IMATS Pictures with Friends!

Right now it’s around noon central time, and I’m on a plane fighting to stay awake! This week has been an absolute BLAST, I always look forward to IMATS because I get to meet amazing people that I don’t get to see very often, as well as meet some awesome subscribers (By the way, if we took a picture together, send it to me at, I’d love to see it!!

I just wanted to share a few photos from IMATS with you all :) I have loads of video footage to edit together, and then I’ll do an IMATS haul (because I know so many of you look forward to that!!) but for now, here are a few pictures!!


IMATS picturesJulieG713 and a really tan dude! He was getting spray tanned all weekend, by the end of it he was ridiculously dark hahah.


IMATS picturesLauren (QueenofBlending) always has AMAZING makeup for IMATS, along with crazy outfits, love her!!




IMATS picturesSome of the crazy makeup you come to expect at IMATS. A lot of the people who are models and get body paint done get REALLY into character. There were a couple of insanely creepy clowns going around and scaring people, and a guy done up as a troll creeped into the sugarpill booth!


IMATS picturesMe, Pursebuzz, MACNC40, and Misty Mayven!


IMATS picturesPursebuzz and the purses she had made! They are SO cute, I wanted one!


IMATS picturesI love this picture! Lauren looks like a mermaid :D


IMATS picturesBeautylish Event! They had this cute board you could sign :)


IMATS picturesWhat would a Beautylish event be without delicious cupcakes?!


IMATSpicsBeautylish Crew! Love these people so much!



IMATSpicsNot paying attention and ruining a photo, whats new?


IMATSpicsDay 2! Lauren’s outfit was INSANE, I absolutely LOVED it


IMATSpicsIf you ask Lauren for a photo of her makeup, this is the face you get. HOT right??


IMATSpicsThis girl came over to get a photo, and I about DIED at her nails. My next manicure will be pokenails! lol



IMATSpicsSuzy and I had to get some Eye Kandy glitters, SOOOOO pretty
IMATSpicsWith RissRose2! LOVE her!!
IMATSpicsHOW pretty are these Naked Cosmetics stacks?! They are AMAZING!!
IMATSpicsTiffany, Suzy and I took maybe 25 pictures until we got a decent one (I didn’t have my nikon with me!)
IMATSpicsThis one turned out pretty well too! 2/25, not bad! lol :)
I will get up more info on IMATS, some haul/footage videos, and more soon! Just wanted to post a little something for you :) Hope you’re having a great day!!!


  1. thenailaholic says

    Spray tan model guy is delicious. I almost died when Julie posted him on twitter.

    1. kelli says

      Oh god. Screw the makeup, ill take him

      1. Courtney says


  2. Lojs says

    I had to stop everything I was doing, to do those nails. Life or death-situation lol.
    My boss is gonna hate me tomorrow, I cant wear nailpolish. BUT I DONT CARE – POKEMON!

    1. Ashley says

      Oh my gosh me too!! I MUST HAVE POKENAILS!!! And with that I have so many more ideas.. Pikanails!! (pikachu nails!!) ughhh I must do this!!

  3. Tina says

    I was so envious of everyone who got to go to IMATS. I loved following all the tweets and can’t wait to see more IMATS posts. It looked like so much fun! Definitely have to put it in my plans for next year!

  4. Mary says

    Looks like you had an awesome time! :) Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    I loved the way you did your eye makeup especially!

  5. jessika says

    AHHHH those are my nails! *faints*

    1. Lojs says

      Wow. You’re awesome. I just had to copy. It did not turned out as good though.. But its ok!

      1. jessika says

        thank you ^_^ thats so sweet! i hope you enjoy them!

      2. Ashley says

        Your nails are fantastic!! I replied eariler saying the pokenails have inspired me to do many pokemon themed nails!! hahah so many ideas….

        1. jessika says

          Cant go wrong with pokemon themed things. be it nails or makeup. its easy to get inspired by the nostologa

    2. Julia says

      Your nails are AMAZING. Completely amazing. I’m running out to buy a black nail polish pen to do it ASAP (I don’t think I could use a brush and get those lines!).

      1. jessika says

        i did! actually..i dont own a nail art pen..until Imats of course! now i own some. those lines were drawn with a regular nail art stripe polish. I used the ones from Sally Beauty supply..they are alittle more expensive then art deco ones but the brush is much thinner and more percise. art deco should work fine if you have that. the lines are supposed to be alittle thick and cartoonish. good luck ^_^

  6. GlamourGirlSabrina says

    Leesha, I absolutely adore this dress on you! I think I almost bought it but can’t remember where! I’m so glad you had fun and can’t wait to see your video!

  7. Snarky Princess says

    I’m not so much for the spray tan guys… But hello gorgeous! Let me wipe the drool from my face so I’m not being so rude!

