Healthy Beauty: Insanity is INSANE!! Week 1 Recap

Healthy Beauty posts, I have missed you!!

I loved writing these way back when- they were a great motivation for me and it was fun to talk to others about being healthy and making positive changes in how we eat and live. Something I have been really great at in the past is not finishing things- I’m pretty decent at coming up with ideas, but consistently following through is a different story. 

So far this year I have been everything BUT healthy. Fun Fact- Boyfriends make you fat. Well, I guess a better way to put it is NEW relationships make you fat. You go out to eat, you get comfortable, you stop worrying to an extent. At least, that’s how it went for me. I met a boy who I adore, but also loves sugar and food as much as I do. 

Long story short, after a few months I just started feeling really.. weighted? My body felt sluggish, my jeans didn’t fit (well, technically I could button them, but that doesn’t meant I was wearing them out of the house!!)and overall I was just pretty unhappy with how I felt and looked. This time last year I was in the best shape of my life, weighed the lowest I can ever remember weighing, and felt awesome. 



About two weeks ago I was up late watching TV and saw an infomercial about Insanity. Now, I have heard a LOT about Insanity. Almost everyone I know that has tried it just raves, raves, raves about it, about how it changed their lives. But, also about how HARD it is. The infomercial sold me- it didn’t seem super ridiculous like most infomercials do, it showed real people and their real results (you know how with some fitness commercials the “before and after” people are obviously different people? not in this one!) and even though I could tell it would be a lot of work, I decided that since I am all for instant gratification, this would be a good program for me. I own a total gym and an elliptical and have an entire loft dedicated to fitness stuff, but it rarely gets used because I don’t have that “push”, that little voice saying that I made a commitment, I HAVE to work out today.

I started my Insanity journey last Monday. I was really excited, loved that it had a bunch of workouts (not one like 30 Day Shred that you are bored of by day 5) and loved that it came with a nutrition book with tons of recipes and a calendar that showed what workout to do each day (and that I can put a huge red X on when I finished that day’s workout!). The program consists of 60 days, workout of 6 days a week (4 weeks of the first 4 workouts, a recovery week, and then 4 weeks of more intense workouts) to “get in the best shape of your life”. You don’t need any weights or equipment, you could basically do this workout with the space in front of your couch.



So, let me walk you through my first week of workouts and how I’m feeling-

Day 1: Fit Test. You are given 8 moves, and you have to do as many as you can of each in 1 minute. This was HARD. I really tried to push myself so my numbers could be high (which I realized after will only make this harder later on, because you take the fit test 4 times throughout the 60 days to see how you have improved.. next time I’m going to have to push super super hard!!) I had to take a lot of breaks between moves because I could barely breathe. 

Day 3: By Wednesday my body was soooree. Wednesday is the “Cardio Recovery” day, so while it’s not like every other day that is LOOAADS of hardcore cardio, it was a lot of stretching and strength and my legs felt like Jello. Walking up and down my stairs took like 5 minutes each way haha

Day 6: Pushing myself to work out on a Saturday is proving to be EXTREMELY hard. I don’t know if it’s going from working out zero times a week to six times a week, or if its just the exhaustion from the whole week or what, but I was NOT feeling up to working out yesterday. I think more than just being physically exhausted, I was also mentally just drained. I ended up only getting through half the workout. I did note that on my Insanity calendar, so I am planning to add that missed half to another workout this week.


Sundays are off days, and that was definitely something I was happy for. As for my diet, I have definitely been eating healthier, but I can’t say I’ve been 100% super awesome healthy. My outlook is that I like food, I like sweets, and if I give those up completely I will a) be unhappy and b) will gain weight back really quick if I ever eat any of that stuff later on. I think this week I’ve been eating 70% healthy, 30% not the best. I think for me right now this is a good combo. I may not lose weight nearly as fast, but I think it’s something I can stick to later on. This weekend has been a bit of a struggle (I am a HUGE baking fan and haven’t baked in weeks, so that wasn’t my smartest move!) but I am planning to be much healthier this week to make up for it. 

