I’m turning six! Youtube Birthday :)

Hi there!

So earlier today, I was updating some info on my Youtube page, and noticed that the day I created it was exactly SIX years ago today. 

SIX!! I’m in shock. I can’t believe it’s been SIX years. Let’s take a walk down xSparkage memory lane real quick-



First Video: 

Look at that quality! That lighting! The fact that I used a Scissor Sisters song as the background! This was when I was 18, had a sick, sick obsession with only using MAC Makeup, and regularly posted photos of my looks on a Livejournal Makeup Community. The reason I made this video was because I noticed some girls were posting videos of themselves applying their makeup from start to finish on the community, and it looked like fun! I had no idea that Youtube would end up changing my life so completely.


Let’s talk about hair

I think I’ve talked about making a hair timeline video probably for the past three years, but never did for whatever reason. needless to say, I’ve had my fair share in different hair colors and lengths!

IMG 7124IMG 3007IMG 7863IMG 8661IMG 9404DSC 0001 3IMG 3729DSC 0073 2IMG 0093DSC02115DSC 0080IMG 0126DSC 0552DSC 0036Skitched 20120914 194504DSC 0074

I’m sure there’s more, but we’ll leave it at that :)


Anyways, thank you all so much for all your love and support over the years. You’ve made my life amazing and I appreciate every single one of you. :)


  1. Brana says

    The video is set to private :(

  2. jamie lynn prata says

    happy youtube birthday!! :) you know we all want to watch that first video but it’s private…hopefully you can change it so we can check it out!!

  3. El Diario de Candy says

    Yay! Congratulations! I’m your suscriber since then! I love you Leesha! :)

  4. Emily Bryan says

    Happy YouTube birthday!! :D I feel like I’ve been watching you for longer than that :P

  5. Karina G says

    Happy YouTube Birthday Leesha!!! You have walked a long path on YouTube and the improvement of your videos is evident. Way better and awesome. Keep it up. And you sure look way better in blonde hair. You look so gorgeous and it just suits your face.

  6. Sophie Strout says

    You are too cute! I like it short the best, especially red or blonde! Also, my favourite makeup look is where your hair is dark red with bangs :D Happy birthday!!

  7. Jolene Barnett says

    That song always reminds me of the song Eletric Mayhem is playing in the double decker bus in The Great Muppet Caper. You know, when they ate driving Kermit to his date with Miss Piggy, who he thinks Lady Holiday. LoL I remember LJ makeup communities. If they were a vote based one, you always had to go with neon green and yellow. For whatever reason that was deemed impressive every single time.

  8. Lauren Schroer says

    I’ve been watching your videos for 5 years and you were the first beauty youtuber I watched! Happy youtube birthday!

  9. Andrea Enke says

    omg livejournal communities used to be my LIFE
    pink hair is def. my favorite of yours.

  10. Vinita says

    Happy 6th youtube birthday…i remember when I first started to watch you I found your disney princess tutorials and since then you have been one of my favorites. Thank you for all the amazing tutorials and videos. Btw I think your haircut now is one of the best out all of them it suits you the best.

  11. Nora says

    This would be my 4th birthday of watching your videos. The first I ever saw was the Alice one from your Twilight mini series x) You introduced me to the makeup world and you have always been my favorite person in it. Thank you, for so much.

  12. lolly05tmua says

    Happy Blog Birthday :D (the pink hair was the best for you :D)

  13. Elxu says

    oh i remember that red haired girl who was always full of joy and happiness and always made my day better (:

  14. Alexis Colon says

    Happy Blogaversary!! I remember watching your videos back in the day & then starting a blog of my own & stumbling upon you once again. You can definitely see a change in your work & it’s always been nothing but amazing, you’re one of my fave gurus <3

  15. alexandrea wilson says

    Yay. I am so glad you are still going strong too! You are my favorite beauty guru and have taught me so much.

  16. pelin says

    I like the shocking pink one, it made you look so young and playful. But I love your hair short, straight and blonde – that one really added up that mature and elegant look. Anyways happy youtube birthday!!! :D

  17. Ada says

    I remember finding you early 2008 before tutorial videos were popular. I was so inspired by your looks, even to this day! I remember your watermelon (bitter + passionate!) look and being so devastated when you had removed it. And when you had first started selling hair bows! (I still wear my MAC bow!) You’ll always be my favorite youtuber and biggest inspiration, Leesha! :)

  18. DSashie says

    I remember you were the first Youtuber I watched. A few years back I received my first Iphone for Christmas and did a search for Disney Princesses for my daughter. It came up with your tutorials. We sat for hours after that watching all your tutorials. I hardly ever wore make up back then and you inspired me so much. I have my own little collection now and get so many compliments about my make up… THANKS to you!! (Ps: Just bought the Ariel palette! ;P hehehe)

  19. Chloe says

    Congrats on the big achievement!!! It’s amazing to watch how your life (hair and make-up) has progressed, at different points in my own life. I started watching your videos when I first started out with make up. You were and still are an amazing inspiration. Now days, I don’t check in as much as I’d like but I’ll never forget xsparkage. I have loved your tutorials, reviews and most of all I loved your fav. cartoon character contest (I picked Pichu), I had a heap of fun. Looking forward to watching more vid :)

  20. Ági Takács says

    omg i love that you’re so brave when it comes to hair (too). i could never do that, but you had some really awesome hairstyles!

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