Inglot Haul: New Eyeshadows!

FINALLY posting the Inglot shades I picked up in NYC way back in the beginning of October! I own a TON of Inglot shades, but that never seems to stop me from wanting more every time I end up int he store :) This batch includes some of the sparkly new rainbow shades (which are the shadows with three shades in them). They previously only had rainbow shades in mattes, but have expanded the line. I picked up a couple more things I will post in separate blog posts, but you can also check out my Inglot Haul Video!

Inglothaul 33Inglothaul 32 124RInglothaul 22 124RInglothaul 31 123RInglothaul 21 123RInglothaul 30 135RInglothaul 20 135RInglothaul 29 126RInglothaul 19 126RInglothaul 28 353Inglothaul 18 353Inglothaul 27 607Inglothaul 17 607Inglothaul 26 605Inglothaul 16 605Inglothaul 25 33Inglothaul 15 33Inglothaul 24 154Inglothaul 14 154Inglothaul 23 151Inglothaul 13 151

So I feel like a broken record when I describe Inglot eyeshadows, but ureally, they are amazing. So buttery, apply and blend like a dream no matter what the texture. Inglot’s matte shades are my favorite from any company I have ever tried, so that alone should tell you how fantastic their other textures are :) I love the Rainbow shades because you are getting three shadows in one. The beige shade, 353, is a repeat buy for me. I’ve hit pan on my  other one- it’s absolutely my favorite highlight/blending out shade that I have ever used. Great pigmentation, amazing blend ability.. ahh! I just love my ingot colors :)

Rainbow shadows are $8 each, regular shadows are $6. The price, the size, and the fact that they have so many different sized palette options is why I go crazy every time I’m in that store! You can pick these up from Inglot’s website

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  1. Christiana says:

    Love these…Been hearing a lot about Inglot lately and would love to try some of their stuff out. Any international shipping options out there (Inglot only seems to deliver to the US at the moment)?

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