So far this week I have lost two inches on my waist. I honestly can’t believe I lost two inches THAT quick! This is what I mean by needing instant gratification- results like that make me want to keep going. 

My goals for the upcoming week are to get the workouts done earlier (Most days I was doing them around 11am, which worked out well. Friday I did my workout at 4:30, and it was a LOT harder than in the morning!) as well as sticking to a nutritional diet a little better. I want to start using a calorie counter app again (where you keep track of everything you eat) but it’s really hard to get back in to doing that. I also REALLY want to try and eat 5 small meals a day. I might need to put alarms on my phone at first to get me in the habit!



  1. jamie lynn prata says

    funny that you post this today, just last night i looked up your recipes for green smoothies as i’ve been wanting to start eating healthier and working out again… tried the first one this morning and it was soooo good (even though it smelled awful!!) you can do it girl (i need your motivation!!), hopefully the bf will help you with the motivation when you need it now too!!

    1. xsparkage says

      haha! I looove green smoothies. I actually found baby kale at costco that is easier to use than kale and doesnt taste as strong. lemon helps soo much with those too! and yes, hes such a sweetheart, saying “i can already tell you’ve lost weight!” lol oh ok

  2. Lisa H. says

    You are so right! Insanity is insane! I completed one month of Insanity
    and I definitely want to complete the entire 60 days. I love sweets too
    and what helps me, the same company that created Insanity, they have a
    meal replacement/protein shake called Shakeology. The chocolate is
    delicious and really helps my sweet tooth.

    1. xsparkage says

      girrrl arent you a beachbody coach now? I always see your posts on twitter :) I have been debating trying shakeology the past week, its so expensive! I like that its more than a protein shake though. maybe ill get a 30 day supply and see what i think :)

      1. jamie lynn prata says

        if you do try it you’ll have to be sure to let us know. i’m interested but money’s tight right now. re: the green smoothies – i used spinach and couldn’t taste it at all – does the kale have more or less of a “green” taste than the spinach does? I know you had mentioned using both. for now i’m happy using baby spinach, my ninja does a pretty good job of liquefying it – that was the only part i was worried about. $40 for that vs. lord knows how much for a blendtec or vitamix – i’ll take it! :)

        1. xsparkage says

          oh kale is MUCH more “green” tasting than spinach haha. and you definitely wont be able to break it up in a ninja, its too tough! You can also look into buying green powder (amazon sells this, best brand is amazinggrass) it doesnt help with the taste necessarily, but its powdered superfood greens that are soooooo good for you. i usually just add extra lemon juice when i make a smoothie with it!

          1. jamie lynn prata says

            yep i’m going to check that stuff out because of your original post last year about it. also good to know and thanks for letting me know about the kale, both taste and texture. i’m actually going to make a smoothie right now! :)

  3. Natalie says

    Well, you sold me. I’ve been going back and forth for the last year on whether or not I should buy this. I’ve been going to the gym for the last month and eating healthy and I haven’t been getting the results I want. I can relate to needing instant gratification. If i’m sweating my ass off I want to see the difference! PS. I almost didn’t buy it after the numerous request to add multiple items to my order lol “No I don’t want a better advanced workout!”

    1. xsparkage says

      you know my main reason for buying it was exactly yours! I own an elliptical and total gym and had a 24 hour fitness membership for like 2 years but just couldnt find the motivation to push myself to work out to the point of exhaustion. I could go on the elliptical for 3 hours and not feel like i did even the work i did for the freaking WARM UP for these workouts! Having a calendar and a plan REALLY helps. It’s only been one week, and today is the off day, and I already feel like I want to go run or do some sort of workout just because i already feel lazy. that’s what I’ve been looking for and why this is great for me personally!

      1. Natalie says

        That’s exactly it. I was on the treadmill forever walking up hill and I would get off feeling like I did nothing but see that I’ve been on it for an hour and that I burned 400 calories and think “I’m done!” I’m excited though thanks for posting these. It gave me that extra push I needed!

