IMATS Haul photos

Sorry this took a little longer than expected! I just got a new camera (Nikon d5000) and was waiting until I got my macro lens in the mail so I could be super fancy :)

I’m also going to add that a good amount of the products I’m showing you were given in the gift bag I got from the guru summit. I only bought a handful of things but I wanted to show you guys pictures of just about everything :)





















Not really from IMATS, but so pretty I had to include!! :)




I think I got almost everything! Only thing missing are the crown brushes I got. They’re packed away in my brush roll :) But here’s a glimpse of that anyways:


I’m probably going to do a post for each brand to do more of a review and swatches throughout the week, I just wanted to do a big picture post for you. Enjoy!!

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  • Lola

    That Yaby palette looks intense. I can’t wait to see some looks including that. I was wondering if you had any tutorials planned using that Alcone lip palette? I’ve seen a lot of lip palettes and they turned out to be, for lack of a better word, crap. I was wondering about the quality/pigmentation/wear of the colors.

  • Kate

    If you have a chance, could you do a look with the Inglot shadows? I know Jude used Inglot shadows – they look awesome. I am so sad the one in Ottawa closed down I was looking forward to that when I visited.
    Also – I am uber jealous of the companys that go to the IMATS in LA. The one in Toronto last year was kind of small…and I would have loved it if NYX, Stila and Nars were there. Hopefully this year!

  • Sarah

    Wow I’m drooling! Thanks so much for posting, Leesha! Your new camera is AWESOME, and the macro lens is EPIC! Looking forward to some high-quality makeup photos :)

  • Caitlyn_Contagion

    I love that Inglot lipgloss.
    I had something similar to the that done by Laura Mercier.

  • sabbatha

    It’s nice that Inglot become more popular in the world :) GO POLAND ;D

  • sabbatha

    And I must say that you should try loose eyeshadows from inglot, they are really nice :) And they have gorgeous fake lashes :> Brushes are also great.

  • Kayla

    Holy crap that’s a lot of stuff! You have so many brushes too! Those pictures turned out great, I hope you’re having fun with your new camera!! :)

  • Zinnia

    Those alcome pallets look nice

  • pjsparklez

    mmm..i definitely would love to see the inglot lipglosses up close. they look so awesome, not really like anything i’ve seen before. and the eyeshadow? i can’t stop drooling over the middle blue and the orange! you should definitely do a look using your inglot cosmetics!
    and oh man, i can’t wait to get my hands on the ud naked palette. :)

  • Sheri (theredjawbreaker)

    Ohhh a crown brush review would be awesome!! I’ve been pouring over the website for a week trying to decide which set to get ahhhh – i cannot make my mind up lol
    I need them for college, i start in Aug ‘Make up and facial care’ – any advice would be super appreciated!!! :-)

    • xsparkage

      their italian badger hair brushes are my faaaave

  • Stavroula Plag

    That yaby palette looks amazing!! :) I can’t wait to see some looks with it! ;)

  • Patricia

    I love the Velvet Eyes palette! *Homer Simpson drool*

  • http://none Haflingerlady


  • Emi

    I would love to see a video where you go over what’s in your brush roll! It’s sooo stuffed!

  • mw

    really want that yaby palette !!!

  • Helena (XOXO Parisky)

    You bought a great camera!
    OMG OCC has got nail polish??? When??? I must be really behind … :P

  • Phyrra

    The Stila trio looks nice.
    The Inglot glosses look awesome in their container!
    The Yaby palette is cool!

    Do you know when the OCC eye shadows will be on sale? I found the new lip tars on the site, but not Nori, the eye shadow.

  • Fernanda Siepierski

    I so wanna try OCC stuff, but I’m still waiting for them to reply me about shipping…
    I loved Yabbi Best of Both worlds Palette and I just got to know about Crown Brushes… I’ll try to find if they ship to Brazil =)

  • Erika

    I hope with all that ever pearl stuff you got a chance to see her demo. I saw her at IMATS Vancouver, awesome. She’s so sweet, and her products are amazing.

  • samantha kathleen

    GORGEOUS. So jel, so jel…

  • Azaza

    Oh wow what a great haul *envious*

  • Sandee

    Hi Leesha!

    This may be a personal question but I was wondering how do you have so much money to buy all these wonderful things? I have a list of everything I want to buy and I get sad cuz I cant buy everything.

  • Ruby

    I want all the things you bought! lol I really want that yaby palette but damn theyre expensive :(

  • Lovinlipgloss

    Wow! I love your new camera! Everything looks soooo nice and you can really see the colors.

  • Jenn

    please please please do a video for the crown brushes…i’m not sure which ones i want because there are so many!!!

  • Lynn

    Your hauls are great! Can’t wait to go to the one in Sydney this year! I hope Eve Pearl will be exhibiting and selling her products there too as well as Inglot and Beauty So Clean. My first time to attend so I’m super excited.

  • yuly

    please do the alcone palette swatches!!! please please please

  • janeDo

    brushes. *-*