April 16, 2014
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  • http://melinabee.blogspot.com melina bee

    wow, beautiful look. I think it would be very flattering on dark and light brown eyes as well so I can’t wait to try this. melina bee

  • Trish

    i love this!! i have brown eyes..but they are yellow brown and this look sick!! as in awesomely Sick!!! :) thanks

  • Amber

    Gorgeous look! Makes me wish I had gray eyes :D

  • Maria

    its a very nice combination of colors…you always have good combinations. i love love love this look :)

  • Tamara

    This look is great…I have dark brown eyes…but I’m definatly trying this look :D Great job :D

  • Thifa

    I love the color combination. Very girly and romantic :)

  • http://www.socialitedreams.com vonnie

    that looks absolutely gorgeous! you did a great job, very fun and lively makeup look :)

  • http://jstanothrgrl24.blogspot.com Kaitlyn

    gorgeous! loove the colors :D

  • Rachel

    Hey! Love your tutorials and videos, so glad to hear your Kiki is back and safe :)
    I was wondering where would I find the Naked Ivory Pigment Stack?

  • Marcey

    What a fun pretty look!

  • Dagmar

    hey leesha! this is a very pretty look (like always)! i’m so happy for you that kiki is back! that were very good news! greetings from switzerland

  • http://d&rk$p@rk$ d&rk $p@rk$

    this is so early(yawn…..)it is 6:47 am yolla at you later

  • bry

    this is gorgeous

  • http://www.principessaga­briella.blogspot.com/ Gabriella

    I love the way you put these colors together, so pretty!

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  • Dani

    Gah! I have grey eyes!!! I’m SO excited to try this out! It’s so annoying trying to find actual good tutorials for gray eyes. Thank youu!

  • Jessica

    That’s almost my exact eye color, gold ring around the pupil and all. Nice.

  • Sarah

    Thanks for doing a tutorial for those of us with gray eyes. I always like using all kinds of colors and finishes of eyeshadow on my gray eyes, but it’s nice to find a look that really makes them pop! thanks again:)


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  • Sephira

    I already have grey eyes, so it wiil look soooo beautiful if that could turn out like this on my eyes !! Tutorial pleeaaaaasssseeeeee !!!!!!