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This week has been kinda a fail week for me, but I sort of guessed it would! I started off strong, then had to go out of town for a few days, and now my mom is visiting, so my healthy happy exercise train has kinda been put on hold. It’s crazy how you can start to miss the feeling of eating well and exercising! My mom and I spent most of yesterday cleaning out my apartment, but we did make a trip to the grocery store and I made sure to pick up some produce to start making my green smoothies again :) I know I showed a green smoothie recipe on my first Healthy Beauty post, but I make it a bit different now, and wanted to share!

This is an easy way to make smoothies ahead of time for the week. I saw this on Pinterest and loved the idea of freezing smoothies in muffin cups to get individual sized portions so I could make a batch at the beginning of the week and not have to worry about chopping up veggies and fruit.. just pop in one of the smoothie cups into the blender with some water, add my boosters, and its good to go!


The Smoothie base I made here includes:

  • organic baby spinach (I prefer using kale, but my grocery store was out, so baby spinach is my next choice. If you don’t have a crazy blender, I recommend baby spinach anyways because it should break up easy without having little chunks)
  • about 1/2 cup water
  • an organic fuji apple (apples are the #1 food that you should ALWAYS try and get organic!)
  • Some Acai juice
  • a frozen banana
  • handful of frozen strawberries
  • Juice of a lemon

I blend this in stages.. Spinach and water first, then add the apple and acai smoothie pack, then the bananas, strawberry, and lemon. If I was drinking this straight, I would add a LOT more water (I like these smoothies to be really thin) but because these are sort of the “concentrated” version to be frozen, I only add enough to blend everything.



Once it’s smooth, I divide the smoothie into silicone muffin cups. The first time I did this I did it in a regular metal muffin pan, and it was a niiiiightmare! The cups were half thawed before they could pop out of the tin, and it was a huge mess. With the silicone cups, they just peel right off. This is SO convenient! (And yes, I know the color isn’t the prettiest smoothie color ever, but it doesn’t taste bad at all, and is super healthy!!)



I bought these large silicone muffin cups at Sur La Table yesterday- they’re the size of the big muffins you can get at places like Starbucks, not the general size. You could also make these with normal silicone muffin cups, but you’ll just need twice as many. It actually might be easier to use smaller silicone cups, as I noticed that it took a lot more effort for my blender to break up this giant block of frozen smoothie than it would for smaller pieces. The only downside is smaller cups take up more room in the freezer, and you also would use two per smoothie.


I fill these up on a little metal sheet made to go into the toaster oven (this smoothie made 4 jumbo cups, and I fit perfectly on the small metal sheet!) and pop it into the freezer overnight. Once they are frozen, I just put them into a tupperware container together.

This is the first time I tried this recipe with these jumbo cups, and I think next time I’ll probably add 50% more, just so I can get two more cups full and have enough for the week.

When I remake these for a morning smoothie, it’s sooo much more simple than making the smoothie from scratch everyday! All I do is put the smoothie cup in the blender, add maybe a cup of water, and then add my boosters- vanilla protein powder, green super food powder, and chia seeds. These are great for the green smoothie, they really make it a balanced meal!


  • Protein Powder: There isn’t much protein in the smoothie cup itself, it’s really the main thing it is missing, so this balances that out
  • Green Super Food Powder: A blend of  wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, and other organic ingredients that make a great addition to a smoothie. Lots of antioxidants and vitamins in just one scoop!
  • Chia Seeds: This is a new addition for me. I have been adding ground flaxseed to my smoothies, but decided to try Chia Seeds because they are high in fiber and have Omega-3, which is really important (especially if you aren’t a fish lover!)

I soak the chia seeds in the water before blending (the instructions suggest it, and since I’m new to it I figured I might as well follow that. Anyone know if this is necessary?) and then blend everything together! This is my happy, healthy morning drink- it fills me up, is easy and fast to make and drink, and leaves me feeling happy, energetic, and ready to go!

This week’s goals: Back to shredding (that week long break really threw me off!) S-T-R-E-T-C-H, and lotsa crunches! Also, more dance breaks :)





  1. athina says

    Hi that look really nice. I see that you like the organics products and i discovered the organics products now days. I ve been always looking at them but i never really think how better they are. I have also been looking at some beauty products make up etc. and i found out that there are many chemicals in them and that they absorbs from our skin into our body. I would like to know your opinion about parabens and all that chemical stuff.

