Hello Kitty for Sephora Apple Balm

This rich, glossy balm hydrates lips while delivering color payoff with a lipstick-like intensity. Its unique formulation blends waxes and oils to protect and hydrate lips while ensuring long-lasting, non-sticky wear.





When I first opened this, I assumed it’d be similar to MAC’s Lip Conditioner that’s in the little tub- it has a similar feel to a somewhat softened chapstick, but not completely soft. This took me by surprise because it’s definitely super soft, it has a thick jelly sort of feel. The cap is a little stubborn too, it doesn’t want to go on as easily as I feel it should. When applied, this has a similar feel to Vaseline, and has a super glossy look on the lips. The color isn’t overly orangey as it looks in the pot, either!


As for smell and taste, the smell of the balm is a nice, sweet apple scent that isn’t overpowering. There isn’t much taste, but if you to happen to lick your lips its a very, very subtle apple taste.

This is available for $9 from Sephora.


  1. Brooke says

    Scuze me, you do not describe the taste, thats all I want it forrrr!

    1. Leesha says

      oh yeah huh lol. adding itt

  2. Anna says

    Very cute :) I like the packaging, which is always super adorable. I think I’d like a little more color pay off, this isn’t a complaint, just a side thought. But overall its very nice! :)

  3. miz karlene says

    Looks like good quality but I hate using my hands to apply lip product

    1. Leesha says

      yeah, im not a huge fan of it either, i think this will be an at home product for me

  4. Khanelya says

    So cute !
    The packaging reminds me of UD’s XXX Slick that came out a few years ago. I loved it at this time, and still love it now ^^
    Unfortunately i guess it will not be available here in France ><

  5. Stacy says

    I love this stuff! I found that the more often i use it the more it conditions my lips over time. I’m prone to extremely chapped lips and ive had little problems with that since ive started using this all the time. im assuming the balm has something to do with it…so im definitely ok with it lol and the color is really flattering with my pale skintone =]

  6. Valerie39 says

    its definately cute

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