  4. Katie says

    I’ve been using to log food; they have an app as well, but I don’t have a smartphone yet. It’s free to use though, and primarily by watching what I eat, I’ve lost 35 pounds since early September, so it’s worth it!

    1. xsparkage says

      thats my favorite one :) love the scanner on smart phones, makes it soo much easier!!

    2. Rachel says

      I lost 10 lbs last summer just tracking what I eat there!

  5. Elevy Palos says

    My cousin has been doing this for the past 3 months and her results are great. Wanting to work out in the morning is good, it’s what my cousin does. She works out like at 5am cause shes gotta go to work like at 8am, but she still gets it done. And then she’s got her meal prep, where she prepares her meals for the whole week and that helps her too. And I think she’s got her shakeology too. And it’s true what you said about doing this cause it shows instant gratification, my cousin is proof, lol. I wish you much luck on this and hope you see even better results in the long run!

  6. Hanne Koerner says

    Thank you so much for this Leesha! I’ve been slowly gaining weight and looking for a system to get me healthier and skinnier. I’ve tried fasts, various workout programs, and working out every day for several months. However, none of these gave me results I was happy with, so I eventually quit them all. Thanks to this post, I’ll definitely try Insanity!

  7. Miss Kt Danger says

    I’m using myfitnesspal app on iPhone and computer. It surprises me with sodium all the time! [i never add salt to anything, if i do it’s seasalt – healthier and tastes better] I have yet to try “Insanity” but I do Just Dance [1-3] during the week, stronger workout on saturday and yoga on sunday.
    I’m the same, I wanna eat better but I know if I give myself ONE rest day – the next day will be harder to do so my “rest” is yoga. Less intense but keeps my body in shape.

    I love reading these because I really feel like we’re the same person sometimes [size wise, where we carry weight, how we wanna both get healthier, etc etc] I hope that doesn’t sound creepy lol

    1. xsparkage says

      if you wanna be healthier sodium wise, you should use pink Himalayan Salt! it contains 84 minerals and is really the best salt you can have. sea salt has a good rep but thing about how much trash is just floating around in the sea.. its getting more and more polluted every day :/ It also sucks because companies can technically call any salt sea salt, as all salt technically came from the sea at one point. pretty much if its a white salt, its a refined one (like refined sugar) I got my pink himalayan salt on amazon :)

    2. xsparkage says

      and of course that doesnt sound creepy silly haha

  8. Amanda says

    Glad you’re getting back to healthy! If you like Insanity there are a few websites and youtube channels that do High Intensity Interval Training that are really similar to Insanity. I use them on the days I want to do something new or different or if I feel I’m getting too complacent with Insanity. Blogillates on YouTube has some good HIIT videos (amongst other workouts) and The Daily Hiit (website of the same name) has a daily program incredibly similar to Insanity. Thanks for all your hard work on the blog and YouTube channel!

  9. Emily Bryan says

    I’m so into instant gratification, too! I guess that’s a main factor as to why I can’t stay motivated on ANYTHING. And also like you, I love sweets and baking, and no matter what I know I could NEVER EVER give that up! :P I could deal with cutting down.

  10. Emily says

    I was looking online and it said Insanity cost like $150 for the whole set. Wow that’s expensive…where did you get your set from? And much did it cost?
    Thanks! (:

  11. christine says

    Keeping trim is 80-90% diet and 10-30% exercise. Hardcore exercise will skyrocket your cortisol levels (stress hormones) which is not a good thing. Even If it actually results in you losing weight, you are exposing your body to high levels of stress consistently. Your body will constantly be in flight mode (as in fight or flight mode) as if you are running from a predator in the wild. Internally, that can lead to a million different bad results which you might not see for years. If you struggle a bit with your weight, I really recommend the low stress activity of walking (30-60 min, nothing strenuous), and weightlifting 3-5 times a week for no more than 45 min at a time. Personally, I strap on some wrist weights, use some dumbbells and kettle bells and just dance around. Check out and look into Leptin resistance/resetting your leptin sensitivity Its no pain, all gain….and takes away symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, which pretty much every American has these days.

    1. christine says

      lol 10-20%

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