IMATS LA: Crash Course

Hi Everyone!

So as you know, IMATS is right around the corner (literally, I’m typing this on the plane to LA right now!) I’ve been asked a lot as to what is worth checking out, what to expect, ect. Everyone will have a different experience depending on the day, time, and classes you plan to take, but here is what I have gathered from the experience.



  • Be Prepared for Lines! While IMATS is a really fun experience, it is INSANELY crowded, and I have a feeling this year will be the most crowded of all. Be aware that you will probably have to wait in a ridiculous line when getting your tickets to get in to the convention center in the morning, and then even more lines inside- especially at really popular booths like Makeup Forever (I believe last year the line to shop there was around 3 hours and looped around the booth TWICE) Nyx, Crown Brush (Crown’s booth reminds me of a buffet line, so while you are standing in line for awhile, you are shopping while doing so), and I’m sure newcomers Inglot, Sugarpill, and Sigma will also be quite popular.

  • Have a Plan The fact that there is a floor-plan on the IMATS website showing exactly where all the booths are is super useful. Figure out what booths you REALLY want to go to, and get them out of the way, especially if they are popular booths, because products can sell out fast!
  • If possible, make a list I know that there are probably tons of brands you haven’t heard of at IMATS, and that’s great! Finding new brands is always fun and is an amazing part of the IMATS experience. If you already have a few brands in mind that you absolutely must get things from, have an idea in your head (or phone, notepad, whatever) of products you already plan to buy. The workers at each booth are extremely busy, and if you can give them a list of things you need, already prepared, it’s less work for them and much less waiting for you!
  • Take pictures of EVERYTHING!! Something amazing about IMATS is practically every aisle has amazing, amazing models being painted from head to toe with inspiring body art or really creepy prosthetics (one year a guy was done up as Satan, and had stilts and everything to make him taller than the rest of the crowd. he got REALLY in to character as well, it was fun to watch!). I always get mesmerized by the models and the art and completely forget to take photos, which sucks! Don’t put your camera away if you can help it, you’ll regret it!
  • Bring Cash Not all booths are able to take credit or debit cards, so it’s important to have some cash for those situations. This can also be helpful for you, because having a certain amount of cash means only spending that much (its REALLY easy to get carried away with your spending!)
  • Dress Comfortably! If you plan to stay all day, it can take a toll on your feet, so make sure you’re wearing shoes that won’t wear you out too fast!


  • Inglot This is the first time Inglot will be at IMATS, and while I’m very excited about that, I am already 100% sure this booth will be VERY, VERY popular. I don’t know what their show discount will be or what they will/will not have, but I’d get over there early if you can!
  • Makeup Forever MUFE always has a show discount of 40%, which is why the brand is the most popular booth every year. If you want to buy from them, be prepared for a REALLY long wait. While the discount is great, I almost feel like you’re paying for it by standing in line so long (I didn’t even get to go to their booth last year because of it!)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Lip Tars!! I love the OCC Staff, and find that every year I am hanging out by their booth. It’s like a comfort zone for me :) Also, their Airbrush foundation is my absolute MUST HAVE, if you’re into airbrushing!!
  • Dinair While OCC has my favorite airbrush foundation, Dinair takes the cake for favorite airbrush machine. Their booth is always VERY interactive, and they are more than happy to sit you down and show you exactly how to use the compressor. If you’re interested in airbrushing, I definitely recommend sitting down with them and learning the basics!
  • Sigma Another newcomer for IMATS, I expect their booth to be really popular as well, as they have said it will be “an interactive experience”, and they also say they have around 3,000 freebies. Might be worth stoping by for!
  • Sugarpill If you have been curious about Amy, aka Shrinkle’s makeup line, you NEED to check out her booth! knowing Amy’s style, even if you already own every Sugarpill product available, the booth itself will probably be worth walking past, as I’m assuming it will be bright, glittery, and fun!


Let me know what your IMATS must-sees are, and if you are going!

Also, Suzy (MACNC40), Elessa (Pursebuzz) and I will be doing a Q&A and Giveaway at the Crown Brush Booth on Saturday between 4-5pm. Come say Hi!!


