Healthy Beauty 001: New Beginnings

So, you may be wondering why this post has ‘001’ next to it, considering that this isn’t the first Healthy Beauty post I’ve done.

Essentially, I feel like I need to start this over. My brain is a bit haywire and I have a hard time sticking to things unless I really plan them out and have a goal in mind. Healthy Beauty is something that I really want to be diligent with, but unless I plan it out it won’t happen.

Coincidentally, same goes for my ACTUAL fitness and healthy routine!

Over the summer I have totally fallen off the healthy bandwagon in entirety. I have traveled a ton, ate a lot, hung out with friends, and partied a little too much and it’s showing- not only in my weight gain, but also in how I feel. I have put on around 7 pounds since coming  home to AZ in April (although my inches still seem to be normal, so at least it isn’t really noticeable!) but more importantly than that, I just feel lousy. I miss how awesome I felt after leaving the gym, or how eating well made me feel. It really is fascinating how much better you feel after eating healthy for just even a week, and I miss that!

I know that I tried to eat healthy over the summer, but nothing stuck. I’d buy fruits and vegetables and procrastinate on eating them, and they would go bad. It was SUCH a waste. I have a serious sweet tooth, and it sort of ruins everything. Sugar is honestly like any other addiction, and I just didn’t give myself the will power to get over it. At this point I am just tired of it and really want to put my foot down and finally start feeling better all over.

I’ve also had problems with late night eating. For whatever reason (I’m assuming boredom) I won’t be hungry during the day, but want to just snack and snack and snack once its late. This is always a bad idea for me and something I really need to work on.

Today I decided that enough is enough. I’m tired of feeling sluggish and bloated. I want to eat right and feel right. I want my clothes to feel loose instead of snug, and I finally want to lose the inner tube around my waist (the only place I really gain weight, bah!).

The reason for starting to number these posts is so that I can track my progress from right now, as well as help keep myself motivated. I don’t want to miss any weeks! 

As always, my biggest hurdle is always to simply start. Once I’m on track, I’m good, but I could win awards in procrastination and being healthy and working out is at the top of that list. I’ll wake up going “okay, today is the day! I’m going to work out and eat well!” and then ill get stuck on the computer, or someone will want to go get lunch, etc. I’m realizing now that You may want it, but if you make excuses, you don’t want it bad enough

I know the changes I need to make-

  • Eat cleaner, and healthier. More Veggies and fruits. Less processed-so-much-its-barely-real food.
  • Pay attention to nutrition labels. It’s easy to get won over by “only 110 calories! skinny! healthy choices!” but unless you look at the ingredients, you’re honestly just kidding yourself. For example- I recently bought a pack of those Skinny Cow chocolate bars- 110 calories each. A closer look shows that they have 20% daily value of saturated fat, and contain both hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats!) and the main ingredient is sugar. boo!!! The Fooducate App will be really helpful with this!
  • WANT to work out. I want to get to the point where I actually crave going to the gym. Where my day will be totally off if I don’t go.
  • Cut the sugar addiction. This will be hard. Like I said, I have a major sweet tooth. I also have a Splenda problem. It will be difficult for me to change my tastes so that I crave sugar less and don’t need artificial sweeteners (I do use Truvia, too, but if I have an iced coffee for example, it doesn’t dissolve very well, so I resort to Splenda)
  • Drink, and get used to the taste, of WATER! I like to think I drink more water than a lot of people, but definitely not enough. And when I do, most of the time it has crystal light in it, which has aspartame (why diet soda is bad for you). I need to get used to just drinking water, and lots of it! 

