Hi! I’m Alive! Little update on life for you :)


Long time no talk, I know. I hate going on MIA spells from YouTube and Blogging, and I know doing that without any warning is really lame of me, so I apologize.


Long story short, These past 2 weeks have been very long and very, very stressful. I don’t mean to bore anyone with details, but I basically ended a 7 year relationship (for the best and I am fine), had to pack up and move all of my belongings out of my apartment within a week, find a company that can move and store 95% of my belongings until I find a new place (and was incredibly overcharged for it), drive a 16 hour trip back to Arizona with two cats (one of which got carsick twice, so that was fun), blah blah blah.

I am just now getting settled in enough to focus back on youtube and blogging. I’m staying at a friends condo that isn’t used 80% of the year, and still have to figure out where a good place to film is, along with finding some equipment to use to film (lights and such.. everything is packed with the movers because I couldn’t fit much in my car for the drive). Fingers crossed that by next week I will be ready to go and be able to post videos and blogs back on a regular schedule.

I’ve been pretty quiet on Facebook and verrry quiet on Twitter (I was a twitter maniac!) but I’ve been trying to be more active on Instagram. My username is xSparkage if you wanna keep up with me :)

Anyways, so this post isn’t entirely text, here are a few pictures from my trip home :)


Can you guess which one vommed twice? (Hint- its not the one that LOOKS sick, lol. thats her bored face!)


They ended up climbing in the bigger carrier together. My cats are so photogenic.


The hotel we stopped at had a very strange waffle Iron.. I couldn’t tell what it is until the waffle was made. Good ol’ Texas!


This was a weird gas station/touristy store in the middle of nowhere that was made to look like it was fake.. but it really was that big inside! So goofy haha



Also, I thought I’d update you with a (really terrible) picture showing my new hair! I got it cut SUPER short a few weeks ago, a la Emma Watson. When I dyed my hair brown back in February, I reaaallly screwed it up (thanks to being impulsive and stupid, not getting it done professionally and not using any fillers, etc) and decided that I’d rather have short, healthy hair than longer hair that feels and looks terrible. It’s quite a change for me (never had hair this short!) but I am really loving it. It is so so so easy to style and maintain, it feels and looks healthy and shiny, and it’ll be great with the AZ summer heat :) Ideally I’d love for it to grow out more in the front and be like Gennifer Goodwin’s hair (I’ve been watching Once Upon A Time, kinda obsessed with the show and in LOVE with her pixie!) but like I said before, because of how damaged my hair was it was easier to just get a fresh start.


Okay, now that you are up to speed I hope you understand my absence the past few weeks!

See you soon :)


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  1. Monica Aamodt Almås says:

    Good to hear from you… and I’m glad to see you feel that ending the relationship was the right thing to do. These things are always tough, but you seem strond, and like you’re positive to the future. :) 

    And.. oh.. I got an idea. As a fellow “Once upun a time”-fan.. why don’t film tutorials from that? Maybe that will give you some inspiration and something nice to think about. :) 

    Hugs from Monica

  2. Wren-d Richardson says:

    For the long car trip did you have a travel litterbox or something in your car? I’m never sure what to do for my cat on long trips, I’m not sure she’d even use a box if I put one on the floor of the car.

  3. Natsownname says:

    I am glad to see you are back, but sad to hear why you were gone. I just wanted to let you know that you have the cutest kitten children. I love seeing pictures of them getting into all sorts of shenanigans. They have to make you smile. My kittens (pic below) and I are happy to hear you are okay. Take care.

  4. On_a_sunday says:

    your hair looks amazing :)
    sorry to hear about the break up. long relationship breakups are not fun, but if it was for the better i’m glad you’ll be happier :)

  5. Elle says:

    We appreciate the update. Sorry to hear about your break-up. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well and your hair looks super cute. Looking forward to what’s next. :)

  6. Chinadancer1016 says:

    aww Leesha I’m so sorry =/ I’m glad you chose what was best for you even though it wasn’t easy. Things will get better. Take all the time you need, and I can’t wait for your next blog/video! *hugs*

  7. Heather Bee Pink says:

    Keep your head up girl! I think we all understand life happens! Looking great with the short new ‘do too :)

  8. Beautygril007 says:

    I wanted to comment on your kitty’s their lovely I love my kitty’s too and so I would love to share this cute photo. It looks awful small I hope you can enlarge it enough to see it.

  9. Lisa says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your break-up and everything else!  I hope things settle for you soon – but take your time!  I love your new hair-do, it really suits you! :)

  10. disco-grrrl says:

    Just like others said: Take your time. And you don’t have to apologize for not writing as often as you can. Break ups happen, it’s better than being in a bad relationship and unhappy like most people nowadays. Relax, rest for a while and when you’re ready, write a post… Hope you’ll settle down soon =)

  11. Tigress says:

    My heart goes out to you, as I was in a similar situation last year around this time. Take all the time you need to get adjusted and keep your chin up. Things are gonna suck for a while, but it will get better. Music and cats help all problems. 

