How Would You Wear It? High Waisted Jeans

Last week for HWYWI, I asked you guys how you would wear Cheetah Print Leggings in a look. Here’s some of your responses-


This week’s How Would You Wear It? is High Waisted Jeans.



High waisted jeans/shorts are something I’ve always found really cute when people pull them off. Personally, they aren’t something I could wear because of how I carry most of my weight in my tummy.. wearing high waisted jeans would look absolutely awful haha. I actually bought a pair of super cute dark red high waisted shorts at Forever 21 last time I was there.. needless to say, I didn’t try them on while at the store and forgot to return them within 21 days. booooo.


So, Let me know how you’d rock these! I’d really love to see more responses from you guys this week, or even your own submissions for this post- what do you have trouble working into a look- and this can be fashion, beauty, or hair wise!

Feel free to posts answers below (adding photos if you want!) posting on twitter with hashtag #HWYWI, or emailing me with responses or submissions.

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  1. Katie says

    I wouldn’t. i’m fat and they do NOT look cute on girls with big bellies.

    1. julie says

      ahhhh yes they do!!!!!!!!

  2. Samantha says

    A white tank tucked in, with a cute jacket or blazer. And some killer heels.

  3. Cecilia Bengtsson says

    I would probably wear them with either a white skinny t-shirt tucked in or a white blouse. Kinda secretary like but I really love that kind of outfits

  4. Kate says

    I am thinking a cap sleeved white ruffle blouse with red or black pumps (more for work/internship) but for everyday maybe just a white v neck tucked in and chuck taylors. Okay, so I have prom next weekend and needless to say I have no idea how to do my makeup (my dress is bright purple and rather simple with the exception of a rouched flower on the side) any suggestions or comments from anyone on what I should do

  5. Sierra says

    With a little black and white striped bralette with a big black bow on the front, and those studded Steve Madden peeptoe stilettos. (:

  6. Ashlyn says

    I wouldn’t even begin to pull these off. Definitely not my style at all…I also carry weight in my belly, and have thicker thighs. I barely pull off Skinny jeans..

    1. MabQ says

      I have the same problem with high waisted jeans and it took me forever to find a descent pair of skinny jeans.

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