I’ve already got some plans on how to help with all that-

  • MyFitnessPal App: I’ve talked about this before, but really it’s amazing. Great way to track what you eat and your calories, you can scan barcodes and it knows all the info. Also has just about every restaurant with public nutritional info.
  • Fooducate App: This app brings some shocking light to the foods that you may think are good for you. I was AMAZED when my Fudge Graham Zone Bars I thought were super healthy got a C rating! HB001pin
  • Pinterest Fitness Category: Endless, Endless inspiration. Workouts, motivational sayings, inspirational before/after photos.. I love scrolling through this category!HB001pin
  • Flavored water: I got a leakproof pitcher at Costco yesterday that holds 60oz of liquid, and filled it with water, a sliced lemon, and a handful of raspberries last night. In the morning the water tasted a lot more appealing to me than just plain water, so I think that will be my new routine to try and drink more. Also, I’ll make a goal of trying to finish the whole pitcher, if not more :)
  • New Shoes: The shoes you wear to work out are so so so important, and I’ve been wearing some not so great shoes. I decided to get a new pair- just ordered these on Thursday: Nike Lunarglide+ 4 Premium. They look badass!!
  • NikeFuel: I also caved and bought the fuelband. I talked about in a previous post how I was using the BodyMedia band, but honestly I wasn’t a fan of how it looked and how bulky it was. plus, since it didn’t have a screen, I really wasn’t motivated to keep going with fitness because I had no idea how much I had done that day until I wasn’t wearing it anymore.
    NikefuelHB1 I gotta say, I’m super excited to get this. It works as a watch, calorie counter, and pedometer, and also counts “nikefuel”, which essentially is a fancy way of setting up a daily fitness goal. the little dots on the bottom show how close you are to hitting your goal for the day. I LOVE this, because if my band is at yellow in the middle, I know I’m gonna wanna push until I’ve hit my goal. 
  • Vlog! Last but certainly not least, I plan to Vlog about my journey every week, starting this week! I think this will be a nice way to talk about how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, and what challenges the week brought me. First Healthy Beauty video will be next week, talking about my start this week :)


Obviously, based on the fact that this post is a novel of words, I can tell that fitness and health is something that I am truly wanting to be passionate about, I just need to actually get on it. The only one holding me back is me, and I’m tired of making excuses. 


  1. Keekers Dallas Multipass says

    “truelemon” brand make some packets like crystal light that taste awesome(uses tru,and raspberry lemonade that ive seen) and dissolve fine into bottles or glasses of water. no aspartame(just stevia I think) its what ive been using since i cant drink water on its own unless its near frozen level cold,and it never stays that way long,and aspartame causes awful side effects in me,anxiety….gallstones. no fun. Definitely suggest it! also grats on starting again,its definitely the hardest part,go leesh!

  2. laurenschroerphoto says

    I really want to get my butt in gear this fall and actually put forth an effort to be healthier. I already use the MyFitnessPal app and that other one looks fantastic! I’ll definitely have to download it! And I need to make all of the same changes you do. Best of luck to you! I’m sure you’ll be able to stick to this! :)

  3. Emily Bryan says

    I have so much trouble keeping track and staying motivated myself. I spent all summer saying I’d at least be more active by walking for 30-60 minutes a day (length of my road is perfect) however, I didn’t do anything. I just didn’t have motivation. So I think I’m going to keep an eye on these health blog posts and try to get myself motivated. I’m already motivated just reading this. I need to give an honest effort!

  4. Esther says

    I’ve changed my diet from eating whatever I want to only healthy, or mostly healthy on some days, and joined a gym for the first time in my life, because I was starting to get a bad bout of depression, that comes and goes for me. It has made such a difference and I’m really excited about the prospect of not having to be on strong medication with bad side-effects to deal with my problems.

  5. Joy says

    It’s so hard to get motivated and be active. I know I just want to eat junk all the time and then I get so down on myself for not following the healthy plan and it’s such a viscous cycle that’s so hard to break. I have your same body type…all my weight is around the middle and in my boobs…i find it’s not easy to find outfits that are flattering. But you looked so good in that Vegas photo with the white dress! Girl, you look so thin around your waist! My goal is to lose 20 lbs. How much did you lose before you moved back to AZ? Thanks for helping keep us motivated along with yourself. Let’s do it together!

  6. Jazmine says

    I’ve actually lost a lot of weight while eating those Skinny Cow bars. They are definitely not good for you, but I think the point is to be lower calories than the alternative (real ice cream, or even most other diet ice creams). It might help to cut down on the sugar rather than go completely cold turkey, although it might also be a slippery slope that makes you crave more. Haha.

  7. The Magpie says

    Heads up-Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo have a brother (well two actually but…) named John who has a channel called LeanMachines. Secondly, I recommend the Forks Over Knives DVD and accompanying book. Third, find a sport you love-if you’re not motivated for the gym, it’s bc it’s more of a chore than something you like to do. I discovered I had a passion and talent for martial arts and would train 10 hours a week…I also LOVED running, seeing how far I could push myself…I’m not fast, but I have way more endurance than most people…IDK if you’re into Ellie Goulding, she’s an English artist, but she teamed up with Nike and bum first album Lights has been made into a playlist to listen to while running…it’s on iTunes…Run Into The Light…and fyi, for BA sneakers, Nike lets you design your own down to putting a phrase or name on them. You can make them as bright and awesome as you want! BTW, swimming is an amazing workout…buy the book Swimming For Fitness if you enjoy the water bc it is a workout and a half and you finally understand why pools are kept in the mid 60s temp range. I can’t exercise but my diet is appalling…I dont eat, then I graze at night on chips and cold cuts after two days. Other advice-buy yourself a SIGG bottle, either online or at Whole Foods.
    Sorry this was insanely long…I used to be really active but now have a disease which prevents all of that so I live vicariously through other people.

