Hello Kitty for Sephora- Glittercute Eyeliner in Hello Sunshine

Feeling amazingly gorgeous begins with eyes boldly highlighted in glittering liners. Give yourself a sparkly wink with this product that was formulated for intense color payoff. It applies elegantly, gliding on effortlessly along the lash line and lids. The chubby stick applicator can coat large surfaces, making it quite versatile as both a liner and shadow highlighter.




For some reason, photos make the glitter in this appear darker than it is. it’s much more of a bright gold than what is shown.

This is the one thing that I got from Hello Kitty that I’m not really sure is worth it. Yes, its really pretty and I like how it looks both blended out and not, but the pricetag is $14, which is a little steep for what you get. The color isn’t particularly unique at all, and I know that you can get a similar type of product for much cheaper from other brands.

Overall I do like the color and I will use it, but I don’t think it’s worth the price.


Available for $14 from Sephora.

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  1. danicia says:

    hello i just recently subscribed to your channel on youtube and i’ve been seeing alot of tutorials featuring the mac makeup limited edition hello kitty glittered eyeliner. i’m nit sure of the exact name of the color but its the white-ish color eyeliner with the pinkish glitter. i’m looking for a glittered eyeliner thats
    has a much similar effect. do you have any suggestions?

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