Healthy Beauty- Vitamix and Green Smoothie

I feel that beauty is not only something you can have on the outside, but inside as well! I’m going to start posting here about my health journey, as I’m planning to make some diet and exercise changes that I think some of you will be interested in. I know that If I start posting this here, I’ll be less likely to give up, because I know there will be people reading and I don’t want to let them down :)

Recently, I decided to go ahead with a purchase I have been contemplating for a few weeks now, and that is a Vitamix Blender. I’m really trying to jump on the health bandwagon, but it’s hard! I wouldn’t say I eat necessarily bad, but I am not huge on green vegetables, which are kind of a staple in a healthy lifestyle. For awhile I tried juicing, but in all honesty I didn’t keep up with it because its a lot of waste  and an ordeal or clean up, not only cleaning all the pieces of the juicer but also having to take out the trash every time I made juice (and my complex only has one trash compactor thats driving distance away, so thats fun!) I wanted to start dabbling with green smoothies, which are smoothies with some form of veggie in it, that is usually masked by fruit. I had a KitchenAid blender, which worked well enough blending things like baby spinach, but more than taste I wanted the texture of these smoothies to actually be smooth, and with tougher greens like romaine lettuce and kale, the KitchenAid just won’t cut it.

I decided to get the Vitamix only if I planned to actually stick with making green smoothies, and although I have only had it two weeks, I’ve kept up with it every day! My go-to recipe lately is the Glowing Green Smoothie, which you may have heard of (its super popular with celebrities apparently) and it includes a TON of romaine lettuce, some water, spinach, apple, pear, banana, and lemon. I know what you’re thinking if you’re a little scared of greens like I am, because it’s exactly what I thought when I first made it!



The recipe is super simple to make, but you need a good blender. I tried to make this recipe with my KitchenAid once, and the romaine wouldn’t liquify, and so the smoothie had lots of little pieces of lettuce in it, along with chunks of apple and pear, bleh! Also, in order to even get it smooth at all, I had to blend it for a loooong time. This can cause the fruits and veggies to oxidize, and essentially kill the nutrients because of getting too warm from the blender.

The first time I used my Vitamix, I was seriously BLOWN away (I swear, this isn’t an advertisement for Vitamix, haha!) I knew it was going to be a strong blender, but when I put about 4 cups of romaine lettuce in with a cup of water and within SECONDS it turned it into complete liquid, I was standing next to my blender with a O_O face, lol. Chopped apples and pears were no problem, either!  I even had someone on Twitter ask me how well it crushes ice, so I put in about 6 ice cubes to try..


Crazy crazy crazy!

This recipe yields just over 40 ounces of this smoothie, which yes, is a lot! The cool thing about smoothies over juicing, though, is that you can keep the smoothie (covered) in your fridge for up to two days, and it will be fine. Fresh juice needs to be drank immediately after making it, or it will oxidize and loose all the nutrients. I like to drink about half of this (20 oz) right when I wake up, and then keep the rest for the next day. If I’m drinking smoothie that wasnt just freshly made, I generally will put it back in the blender for a few seconds just to make sure it’s all blended back together!

Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize how long this was getting! I’m going to try and do weekly Healthy Beauty posts, which will probably include an overview of my week, and possibly a recipe or something :)


The main contenders for this drink- A good amount of romaine lettuce, two big handfuls of baby spinach, an apple, a pear, and a banana.


You also need some water, but I really like using coconut water. It gives the smoothie a nicer texture, and it has a ton of electrolytes and nutrients!


Chop up the romaine, and add it to the blender with 1 1/2cups water or coconut water, and blend until smooth.

Once smooth, add spinach, and blend again, until smooth.


Chop up apple and pear, and add to blender, and blendddd!

Last step- add banana, and Lemon juice (I didn’t have any on hand when taking these photos, but it helps cut the grass taste from the veggies!) and blend! I blend a little more this step than the rest (about 20 seconds on high) to make sure everything is really smooth, as I like this smoothie to be as thin as possible, its really hard to drink if its thicker.


Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking, but really the taste isn’t bad! Granted yes, I let my boyfriend try it and he wasn’t a fan, but I think because I had been juicing before, the “green” taste isn’t too much for me. If you wanted to try a green smoothie and have never juiced and are scared of the color, or if your blender isn’t crazy, try making a normal smoothie and adding a handful of baby spinach. I promise you, the fruit covers it up, and your body will thank you!



  1. Brooke says

    ooh leesha, i love the idea of weekly healthy posts..i’ve been trying to clean up my act lately as problem is i eat sooo much crap it’s not even funny, even tho i generally like fruits and veggies..i just get into bad eating patterns and then can’t get out!! i’m really wanting to get back to the healthier patterns i was following earlier this year.

    thanks so much for this post, it’s very inspiring. and that vitamix is insane!! i just might look into one myself =)

    1. Jessi says

      Oh yeah you have convinced me to look into getting a Vitamix! I’m looking forward to more recipes for it also! So I’ll have my eye out! Much love!

