I Feel a New Addiction Starting.. Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows

Back in October, I was lucky enough to attend The Beauty Social that Beautylish put on, and one of my favorite bloggers, Temptalia, was also in attendance. I like to think of Temptalia, aka Christine, kinda as my personal guidance counselor when it comes to blogging, and as word of law when it comes to beauty products :) She kept going on and on about the Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadows, and how amazing they are. Considering this girl has one of the top beauty sites going and has swatched and tested more makeup than i can fathom, when she says I NEED something, I don’t doubt her!

Armani Beauty had a 20% off sale right before Thanksgiving, and I took that opportunity to order 6 of the Eyes to Kill eyeshadows. When they arrived, I was slightly irritated because they came in a pretty large box considering the size of them, and there was absolutely no padding (tissue paper, bubble wrap, etc) inside the box, so I’m sure they had a bumpy transit. Two of the shadows actually came loose and I’m able to pop out entirely. This would have really upset me, but these shadows are packed in glass pots, so there really isn’t anything holding them in anyways. They didn’t crumble or loose their shape, so it’s not anything worth getting upset over :)

Anyways, on to the swatches!





#1, #2, #3- Swatched on clean hand, no base




#6, #10, #19- Swatched on clean hand, no base


The #19 shown here is one of the new holiday colors :) I love these! I am obsessed with #2 and #3, they are really gorgeous and #3 is so unique. I have yet to actually play with these more than just swatching, I’ll probably use them tomorrow for Wednesday’s tutorial :) What do you think??



  1. Tash says

    I’ve seen these on temptalia, they’re BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Lauren:) says

    Are these like cream? haah they look like pigments, but how would they have kept their shape?

    1. leesha says

      they kinda remind me of mineralized shadows in the sense that they are super creamy but keep their shape. I like them WAY better than mineralized shadows though!!

      1. AmandaTX says

        I haven’t tried the mineralized shadows, but are they anything like the Buxom shadows in consistency? I love them. They’re creamy but not greasy–almost like a dense foam, if that makes any sense.

        1. Tanya says

          I love Buxom, <3 just saying :)

  3. Melani DAmico says

    so pigmented!! you should totally do a tutorial…. yep yep yep!! :)

  4. jetta says

    The eyeshadows are amazing!! I didn’t know they were 40% off :( I would definitely pick 1,2 and 3
    Oh well next time they have a sale..

  5. Kissy says

    OMG!!!! LOVE the color choices!!!! I want #1, 2, &3!!!!

  6. Trellyn says

    I hate to ask, how much are these?

    1. leesha says

      the most expensive eyeshadows ive ever bought- $32 each! D:

      1. Donna says

        It’s a good thing you don’t live in Australia, $32 is a BARGAIN !!

  7. Nancy says

    I only have #2 and I LOVE it. The texture is so different, but simply amazing.

  8. Lu says


  9. thenailaholic says

    These are so amazing I didn’t know if I should say “holy crap” or something else. It came out all jumbled. IN MY MIND. I didn’t even speak! I was truly speechless! I think that’s the first time it’s ever happened!

  10. Audrey M says

    Regarding the texture, they are comparable to Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre, right ??!! =)

    1. leesha says

      ive never used any chanel makeup, so i have no idea!

    2. Amy P says

      They’re totally different. The chanel ones are more creamy and mousse-y, ETK are powders

  11. Cathenia says

    Those are so pretty. I completely agree that you should use these in a tutorial. I love #3 and the holiday colour.

  12. Christine says

    I need number 6 asap!!!! Merry X-mas to me!!!

  13. 2sofix says

    so sooo beautyful. im in love:D

  14. Kelly says

    #2 look amazing, I would definitely like to have it, too bad they don’t sell Armani make-up in The Netherlands.

  15. Molly says

    Shoot if I would’ve known they were having a sale I would’ve bought some!! Love these to death just from the swatches. I love 1,2,3, and 10!!!

  16. Teresa says

    They look so beautiful in the pots! #2 has such dimension. Want!

  17. KivaRenee says

    Temptalia is only one person! I know we are talking about the eye shadows right now, which are truly amazing but I already know they are gonna be WAY out of my budget ..but really..that blog is only on person?! What knowledge!

    1. Heather says

      Technically Temptalia is run by two people – her boyfriend does the technical stuff, and Christine does EVERYTHING else from what I understand :).

    2. leesha says

      I KNOW RIGHT? shes insane. and yes, heather is right- her boyfriend does the tech stuff, ie designing the website and features, but ALL the posts, photos, etc are her. woman is INSANE

  18. Christina says

    I die, these are f*cking gorgeous! I want!!!!!

  19. Krystal says

    Are you going to do a tutorial using these? I would love to see what these look like on the eyes before deciding which one to buy. Really pretty!

  20. Brittany says

    Gosh there beautyful!, i want , i want , i want. i just hate how expensive they are =( paying for college college and other bills is hard enough =(. is there anything cheaper , thats similar?

  21. Brittany CrazyHat says

    i LOVE THESE!!! if only they weren’t so expensive

  22. Hannah says

    I love #1 and #3, they are so pretty!!

  23. Courtney says

    I need 2 and 10!!

  24. Tina says

    Idont understand why you always skip filming the darker shade on the outside of the lid.. That’s what I want to learn the most.. Just want to watch you blend it out. Almost every single viedo :(

  25. Emily Lopez says

    Okay so #2 is to DIE FOR. However 1 and 3 look too similar.

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  27. Zoe says

    These shadows are GORGEOUS! So unique, they look like the MAC mineralized shadows but swatch a whole lot better :) how well do they hold throughout the day? Definitely do a tutorial with some of these!

  28. Liza says

    They do look really gorgeous!

  29. Casey says

    LOVE numbers 2 and 10. I like number 19 in the pot but it’s looks only like silver when swatched, I don’t see the gold. But they are all gorgeous, good call on getting them!

  30. Margaret says

    OMG SUCH GORGEOUS COLOURS. The flecks of different colours look amazing in pan as they do on skin. I LOVE #2, #3 and #10. But I have seen swatches of L’oreal Infallible shadows, and they are just as pigmented, but they don’t have those flecks of different colours in the pot.

  31. Lila says

    Do you usually answer tweets? I tweeted you asking about the Armani #400 lipstick you tweeted about, but have received no response :/

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  33. Pretty Gossip says

    Wow. So amazing. Reminds me of the Buxom and the Infallible shadows I just reviewed!~ Great colors.

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