  12. Cynthia says:

    Hey Leesha, I’ve been following you for a few years now and I love your blog and video’s. I never ever left a comment but now I feel like I have too. What a rought time you are going through right now. I really feel for you and wanna tell you that you are stronger than you think!

    Well I just wanted to say I feel for you and my thoughts will go out to you the next weeks. XXX from Holland

  13. Zarina says:

    I just want to give you a big hug after reading this. I think you are a great and strong woman. The short hair looks beautiful and I wish you all the best with getting settled. Take your time and don’t worry about your watchers/viewers. We understand where you’re comming from and I, an soooo many other peope, will support you no matter what. Big hug!

  14. Zoe Clark says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re ok Leesha, it was hard for me to end a 2 year relationship, I can’t imagine ending a 7 year one! The moving must have been so stressful, you are so strong and now I look up to you for so many more reasons, here’s to the future! :)

  15. Amaffett says:

    I don’t normally post comments, but my thoughts are with you, dear! What a traumatic recent few weeks for you..but you are strong and will make it through this time okay. :)

  16. Stacy says:

    i love your kitties by the way, and I thought this pic of one of my kittens would make you smile. he passed away a few weeks ago because of an accident, but he was one of the cutest ones and i still love to show everyone his picture <3

  17. Liz says:

    Hi Leesha,

    I don’t normally comment, but after reading your post on the 19th I decided to finally go for it and cut off my hair. I love your new haircut and am very glad I went to get mine cut. Even with everything that’s going on you’re still inspiring people! :) 

  18. Mightyclassy07 says:

    You got me hooked on Once Upon A Time…  I can’t decide to thank or curse you, m’dear!  ;)  Hope all’s well in AZ

  19. Guest says:

    I hope you feel better and take all the time you need to adjust. I understand that life is hard when transition like this happen so take all the time you need, YouTube and the rest of the world will go on while you have to do what you have to do :)

  20. Ali Culp says:

    Hi Leesha,
    I don’t usually comment, i’m kinda shy and therefore i’m a lurker >.<
    But I felt obliged to comment because I am saddened by this post because you are my favorite beauty blogger. It is so inspiring how strong you are so I wanted to say to keep hanging in there, the youtube videos and blog posts can wait till you get your life back on track. :)

  21. Védís Eir Snorradóttir says:

    I never have commented before but now I feel like I should. I really hope you will feel better, we all understand what your going through and difficulty of the situation. We all wish the best for you, so hang in there! Leesha, you are an amazing, inspiring and beautiful woman and don’t you ever forget that! I know you´ll pull through this. Blog posts and videos can wait, take your time. 

    Love, Vedis from Iceland. :)

  22. tasha says:

    Heya I never usually comment but have been following you since the beginning when you were originally blonde & curly haha! & I just wanted to say I am going through a similar situation, my fiance cheated on me so I have had to totally restart my life aswell and seeing someone like you who had inspired me for years go through the same thing is just such a boost to me stay strong and know that everything happens for a reason , life is not a dress rehersal if your not happy your not living! Wishing you all the best x

  23. Meredith from lushli says:

    Oh no I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through a difficult time.  Hopefully everything will get sorted soon.  Your blog posts are dearly missed but you need to take care of yourself first :)

  24. Ally says:

    I’m glad to your doing okay, Leesha!  We’ve missed you. My thoughts go out to you as you deal with all these crazy changes at once. I love the hair, and I love how daring and bold you are to always change it. I hope everything works out! :)

  25. wendy hood says:

    I recently ended a 5 year relationship. It was a nightmare, personal threats to my and my familys safety, my property, etc etc. When the bad starts to outweigh the good, it hurts sooooooooo badly to leave but you dont have a choice.

  26. katt says:

    Masses of love to you Leesha <3 Have missed you. Loving the new hair totally does remind me of Emma Watson. I hope you are as okay as you can be <3 xxxx

  27. lauren michelle says:

    Hey Leesha,

    I’ve been following your videos for years. When I saw the most recent one, I came here, to try to find an entry like this one. I’m really sorry how rough things are right now- but I’m really happy for you in another way- I know there’s better things ahead. In 2010 I left a really bad relationship in a matter of hours- took what I could take and threw it in a storage unit, and lived with my cats in a single bedroom for six months until I was able to get back on my feet. I cut all my hair off at that time too (although I only got red highlights). The similarities struck me, although of course you’re doing way better, as you’re in your own condo. :)  I know a stranger doesn’t have much of a right to comment on your personal life… but I wanted to say that I’m proud of you- for all you’ve done for yourself and all you continue to do. I know it isn’t easy. 

    Lots of love!


  28. Anita Tai says:

    Leesha, i know you just ended your 7 yr relationship and i need some advice. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 9 years and i feel like it has hit the point i have no more feelings and want to just live my life to the fullest, whereas he is “stuck in his comfort zone”. How do you think I should approach this, he is a nice guy & we had good times; and i don’t want to hurt him but i don’t want to lose myself as well.

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