Healthy Beauty: Insanity Week 2- Setbacks SUCK

This week was definitely a learning week. I pretty much went balls-deep with this working out thing a little too fast, and it totally bit me in the ass this week. If you noticed the lack of posting, it really was because I was so damn exhausted I couldn’t get myself to do anything productive. My house is a huge mess, my blog and youtube are way behind what I’d like to be doing, and I just felt like doing nothing but sleeping. Seriously- I’ll get up, and two hours later take a nap. It was bad.

That being said, this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop altogether, I just realized that I really need to modify this to work for ME. This is a program that prides itself in being the hardest workout to be put on DVD, and they aren’t kidding. Is it a good workout? You bet your ass it is! Is it meant for someone who hasn’t regularly worked out in oh, six months? hell no.

I decided that I’m going to cut this down to workout out four times a week versus six, and I’ll bump it up to more once I feel like I can handle it. As important as it is for me to lose some weight and get fit, I think it’s more important to actually be able to DO the things i need to do in life.


So even with the cut back, this week I decided to add a few things to my insanity time.


Pre-Workout: The one I use is Assault by Musclepharm, and this shit is nuts. It’s like crack for Athletes. You drink some before you work out (would never guess from the name ‘pre-workout’, right?) and it really gives you a push to go harder with your workout.


Sweet Sweat: I got this on Groupon a few months ago and have only used it a handful of times. Basically, its this vaseline-like substance that you rub on problem areas before you work out, and it helps to increase circalation and help you sweat more in that area. I applied it all over my stomach and lower back, as that’s where my main problem area is. Now, this is not going to help get rid of access fat, but moreso water that is trapped under the skin. This is more to help lose inches off my waist than fat.NewImage

Waist Trimmer: In addition to applying Sweet Sweat on my stomach, I also use a waist trimmer. This is a long stretchy band that I wrap around my waist, and it helps retain heat and makes you sweat. So, using this with Sweet Sweat is like a double hit on access water weight in the tummy area. I’m really hoping it helps make a difference!

Using both of these, I see a HUUUUUGEEE difference in how much I sweat. Generally when I work out I don’t sweat too much, but when I’m done the waist trimmer is literally dripping with sweat. I can tell it’s working when I’m working out because my stomach is really warm and the waist trimmer starts almost slipping around haha.


If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I fail if I don’t have a set plan to go off of. Now that I have the fitness thing ready, I really, really need to get the nutrition thing down. I have been doing daily shakes (kale, frozen berries, coconut water, protein powder, 1/2 banana, lemon juice is my go-to blend) along with Quinoa and Steel cut oats, but I notice that since I have really sucked at keeping track of what I eat, I’m not eating as well as I would be otherwise. I think tomorrow I’m going to make a meal plan for the week and do a LOT of prep so everything is ready to go- salad in a jar, pre-cooked chicken, etc. I think I’m going to go on pinterest and find some examples of what people make for the week and just go off that. I hate how bad I feel after eating something not so great for me (versus how AWESOME I feel after downing one of my shakes!) and I really want to zone in to that feeling and feel good about myself overall.


  1. Abby says

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t use pre-workout for too long. Cycles of pre-workout are typically 3 months on, 3+ months off because it messes with your body a little bit. Other than that, I hope your journey to a healthier self goes fabulously! I absolutely adore you and your videos. And your kitties. C:

  2. Krystal says

    Hello! A tip you may want to know, (Certified NASM Personal Trainer in San Antonio, TX) that pre-workout from MusclePharm is the shit, BUT for someone like you who is trying to tone up but isn’t working out that much I wouldn’t recommend taking the Assault. (I would recommend Assault for fitness Athletes that train for hours or for bodybuilders) Reason why is the Assault you are taking has 40 calories, and 9grams of carbs for a 1/2 of scoop. Average should be taking 1 scoop (depending on tolerance level), so everything doubles. (80 calories and 18grams of carbs). Now what I tell my new clients that work out with me is if you want to lose the extra weight, don’t drink your calories. “Typically” depending on body size, height, etc, for someone to lose weight you would then knock out less than 500cals/300cals a day. So I personally would rather eat my calories than drink them. (More fulling that way =b) Other pre-workouts that I would HIGHLY recommend are AMINO1 from MusclePharm, it works both as a Pre-workout and recovery drink for you muscles, it also has very low calories with the amazing taste, since you like the taste of their drinks. Others just to list a few are, ProMera Sports CON-CRET, USPlabs: JACK3D micro, Cobra Labs: The CURSE, Driven Sports: CRAZE, ProSupps: MR. HYDE. Highly recommend, great taste in those as well as no calories or carbs.

    Side Note: What abby said is sorta correct. Some Pre-workouts you do need to cycle off. Some brands will state once you finish the bottle then cycle off of it. But the ones I listed I normally do is buy one brand, finish it, buy a different brand, finish it, and so on and so forth. That way your body doesn’t get used to the product but still continue using a pre-workout. =)

    Good Luck on your healthy journey and thank you for your amazing post’s, I really hope this helps you out, I like to share information for new fitness guru’s =)


  3. Sophie Strout says

    I agree with the comments below..

    Insanity is good because it is high intensity and burns a lot of calories but do be careful. Go at your own pace so you can keep good form and avoid injury! Honestly, you probably don’t need those extras (pre workout drink and such)… just eat clean and you will see results!

  4. Natalie says

    I just finished my first fit test and I’m dripping with sweat. I’m completely dreading the full workout tomorrow. I’m going to try one week first but I think I might end up just doing the four days a week like you said. We’ll see how it goes this week!

  5. Winter Perkins says

    You got this girl!! I’ve completed P90X, half of (yes its that hard lol) P90X2, Insanity the Asylum (you think Insanity is hard… holy balls Asylum is INSANE), Les Mills Pump & currently doing Les Mills Combat.

    Shaun T is by far the most intense trainer of all the Beachbody trainers. He’s a beast, his programs are a beast, and to finish them, you have to be a beast. What’s helped me IMMENSELY in doing these workout programs are 2 supplements. They aren’t the only ones I’ve tried, but they’re the only ones I’ll use now.

    P90X Energy & Endurance (pre-workout) and P90X Results & Recovery drink (post workout). E&E is SO helpful with hard ass workouts like Insanity, and the recovery drink will really help with the soreness & fatigue.

    When I first started P90X, it made me so tired I couldn’t do ANYthing else. Not clean, not go out, not … well anything lol I worked out and slept, that’s IT! If you can’t afford to try the Results & Recovery drink (really not that expensive, and totally worth every friggin penny), drink a small glass of low fat chocolate milk after each workout.

    You’ll wonder why you ever tried these insanely hard workouts without a post workout recovery drink lol the difference is night and day.

    Good luck girl! Dig deep and just keep pushing play. As long as you show up, your body will do the rest. :)

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