April 16, 2014
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  • http://cloudsandcuticleoil.blogspot.co.uk/ Natasha

    the finishes result is so pretty, it’s making me want a pixie cut! love the coloured part on your fringe!



  • abby

    omg i have pretty much the same haircut and hair type, this was so helpful!!!!!!!

  • Courtney Peters

    This helps me so much. I’ve been dying to cut my hair into a pixie cut but was worried I wouldn’t be able to style it as I also have wavy/ curly/ frizzy hair. Now I am going to go get it done and have the product list to style it! Thanks Leesha!

  • Tiff!

    OMG! I have hair a bit like yours and soon I am really tempted to cut the pants off my hair and go from shoulder length to how yours is as my hair is super damaged from dying loads etc and i feel its in such bad condition! But I worried about how i will control it, but the beanie situation you are doing is gonna save my life!! I am so happy I have seen this. Thanks honey!!

  • Nessa

    My experience with getting a pixie cut was awful. I’m Puerto Rican and my hair is ridiculously thick (if I don’t get it layered, it’s so poofy that it sticks out almost past my shoulders), coarse and frizzy. I’ve had my hair cut pretty short before without too many issues (a couple inches above my shoulders basically) but evidently pixie length like yours is where my hair draws the line. Granted, the stylist cut it a lot shorter than I asked for (she left maybe an inch in most places), but my hair still had to grow out a lot before it stopped looking ridiculous. It basically stuck straight up in the back regardless of how hard I tried to get it to lay flat. I also evidently have a cowlick on both the left and right sides of my forehead. I side part my hair with the part on the left, and with my hair that short, the rightmost area would lay against my head towards the right, and to the left of that, my bangs evidently grow forward, so I had this annoying split in my bangs all the time that looked awful. I so wish I could have hair like you. Mine may have looked like complete garbage when it was short but it was so nice and light and I really miss that.