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Healthy Beauty- What’s In My Gym Bag

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tampax through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Tampax Pearl, all opinions are my own.

So let me tell you a story that I’m sure has been told time and time again.

Paul and I had an amazing Wedding in January, followed by an equally amazing Honeymoon. We went to Disney World, and ate at some of the most amazing, delicious, and decadent restaurants I have ever been to. It was an absolute blast! Our honeymoon lasted 10 days, and even with walking around 10 miles a day, we totally overindulged. I can safely tell you that I definitely found some of those pounds I had lost last year.



With all the stress of wedding planning and such, my diet and any form of exercising had gone on a standstill for the past few months. After the honeymoon and overindulging, Paul and I both realized we needed to make a change, start eating healthier and working out again. Sometimes you have to have too much of a good thing to get yourself back on track, I guess!

This month, we really started changing our ways. Drinking smoothies and protein shakes, cooking at home more and eating out less, as well as joining a gym and going three times a week. This is great for us because it is giving us the exercise we need, but is also good for Violet because she is interacting with kids at the daycare center. :)

I wanted to share with you what I bring in my gym bag!


Lock– The gym I go to has lockers, but you need to bring your own lock. I didn’t realize this the first day, glad I know now!

Head Band with grip– My hair is currently at a length where most of it will happily stay in a ponytail, but I still have bangs that are too short to stay up. Sometimes I opt for bobby pins, but most of the time I just keep a headband that has grips on it in my bag so I can put it on before walking in to the gym.

Phone– I mean, this one is a given! I have apps like Spotify and Hulu loaded up for when I’m on the elliptical, and maybe a game or two if I decide to use the Bike :) Make sure that baby is nice and charged!

Water Bottle– Obviously, this is something important! My water bottle holds 24oz of water, and has an easy open top so I don’t have to worry about taking off a cap when I’m on the elliptical. I always make sure to sip my water throughout my workout instead of drinking a ton before or after to avoid stomach cramps.

Ear Phones– The easiest way for me to work out is to take the opportunity to catch up on one of my TV shows I watch- I open up Netflix or Hulu and it makes the time go by super fast! I like to use a pair of earphones that are small and don’t take up too much space, but also have interchangeable ear buds, as I always need to use the smaller size so they don’t hurt my ears :)

Towel– A lot of gyms don’t provide towels, and come on- no one wants to go on a bike or treadmill that is covered in someone else’s sweat! I always have one on hand for that reason, and make sure to wipe the machines down when I’m done using them.

Now, let’s talk about the one thing us girls wish we could put a pause on sometimes- our periods. Sometimes Aunt Flo likes to show up right when the fun is supposed to be happening, so it’s good to always be prepared! Personally, I always make sure to have “supplies” on hand so that I’m always covered. Tampax Pearl Regular has been my go-to since, well, the beginning. I feel like they are the easiest to use and most comfortable. I always make sure I have one or two in my gym bag, just in case!

My gym also has a pool, sauna, and showers, but since we are new members we haven’t ventured into those areas yet. I imagine if we decide to, I would be adding a few things to my bag!

6 Responses
  • Rachel
    08 . 03 . 2016

    Oh man! My gym bag is a bottomless pit. Deodorant, face wipes, hair ties, headbands, heart rate monitor, weight lifting gloves… ALL THE THINGS!

  • diana me'chelle
    08 . 03 . 2016

    Got to have those essentials for sure! I’m currently in the process of moving and such so as soon as we are settled in we will be getting back in the gym for sure :)


  • Lila
    11 . 03 . 2016

    So you were compensated by tampax pearl to tell us where you spend your honeymoon and what your gym bag contains? I didnt read any of your thoughts about the product you werepaid to advertise. I really dont get the purpose of your post.

    • Bbymks5
      14 . 03 . 2016

      You clearly missed this part so let me copy and paste for you: Tampax Pearl Regular has been my go-to since, well, the beginning. I feel like they are the easiest to use and most comfortable.

      Would you have preferred she go into full detail? How the tampon expands to fit you perfectly and sops up all of the blood with mininal to no leakage if you change it regularly, and the string is just right length and is easy to grip for easy removal and can be flushed down the toilet?

      There really isn’t much to say about a tampon…you either like that brand or you don’t.

  • Marian R
    14 . 03 . 2016

    I found that the sport tampons are better for those days at the gym. And the sauna is absolute life after a good workout =)

  • Bbymks5
    14 . 03 . 2016

    Your wedding and honeymoon are what dreams are made of!

    How I miss LA Fitness…