    Looks like you had a BLAST, and your makeup was gorgeous as always! And the other gals had some pretty impressive looks too! I love Lauren’s outfit- that fluffy tu-tu skirt is so freaking awesome!!

    And I gotta ask- where’d you get your rocket necklace?! Adorable!

  8. Araceli says

    I cant believe I missed you a IMATS I’m so sad. I missed everyone I can’t believe it either only person I saw was Kandee Johnson and that was just out of pure luck cuz I was walking out and she was right there lol. I also saw Misty Mayven but she was crowded with all these people and it looked like she couldnt even breath so I didn’t want to push it over the edge lol. I’m completely bummed that I didn’t get to see any of you guys like I did last year. And to top it off I bought stuff at the Inglot booth and when I got home and opened up everything EVERYTHING was the wrong stuff I’m super bummed. But oh well theres nothing I can do about it. Theres always next year

  9. Rachel says

    I wish I could go!! Maybe I’ll save up and take a weekend trip one year :D

  10. Sarah says

    Leesha, do you have any other pics of the Eye Kandy board?
    I want to order some online but I can’t find good photos and their promo shots are awful :S

  11. Melannie says

    looks like you guys had a lot of fun! so jealous!

  12. anna says

    OMG are you pregnant??

    1. Di says


      1. Amber says

        Umm, thats not nice,
        What is shes not?
        Then your calling Leesha fat,
        Which shes not,
        She is a very preattyful girl :]

    2. Yaneiris says

      That’s so rude, even if you didn’t know she wasn’t, which she obviously isn’t! & Wouldn’t you think she’d post it on twitter or YT? Think before you post. SMH. You look great Leesha!

      1. bekka says

        how do you know she isn’t? i’m not saying she is, but just because she hasn’t said it on youtube or twitter doesn’t mean anything. SMH.

  13. Hazel says

    Leesha you look stunning! wish I could have been there, I would’ve had a ball, all of that make-up :O
    I didn’t even recognise Josh at first, Misty Maven is beautiful :O I love the blue hair.
    I hop you had an amazing time :)

  14. Kim says

    Lauren looks like a mermaid? You mean a beached whale. You look stunning as always.

    1. Mindy says

      Wow. Someone needs a hug. To call people names on the internet is SO classy. *rolls eyes* You need to grow up because I’m sure you’re no prize peach yourself.

      1. Kim says

        *rolls eyes* …I saw her at IMATS I was shocked at how BIG she was! I was actually scared to go up to her but I didn’t even bother. She should do a tutorial on how she contours her double chin and face. It looks perfect in videos. *hugs*

        1. QoB says

          whew, so glad I had a moment to breach the ocean and let you know I don’t contour my chin rolls. I’m pretty bad at contouring, so no…………….video on that..sorry i had to catch my breath. typing is so draining. Good thing you didn’t come up to me, I was STARVING.

        2. leesha says

          really, thats totally uncalled for. Lauren is one of my good friends and I do NOT appreciate you talking trash on my website at all.

        3. Kim says

          QOB- Well you shouldn’t be deceiving people on how you look. You looked pregnant and way past your due date. Judging by the videos and photos you post you have NO double chin. I am stating the obvious. So imagine my horror when I saw you bouncing around IMATS looking like a fool. If you don’t contour then do a tutorial on ‘Like how to totally make your face and body look smaller in videos and pictures’. Come to think of it I had never seen your full body on video. Only in your webcam photos you post. Teach us your tricks Queen.

          Leesha- Isn’t she the one talking shit about YOUR eyebrows? What a good friend!

    2. Yaneiris says

      You MUST be joking because Lauren looked adorable! Hew outfits were to die for. They both looked gorgeous. Weren’t you ever taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. C’mon have common sense.

      1. S says

        Yeah, that hater is a bitch. She was probably too scared to introduce herself because she knows she’s a huge pig, and these were the comments she would have gotten if she took pictures with these ladies.

  15. 93Something says

    So so so jealous. I’m one of the biggest fans ever of the makeup gurus, especially Leesha, and I can never afford to go off across the country to IMATS and stuff like that. I recreate a lot of Leesha’s looks with my knockoff makeup though :P Hope you’re having fun up there.

  16. Chris says

    This could sound potentially mean, I promise that’s not my intent! But is Lauren really that tiny?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything except from about the chest up, but I didn’t know she was that small :) If anything though, it makes me love her even more!

  17. Misty says

    Yup. My next manicure is definitely Pokeballs. For the win! (Gotta Catch ’em all!)

  18. Rae says

    Can you email me the picture of me*the black tribal girl*? along with the close up picture of the eyes you took as well! THANK YOU!!! nice meeting you *again* this weekend!

  19. QoB says

    im stealing some pics from here too Leesha!

  20. Gila says

    When will you post a review on the “Semi Precious” MAC collection?? i’m really looking foward to hear what you think… :)

  21. Jackie says

    This is awesome sauce!!!
    & OMG AT THE POKENAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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