them like they are here. You can even take the lids off the ones in the stack, because both the palette and the lids have magnets :) Convenient for your kit!

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  1. Georgie says

    I’ve walked past Inglot so many times at Westfield London, but have yet to buy anything. I think this needs to change, what amazing colours, and crazy pigment!


  2. kalee says

    holy pigmentation batman!!!!!!

  3. A-Mi says

    Wow. These colours are amazing! Will you be doing a video on these soon?

  4. Jessica says

    Inglot is amazing :) I’m so glad they opened in Florida :) I bought so much from that store :)

    1. sandi says

      where in florida might i ask..???

  5. Gina says

    That’s amazing! When I saw some of the lighter colors, I expected inconsistent pigment; you know how you see swatches sometimes, and they thin out at the ends, or look patchy? Those are nothing like that! Very impressive!

  6. sennicka says

    Hi! Inglot is a Polish brand, so here in Poland it is really popular. I never had MAC eyeshadows, so I don’t how they compare, but from what I heard MAC is better quality wise. However Inglot is more affordable I guess. You should check out their pigments (or loose eyeshadows, I’m not sure how they are described), I used them a couple of times and really liked them.

  7. Catie says

    They really need an online store! lol

  8. Shamini says

    Amazing swatches and pictures! I hope I get the chance to get my own palette from Inglot, I’d die and go to rainbow heaven. Instantly. ;)

  9. cailin000 says

    LOoOVE Inglot :)

  10. Charlene says

    I’ve just bought one eyeshadow from inglot (the number is 434), but will definitely go back for more, the pigmentation is awesome :)

    Charlene xxxx

  11. nita says

    Leesha how much were the pallets? and the individual shadows? ive got a trip to london in the new year and i need to save up! lol

  12. Nora says

    omg… that is madness. I walk by those colors every day, but I never guessed they would be that awesome!! :D

  13. Mena says

    i love inglot! i think theyre really underrated

  14. Tamsin says

    I’m going to IMATS in London in January and I’m soooo excited about the INGLOT stall :D
    Can you do an INGLOT tutorial please? All the colours are amazing x

  15. Lexy says

    Omg thank you so much Leesha for doing a post on Inglot! I <3 that brand, but most of the guru's don't appear to know about it. You're the best!!

  16. Superkitty says

    Although I live in Los Angeles, I’m not really anywhere near to the Inglot store, but I’m going to London this week for the rest of December and I have to check out the one at Westfields. I don’t know about quality because I’ve never seen Inglot shadows in person, but I own quite a bit of MAC and while a lot of the colors are great, these look highly pigmented. Some of the greens are *gorgeous*. Can’t wait to try them! Thanks for the swatches. :)

  17. Erica Wood says

    hey omg thx for making me spend more money on makeup! With Sephora 10 mins away i now learn Toronto has a Inglot!! Im really excited to try these out :D

    1. DubiousDetour says

      WHAT, there is one in TO?! I just went onto the website and understood all the Canadian locations were in Quebec. Could you please tell me where the intersection where Inglot in TO is, I’m dying to buy some of these palettes as xmas gifts (and of course for myself!). Thanks in advance :)

      And Leesha, thanks for doing a post on these eyeshadows, I previously saw Encore do a video on these eyeshadows and I so need to check these out now!

      1. sara says

        i dun think there are any in toronto..there used to be..they all closed downs

  18. Anne says

    How much are eyeshadows and nail polish?

  19. Laura says

    How much is the big palette? I purchased a quad for $28. I wish I bought a big palette :(

  20. Skarlet says

    hey hun i love those colors they look really pigmented! :) how much where the palettes in NY? i would like to buy em but i need to save up first, so i was wondering a ball park

  21. isabelle says

    hi i think ur a make-up gienus

  22. jeannette says

    were can i get this makeup at

  23. paula says

    Hi can you please do an elegant evening look..

  24. hilda says

    wooah, that’s so cool to see polish brand getting popular and appreciated in USA!:D
    coz it’s like the most popular make up brand here.:DD

  25. Colie says

    Hey, could any body let me know how much one shadow is, or how much it costs to fill a palette? thanks!!

  26. Holly Jane says

    I really like Inglot and they aren’t as big as they deserve to me if you ask me!
    I love the way they do their palettes!~

  27. carolcarol92 says

    i think i shat my PANTS THOSE aRE AWSOME!!!

  28. Rachel says

    How expensive is Inglot makeup?

  29. NewGossipCulture says

    I’m portuguese and in Portugal we don’t have access to Inglot.
    How much it cost a single eyeshadow, and a big palette?

  30. PinkPearl666 says

    i didn’t want to put that under the video at yt, but i believe soon you’ll soon have a small shops in each big city as we have in poland. like for example in my city thers about 6 inglot shops. so cross fingers for that and a complement for doing cool makeup :D

  31. dani says


  32. Jessica says

    Were those colors all part of a palette as is or did you get to pick and choose which colors you wanted in each palette?

  33. Michelle says

    thanks for the swatches. will be taking a look at them in london while i am there for new years since the chances of me being in vegas (which is way closer to me) is highly unlikely to occur any time soon. not looking forward to the conversion rate though.

  34. Mandy says

    I loved so much that I sent an email asking for the brand in Brazil, and here is the good news: This year will have Inglot HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. nita says

    Omg got my inglot pallets yesterday from westfield shopping center in London. I’m officialy in love.£35 for a 10 palette (square) and £18 for a 5 palette (round) I also got the clear irridesent lipgloss (546) £10 and gorgeous nail varnish top coat clear with green holo shards (203) £7 s
    I love it all and want more!

  36. Heidi says

    BTW the number is not the only thing that specifies the shades. They all have letters (for example AMC, AMC Shine, Pearl, Matte, D.S. (double sparkle) infront of them and that tell the finish and then the number tells the shade. So it would be usefull to let us know the letters so it’s easier to tell what finish they are :) I think there can be the same number with two colours but the letters will tell them apart.

    1. sara says

      no..all the numbers are distinct from each other

      1. Sandra says

        Actually they are not. The loose pigments are numbered same as the pressed eyeshadows but they’re different colour turn outs so the label IS important

  37. jodie says

    hey you should checkout their AMC Pure Pigment E/S in number 23. Its the most pigmented silver I’ve ever seen in my life!

  38. Rachel says

    amazinggggg. did u create these palletes yourself? like they have this freedom system thingy lol

  39. Lizzie says

    OMG pleaaaase do more Inglot tutorials! These colours are delicious! I’ve purchased a few shadows years ago, and didn’t really use them, but I decided to give them another shot thanks to you. I’ve bought 5 more since :)

  40. Heather says

    You selected the colors individually for each palette? or were the palettes premade with those colors?

  41. Valerie39 says

    483 483 483 8483 483

  42. Jessica says

    I can’t stand their numbering system. And the fact your can’t look up colors by their number. So frustrating when trying to order!

  43. Ahmet says

    Rather than a weekly uatdpe, why not use the Praxis graphs; instead of having the x-axis as 24 hours, have it for the winter season, say Oct 1 to May 1 (we don’t usually have snow outside of those months). You could plot last year’s data as yesterday’s’ data, as well as add a third line for the 30 year average (might just be steps of monthly long term averages?). Then we could see this winter grow above (or below) the line and know exactly where we stand every 15 minutes! Oh the excitement.

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