      1. Jessi says

        Oppps haha posted this in the wrong place!

  2. Ashley says

    Oh jeez. Not for $400. Too expensive.

    1. Annelei says

      I know! I went to the website, saw $449 and decided my crappy Target brand blender will do juuuuust fine :D

  3. JoJo says

    Looks yummy to me :)

  4. Nancey says

    I really enjoyed this post, thank you! I have been curious about the Vitamix blenders for a while and I was wondering if the price was really worth it, it’s nice to actually see some good results. Good luck with your health journey, it’s very inspiring!

  5. Abby says

    I love this idea! I always feel guilty for NEVER eating healthy and it really takes a toll when we run a mile in gym… I think this may inspire me to eat healthier and convince my mom to buy more fruits and veggies!

  6. Alice says

    The problem with juicing is that you lose all the fiber from the fruit and veggies. With smoothies you still get it. And the fiber will really help with weight loss if that’s something you want. Add some protien to this smoothie (not too much though!) and you have a pretty healthy breakfast.

    1. Leesha says

      I’ve actually strarted adding a scoop of protein powder and a scoop of superfood powder to the smoothies to get that protein and a little extra antioxidant kick :)

      1. Alice says

        Good for you! Much as I always loved watching you make/talk about juicing, I couldn’t stop thinking, “Fiber, Leesha! Fiber!” :)

  7. Kris says

    I used to work in a smoothie/juice bar. One of my favourite things was adding ginger and lemon to my smoothies or juice. I liked a LOT of ginger, though. 1-2″ chunk. I also liked a slice of beet – it can taste a little like dirt so don’t use much, but it makes an apple, orange and cucumber drink such an amazing shade of red/purple!

    I should actually get out my juicer and do a bunch of lemon and ginger. It freezes well in ice cube trays, and then it’s super easy to add to things. If you get a cold, it’s great with hot water and honey. :)

  8. Julie says

    I’ve started doing smoothies lately too. I’m not big on greens so mine are mostly fruit with a little bit of spinach added in. I’ll have to try this version to see how I like it. I also add flax seed and chia seed in mine. Try adding mango too, yum! I am very excited to read your posts about this in the future! I’ll make sure to comment all the time. I know I post my recipes on my blog and it gets frustrating when I don’t get any feedback!

    1. leesha says

      if youre not big on greens, i would skip the romaine in this until you get used to the green flavor :) I have been switching up the fruit too- made one yesterday with a few frozen strawberries, some frozen mango, and kiwi.. mmm!

  9. diane mary says

    i have had my vitamix for 2 years now. i LOVE it!! This smoothie sounds soo good- I am going to have to make it!

  10. lacednotes says

    I’ve been thinking about trying this smoothie for a while now but heard you needed a really good blender so I just havent. Not good with textures in drinks!!! Maybe Ill have to just try it anyway.

  11. lisa says

    i’ve been doing green smoothies for breakfast for 3 years myself. the vitamix is SERIOUSLY my best friend. when i first got it, everyone at work made fun of me because they thought i could be a spokesperson for them! it is well worth the $400-$500! especially since it has at least a 7 year warranty and can CRUSH THRU ANYTHING!!! it’s amazing!
    also, here are some more green smoothie recipes that you should try:

  12. Jessica says

    $500 for a blender?? I’m sorry, but I’ll stick with good ‘ol exercising and simply eating the foods fresh on their own. That is completely ludacris.

  13. AmandaTX says

    The Vitamix is seriously an amazing machine. My parents have had one for probably close to ten years, and it’s still working great! My boyfriend and I have wanted one for years, but it hasn’t quite been a high enough priority given its price tag. We’re getting closer, though. :)

    You can also make soups from raw veggies that come out of the blender hot from the friction and taste amazing, as well as loads of other tasty (and generally healthier than usual) things!

  14. Bethany Rose says

    hmmm i might try this.. but im weird and like the taste of lettuce. lol

    1. Bethany Rose says

      i mean try the recipe lol i wonder if my magic bullet will work for that smoothie recipe.

  15. Linda G. says

    This blog post couldn’t come at a better time! I recently been taking a look at my eating habits & I’m not too happy with my self :-( so I decided to start slow & cut soda out immediately! 2 weeks in & I already feel better. I really want to try this & to be honest, I think I might like it cause I LOVE spinach!! I look forward to your future blog posts!!

  16. Jessica Allison says

    So jealous of your Vitamix! Yeah, it’s a chunk of money, but it’s a pro level appliance- it’s what you’ll find in the kitchen or behind the bar in pretty much any high-end restaurant, because from what I’ve heard, it’s the on,y blender than can take constant use over the course of years without burning out! I don’t have one yet (my Kitchenaid mixer was higher on my list) but it’s definitely on the list :)

    And kudos to you for your commitment to healthier eating! You look amazing already, hopefully this will help you feel even better! And for those wondering about the green smoothie, I have to second Leesha’s advice to throw in some spinach- I make spinach, blueberry & banana smoothies for my 3-year-old all of the time & she drinks them down like they’re a treat!