  1. Rachael says

    Just wanted to get it out there… I went to the IMATS NY show. Inglot was offering either a 15% or 20% discount. It wasnt anything super great…. but it was nice to finally see everything that they had. The line was the longest in the building. We waited about an hour in line… and when I looked back the line was triple that (an hour later). If you want Inglot… get there and get in line fast.

    1. Sherry Blossom says

      Hey i was just going to comment that INGLOT was at IMATS NY. The creator, Mr.Wotjek Inglot is a great guy! I’m sure he’ll be there floating around the places. He’s very hands on with his brand so definitely stop him and chat with him (he usually wears a black t-shirt and jeans lol so casual!) Tell him Sherry Blossom sent ya! Also the discounts were actually 30% I’m almost sure because their PRO membership is 40%…I may be a tad off but I’m 85% sure lol…all these percentages are getting me dizzy! Check out their all matte palettes, illuminators, pressed powders, lipsticks, amc lip glosses, duraline, brushes and OF COURSE eyeshadows!!!!!! Have fun everyone! Bring a rolling case for purchases those shoulder bags do get heavy!

  2. thenailaholic says

    Great post! It’s always useful to get tips from people who know!

  3. Kat says

    I was so close to going but then something came up T^T Im definitely going next year!!

  4. emma says

    I thought inglot was having a 30% off discount?? oh noo, i hope it’s still 30% or else i have to recalculate everything lol.

  5. Mandy says

    Please take a lot of photos, because I’m far far away!!!

  6. Xtochie says


  7. Amanda says

    I’m on my way to IMATS right now! Layover in Cleveland currently (ughs) then I have about 3 hours of sleep to look forward to before a day of madness! Here’s hoping I find time to make a list! SO PUMPED! XD

  8. Amber J says

    Haha, when I read “Crash Course” I was thinking you kicked out someone else’s time slot and was gonna do a live tutorial. :P Hahahahhahaha. I will see you soon!! I’m just about to leave for the long drive now. <3

    And I will be running over to the Inglot booth tomorrow morning! Can't wait!!

  9. valerie says

    so excited! thanks for the helpful tips! <3 cant wait to see you hopefully!

  10. Ben Green says

    Hey Leesha! Just wanted to let you know my friend who is working at the INGLOT booth this year told me the show price is 30% off!

    Ben :)

  11. Tricia says

    So excited, 1 more day!!!!!! This is my first time! I plan on hitting Inglot, OCC,Sugarpill, hoping Eve Pearl has a both since she”llbe there, crown brushes and of course look for you guys to say hi & score pix.. Only bad thing is after reading this I wish I had planned to go both days, but thees always next year for sure

  12. Briar says

    Does anyone know about IMATS Sydney Australia in September?
    I’d really like to go but I want to know a bit more about it.

    1. shelly says

      hey, what do you need to know? i went last year, maybe i can help u

      1. Briar says

        I’d just like to know like, the brands and discounts :D

  13. Christine says

    I so wish I could have gone and seen Inglot and I wish I could have met you!!!! Ahh I would ask you a billion million questions! Love, christine

  14. Xenia says

    Imats was amazing and i met leesha check out my blog and tell me what u think =D

  15. Alison says

    I LOVED THIS POST!! it was incredibly helpful!! Please do another for NYC imats next year!

  16. Melannie says

    you were in Pasadena? like Pasadena TX?! man, i live so close. wish I could have met the famous Leesha. You are amazing girl, and been following your youtube channel for a few years! ever since the disney princess tutorials! :) you’re great!

  17. Gila says

    When will you post a review on the “Semi Precious” MAC collection?? i’m really looking foward to hear what you think… :)

  18. Linda♥ says

    thank you so much for posting this! its the most useful crash course type thing I’ve found. If you hadn’t posted it, i would’ve been soooo lost! thanks and keep being amazing ♥

  19. Sadie Andersen says

    I have a few questions… how does one get the pro card thing, also, do they have like seminars or “classes” one can take, if so what is needed to attend those… and do they have food vendors there while the trade show is running? never been, and am already planning for next year!!!

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