    1. Akemi Y. Matsuno says

       No you do not have to soak the Chia seeds. They are good to go as is. I use Chia seeds in my green smoothies every morning. The only difference that I notice is that after I let my smoothie sit for about 10 minutes, it expands at least by 20%, thus it would have the same effect on my stomach if I would have consumed it before letting it sit. This is how people loose weight by Chia seeds. As they ingest the seeds, it expands in size, thus giving the person a “full type of feeling.”

  2. Samantha says

    With Chia seeds, they basically turn into a gel when they are mixed with any liquid so they are often used as an egg replacement in some recipes because they “bind” things together. I would say if you threw them in with the rest just as they are, they will thicken up the smoothie while it mixs/sits.
    I love to use chia seeds in cold oatmeal! Basically mixing my oats and almond milk or greek yogurt with the chia seeds and letting them sit overnight and in the morning you have a delicious chewy oatmeal :)

    1. Beth @ Persnickety Hall says

      Yep! What Samantha said! Chia seeds thicken up quite a bit with liquids, so i think if you prefer thin smoothies your best bet is to continue letting them soak in water as you have been, otherwise they would probably thicken up your smoothie more so after the fact.

      I’m a bit obsessed with Chia seeds lately. Love them in yogurt, or baked into muffins, and i also sprinkle them onto salads for some added crunch. Yum yum!

      Thanks for sharing this with us! I’m SO lazy in the mornings before work and have totally slacked on my smoothie intake. I have some mini silicone baking cups / ice tray things and i’m going to totally try this. Since they are smaller i bet i could just pop them out once frozen and dump them into a big ziplock in the freezer for storage. I’m stoked!

  3. steph says

    Love all the ideas! What kind of blender do you use?

      1. steph says

        Thanks! Thought so, I’m looking into getting one soon :)

  4. Linda says

    I wonder whether you lose a lot of vitamins/good stuff when you freeze the smoothies? If not: this would be a great solution for me too!

    1. Lisa says

      People are back and forth about that. A lot of people say, though, that if frozen immediately after blending it actually locks in a lot of nutrients unlike, say, if you were to refrigerate a smoothie overnight to drink in the morning.

  5. Julie says

    I’ve never soaked the chia seeds but I always noticed they didn’t get crushed in my smoothie. It tasted seed-y. I’m not sure if it’s because of the soaking or because I just use the Magic Bullet to blend, but if yours aren’t gritty then you must be doing something right!

  6. lisa says

    chia seeds soaked are easily digestible and absorbed in your body. it also increases the nutrients.

  7. Helene - I cook with butter says

    Never thought about freezing them. Will definitely try your recipe. As I dont have any silicone cases, I will use an ice cube tray.

  8. Carol says

    Great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Stace says

    I don’t understand…. Do you defrost one in the morning or add water to it and blend again?!

    1. Melly says

      She puts one of the little smoothie ice blocks into the blender and adds some water, and the extra stuff she puts in (the chia seeds, green super food powder and protein powder and mixes it up. The reason Leesha made the little smoothie ice blocks is so she doesn’t have to do it from scratch every morning (that is, blending up the strawberries, apple, banana, kale or baby spinach etc)

  10. Chrystal says

    I don’t think we have those seed available to us in South Africa, but I do know that most seeds should be soaked over night to neutralize acids and inactivate the enzyme inhibitors that the seed contain in order to stop them from germinating before they are placed in the ground. The enzyme inhibitors in the seeds can make digestion harder :)

  11. Cathenia says

    Wow! That is a really awesome idea. I will definitely have to try this.

  12. Victoria says

    I make a similar smoothie every morning:
    1 cup frozen strawberries
    1 bag of spinach (about 6 cups)
    6 oz water
    4 ice cubes
    1-1/1/2 packets of crystal light (fruit punch, cherry pom. or wild strawberry are the best)

    It tastes SOOO good, you can’t taste the spinach at all, just the crystal light, plus it’s only about 125 calories and you get a LARGE amount of smoothie.

  13. Liz says

    Have you tried the Pure Protein mix by itself? Like as per directions.

  14. Lily says

    Do you have any health bloggers that you would recommend, I’m getting married in September and really need to get myself into the healthy eating! Thanks :)

  15. Lovisa says

    Big like on the week plan! Just wanted to make sure, you probably know this already;) , but it can’t be stressed enough. Please do make sure you do alot of back exercises since you’re doing all those crunches. If you don’t work on your entire core, front and back, your body will take it out on your back and you really don’t want that, trust me.
    -Anyways, good luck with it all! :)

  16. Amber says

    What are your thoughts on the slimming soup? Any weight loss?

  17. Star Knight says

    hey this is an awesome idea, are these smoothies you make for meal replacements? 

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