    1. leesha says

      oh I dont blame you about the kitchenaid mixer, that thing is a lifesaver in sooo many ways!!

    2. Becky C says

      Oooh I must try this on my 9 year old and husband!!!

  17. oysterblues says

    My husband would not be happy if I spent that much on a blender! I really like green smoothies though. I have a cheap-O blender, don’t mind chunks. I should get back into the habit of it though.

  18. makeupjunkiepolkadot says

    This sounds amazing and oh so yummy. Eating healthier can be such a chore, juicing seems like an easier route to get good things into your body so you feel beautiful from the inside out. <3 Looking forward to more posts like this one for sure. <3

  19. ellie rose says

    Hi Leesha… thankyou so much for this idea. i am only 14 but i wanted to try getting a little bit more healthy before i started to make my diet worse and worse so i tried it but i’m making less and just adding in some lettuce after making a normal fruit smoothie (strawberries, raspberries, banana, pear & apples) and i’ve even tried adding tomato… it was so nice… the fruit covered it up and i knew that i was getting the goodness of the tomato.
    try added tomato next time and see what you think(:
    thankyou for the post xx

  20. Tiffani says

    Where did you get that ADORABLE waterbottle???
    my waterbottle is the simplest of things and that is adorable!!

  21. Monique says

    Hi Leesha! I’m so glad you’ve decided to take us with you on your juicing journey! I also recently got my Vitamix, though I bought mine thru QVC so the price wouldn’t sting as much (gotta love easy pay). I had the intention of making green smoothies, but so far I had only used it to make fruit smoothies and soup :( I tried your recipe and instead of water, I added a cup of brewed green tea with honey…..LOVE IT! Have you noticed a difference in your skin yet?! After the first few days of juicing my eyelids looked so bright and refeshed (I’ve had dark circles all my life). Whatever your gadget, I think juicing is totally beneficial. Looking forward to future vita-posts….Good Luck!!

  22. La Boule ( pseudo) says

    Hi Leesha ; this post reminds me of the last video of your mum. She does not make video anylonger, does she? I hope she’s doing well. This blog thing must be a genetic thing : you and your mum, the Chapman sisters ( pixiwoo) and brother and mum, Blair and Elle Fowler.. so funny !
    This recipe looks like being fresh but I’d rather eat my lettuce at lunch than drinking it at breakfast. I really like your blog and your videos
    Thank you for all your ideas and your smile.

  23. JessicaM says

    I really like the idea of health related posts, they tend to be so tied to beauty and hey, I need all the inspiration I can get to live healthier.

    This shake/smoothie (is there a difference? haha) looks really good! I love green things and green flavors so this is up my alley.

    I just wonder if a food processor could bring about similar results. I don’t mind the occasional chunk, as long as it isn’t too bad (basically, I don’t want to have to chew stuff up for a while). Any ideas if it would work?

    Coconut juice is a good idea too, I always used almond milk. I’ll have to give the coconut a try!
    Thanks :D

  24. Becky C says

    Where did you get your blender and what model… There is so many idk which one would be the right one.

  25. Nicole says

    Could you make a video about your green smoothies? I bought a Vitamix months ago because I wanted to make green smoothies and the few I tried had really bad texture and taste. I would love to see how you make them. Mine were really choppy and rough in the mouth if that makes sense?

  26. Mary says

    is it good i mean what does it taste like???????? it looks real good

  27. Anastasia Spearing says

    Hi Leesha

    I decided to go look up the Vitamix blender and I’m curious which one did you purchase?

    You look great!! :-)

    1. Abby says

      Yes! I am wondering the same thing- which vitamix blender did you get?

  28. Katja says

    This is so cool… I’ll try this tomorrow!

  29. Jill says

    I’ve had my VitaMix 5200 for about four years now and I’ve used it almost every day since I got it. It’s worth every penny. It does a lot more than blend or make smoothies…I use it to make peanut or almond butter, homemade mayonnaise, fruit and vegetable juices, ice cream, sorbets, salsas, even soups. Nothing else compares. It will even turn shredded coconut into coconut butter. I had a KitchenAid before, and while it’s a decent blender, I always had chunks of ice and frozen fruit in my drinks. A food processor isn’t even in the running. With a VitaMix you have an amazingly smooth drink and they have a great warranty. Plus, their customer service is superb. It’s worth saving up for.

  30. Kate says

    If you love your vitamix, you should try a smoothie with: Frozen berries, yogurt, banana and kale in it. Kale is a superfood in so many ways and the berries are healthy and nice and sweet. It is honestly really tasty :)

  31. Pierced-soul says

    When I saw the first picture I actually thought that the bottle itself is green ^^ Geez, what an adorable smoothie color!!

  32. RSHIELDSCA says


  33. Rowanna Ellis says

    Hi, Leesha! I love smoothies, and I would like to have them for breakfast, but I get up really early and I’m NOT a morning person. Can this be refrigerated over night?Thanks

  34. jack lalanne power juicer pro recipes says

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