April 16, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://www.facebook.com/meagan.camp Meagan Camp

    wooo!lets do this!:D

  • http://www.facebook.com/deanna.nunes Deanna Nunes

    I’ll do this with you Leesha! I have prom in two months and I’d love to tone up. Can’t wait for your weekly posts! What happened to Love It/Leave It every Sunday? You should bring those back too! Keep it up Leesha, you’re beautiful! (:

    • xsparkage

      I knowww!! I meant to bring it back last sunday, but with editing my site and stuff i was in no mood to post a video haha. i promise i’ll start doing it soon!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/deanna.nunes Deanna Nunes

        yay! I’m so excited! I sent you a letter in the mail yesterday with a kind of crazy and special request, I really hope you will take it into consideration for a fan of 5 years. (: luv you Leesha!

  • Thithy31

    I’m not a fan of running but rediscovered how much I love swimming! We’re doing a biggest loser competition at work and it was a great push to start working out again. I also bought a fairly easy yoga DVD so I can workout at home at my convienence.

  • Maryse

    I’m doing the kick-ass thing ! I happy that I read this article, usually I only read your makeup ones. YAY <3

  • Jo

    I’ll do it! =]

  • Moonyieqt

    I would LOVE to buy the brazil butt-lift DVDs LOL they look like they really work! I was actually thinking the same thin yesterday (about it being a new month new me). I’m down to lose some lbs. with you! I always do better when I know someone else is doing it as well (; good luck!

  • Brooke S.

    It’s April Fools Day, so it wasn’t REALLY the first day of anything, and the anniversary dinner didn’t count. APRIL FOOLS! You’re not starting TODAY, you’re really starting tomorrow!

    And I do 200 squats a day and still have the world’s largest thighs, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

    • AsianInvasion

      In some ppl depending on how they are built, squats actually increase the thigh size. Squats work the larger thigh muscles. Try something like Pilates to work the smaller muscles instead. You end up with stronger legs that have slimmed down. I went through the same thing in high school as a cheerleader and this is what worked for me

  • Wings

    Yay! I started my healthy living again last week. I’m back on my wii fit and going jogging most days! Good for you!

  • Kathrina

    YAY!! Im so glad you are bringing these back!! i love these and all the little tips that are in them.
     at the begining of the semester I was feeling fat. I thought it would pass but it didnt. I had enough and downloaded my fitness pal and the nike workout trainer on my phone, and I am on my school tennis team. I have been sticking with MFP and have seen some great results!! I am slimming down and toning up and I can workout when i travel thanks to Nike! I dont know the amount of weight i lost because I refuse to know my weight, I gauge it by how I feel and look rather than a number. I feel great and am looking fantastic! 

  • jcwittig

    I had decided to have April as my learning a new habit (exercise) month. It is sad that it takes 30 days to create a new habit. So my hopefully new habit is getting to the gym three times a week working up to five days a week. Then yoga once a week, ending at three days a week. I have been using myfitnesspal, and that is eye opening as to how much you eat and the amount calories, but the scan feature is the scan mode. Well I think that you and I will try and will fall of the wagon but it’s not failure but a speed bump. Just because you trip up it does not cancel all the progress you have made to that point. Looking forward to April Fitness Month.

  • Christy


    I have been a reader for almost a year now. Love your work. Very talented.

    C25K is amazing. I actually did that program to start running. When I first started I could barely run 1 minute without feeling like I was going to die. That was 10 weeks ago. I’m now up to 3.50 miles. I start training for a half marathon tomorrow. I must be crazy. Lol. Anyways you can do this. Just remember to breath. A slow run is still a run.

  • Miranda

    Couch to 5K is a fantastic plan! It’s what I used to start running, and now I’m running 10K distances. :)

  • Sarahdams1

    I’m joining you this month! I really wanna do the Couch to 5k! I’ve been watching what I eat (for the most part) and I quit drinking soda, no more candy and sugary snacks, and started drinking a lot more water.  I’ve lost 5 pounds in a few weeks!  It’s not a big feat because I have more to go but I do feel a lot better and more motivated than ever. :) 

  • Pat Taveras

    I was trying to do the couch to 5k and then stop. I really should join you and get back to it, there is no better day than today

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000469562416 Cynthia Cyndaquil Ramirez

    I just started the Couch to 5k program myself! When I first heard about it, I thought to myself “Omg, there is no way I’m ever going to jog that much, this isn’t going to work” and I was completely unmotivated to even start. Finally I got sick of coming up with excuses and made myself get out there and start.I’m on week three and I can tell you, I can see a huuuuuge difference in my stamina from when I started till now. I really look forward to my jogs now because I can’t wait to see the improvements I’m making! A little really does come a long way! Getting healthy and in shape is not something you can do overnight, and you have to start small! I am definitely joining you on getting healthy this month, and I can’t wait for your Healthy beauty posts!

  • Katie

    I’m 100% with you!!  I started the year off with all sorts of good intentions, and while I’ve been steadily losing weight (13 pounds since January!) I haven’t been having the motivation to work out.  I only have about 12 pounds to go before I’m at my goal weight and I have a vacation in August that I’d REALLY like to be able to wear a bikini for the first time in my life so I need to kick it up.  I use the MyFitnessPal app which has been a godsend and I’ve started using this Zombies, Run! app, which is fun if you’re into zombie stuff. 

  • carly

    leesha i love knowing i’m in this lose weight/tone up endeavor with you, it really has been helping me stay motivated. and thanks to katie for the tip about the zombies, run! app. i just downoaded it and i love it it’s awesome!

    • xsparkage

      I heard about the Zombies, Run! App! My cousin actually just posted about it on Facebook coincidentally haha. I’ll have to get it :)

  • http://twitter.com/AngieLid Angie

    I’m definitely getting back on the wagon. I’m sad to say I’ve let myself get lazy over the last few months. Hoping to really push it this month too. Will be great to have someone posting about it and reminding me to keep moving. :) xox