April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Gina

    Leesha you look fantastic in all of these photos! Your outfits are adorable, and you look so skinny!

  • http://www.sokolum.com Sokolum

    It’s great that you still enjoyed IMATS Vancouver, even though it was smaller this year! Every time you come here it seems to be cold and cloudy, and just a few days ago it was sunny and warm. Oh well, it was great to see you again! ^_^

  • http://profiles.google.com/wheeler.mag Maggie Wheeler

    Oh my gosh I LOVE your style!!! All these outfits are fabulous :D

  • http://twitter.com/InannaMeow Inanna Meow

    shoes on first day are OMG <3

  • http://alostgirl.wererabbit.net/ Misato-san

    I love the last outfit. And… I do love Ian Sommerhalder too, great choice girl! XD
    (I’d like to see a OUAT looks series by you.. XDDD)

  • http://twitter.com/HeavenlyMakeUp Erika

     not only was it cold this weekend (abnormally cold, it’s been really nice all week), but it was humid as hell. wish i could have made it this year. :(

  • Michty Maxx

    Wow on the studded boots! I see why you’re obsessed. Looking cool!

  • The Magpie

    I’m in love w/ that Zara jacket (I basically live in my leather jackets, one’s faux fur-lined w/ a hood for winter [big up for New England! I'll layer under my jacket before I put on a ski jacket!] and one’s a dark chocolate brown unlined, perfect for late spring, summer and fall. I will never fall out of lust w/ leather jackets! So sad the series ‘Unforgettable’ was cancelled after 1 season bc I’m pretty much Carrie Wells, who also lives in jeans and her leather jackets…but I digress!) and the boots. I love the entire Abby Dawn line actually, can’t stop drooling over the shoes on punk.com.
    Yeah, your style is mine 100%, down to the fuschia hair. Wish I could wear shoes comfortably bc I’d live in Jeffrey Campbells, T.U.K., Ironfist and Abby Dawn. BTW, where DID that dress you wore to the Haulerdeals launch party come from bc it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to wear to my brother’s wedding-rockabilly with some edge.
    And now I feel the urge to dye my hair fire engine red or something similar. Dark blonde is booooring!

  • Jeannette Angulo

    Omg your boots are to die for!!!! can you PLEAASE tell me what brand they are?

  • Sandy

    I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the Vancouver IMATS since it must pale in comparison to the LA one.  I watched your class on Saturday and you were very sweet.  It was nice to see a familiar face from YouTube here!  I hope your next visit will be a warmer one!

  • http://snakesinthebasket.blogspot.com Nicole

    LOVE those studded boots!

  • Emily

    Is your hair pinker now?  Love it!  And have you lost weight?

    Ginnifer Goodwin seems like she is genuinely really sweet.  You’re lucky you got to meet her.

  • Court

    I would die to be your shoulder right now… Just sayin’  :P

  • Kalahariz

    ok this is totally awkard u might not believe me, i had long hair and got messed up with tons of products so i decided to get a really short haircut, not long after that i went to your blog a u had it short 2, and then in my las order of just fab i got the same pair of booties u show here! I love ur makeup cuz i feel identified with it, i think i can kinda guess how you are in person, i bet you r a pretty cool girl! R u an acuarius by any chance…lol oh and i also lived in tx, now living in az!

  • Samantha

    You are looking so skinny! Are you still doing your healthy eating/working out because it is def. working!! I am also SO jealous you got to meet Gennifer! You guys look so similar in my opinion!

  • Xoxo Megan7

    Where did you get those boots?!?!? They’re amazing!!!!

  • http://cloudsandcuticleoil.blogspot.co.uk/ Natasha

    those boots are awesome, and i love that neon yellow jacket! <3

  • Paulandhm

    Leasha …you look absolety AMAZING!!!!!!!  What are you doing!!!??!!

  • Emily W.


  • http://twitter.com/starKnightbtq star Knight

    I love love love your black stud wedge boots! Where did you find those??

  • Yvonne

    LOVE your look! Especially the jackets. I’m also loving the idea of the urban casual look for the fall. There’s a video about it on YouTube at http://youtu.be/Stpo4f2Q9oo and I’m looking forward to rocking my new wardrobe this fall!