  8. waymire says

    I mostly gave up soda this year ( I do still have one if I go out to eat or something).. and I can’t stand water, unless it’s bottled so it was a big deal for me. I started with 100% juice (favorite is cranberry) and slowly increased dilution with water. Over time it was more and more water, now there is just a splash of juice to give a little flavor. Picked up a refillable bottle and keep it with me all the time. Of course pure water is best.. but it’s a easy way to improve your intake without hating it.

  9. CaitlinShea says

    I feel the exact same way. I’m not uncomfortable so much with the way that I look but the way that I feel. I don’t feel healthy and it sucks and I’m tired of feeling like crap!!! Hopefully your progress will help me to motivate myself. It’s also nice to see that I’m not the only one who is tired of feeling this way or that struggles with doing what it takes to feel better.

  10. Brooke says

    Thru Thik N Thin! ILY <3 hahah we will all be fine. You make me want all these fancy gadgets and apps N junk I don't want to sign up for

  11. Patty Housel says

    Last March I started by cutting out fruit, dairy, bread and rice (all turns to sugar in the blood) and now eat lots of protein, veggies and beans. It’s easy and I no longer have to really think about food. I just eat. I feel great and an rarely hungry anymore. When I get the munchies, I eat an hard boiled egg or have some tea.

    I am half way to my 55lb weight goal. I truly feel we are killing ourselves with processed foods.The best part of this whole diet “plan”? I do it 6 days a week. On the 7th day? I eat whatever I want. It’s usually chips with my Chipolte burrito bowl. I really don’t crave sweets anymore.

    Good luck! I can’t wait to read how it’s going!

  12. Kim says

    One of my favorite channels on youtube is LeanBodyLifestyle! He also has a board on Pinterest. He has amazingly good subs for things like pancakes and his protein shakes are amazing!

  13. Stargirl Heuser says

    I really hate drinking plain water so I use Crystal Light. It tends to be way too sweet for me so I generally use about 1/4 of the powder it recommends. Tastier water without being overpowering.

  14. Miss ARlene says

    These past few months have been slapped with one health issues after another. Time to stop my pity party (although painful) and join you in your health journey.

  15. sandee says

    i want to start the journey with you! :)

  16. Christa Hooper says

    I agree with you 100% the only thing holding me back is me, I do really want to do better but its so hard. I’m gonna look to you as inspiration, and help keep me on track as well. Maybe that will give you a little motivation and you will motivate me. We can help each other. Thanks Leesha keep up the good work and so I can to.

  17. Jenna says

    If you want to wean yourself off of flavored or sweetened water, Stevia (Truvia) has drops that you can use. I think you can get them at Trader Joes or Sprouts. They come in flavors like vanilla, orange, lemon drop, chocolate, and raspberry. I put a few drops in my water and shake it up and it gives it a light sweet flavor, and the flavor of straight stevia makes sure you don’t overdo it, because if you put too many drops in, it leaves a funny aftertaste in your mouth. A good training tool.
    You could use a couple drops of the stevia along with soaking fruit in your water the previous night to help it appeal more,t hen just gradually remove the stevia.

  18. Sandipa Sharma says

    I’ve been sticking to my diet (by diet, I mean clean eating) and workouts since your last post on fitness (I think since June?). It’s all about the lean proteins, complex carbs (quinoa is magical), and low carb veggies! I am a major pasta whore so cutting carbs out was the most difficult thing ever, but I done good. I don’t eat fruits unless it’s a treat (water+sugar=carbs). I still have fun and let loose on weekends though, so no need to make yourself miserable! It’s been a little more than 2 months and I have lost 15 pounds so far :) I will be running a 5k in September so I recently bought a pair of running shoes…the exact ones you posted above (but in white and yellow). I LOVE THEM! I feel like I am running on clouds! I’ve also been taking this really fun group x class at the gym which is like Zumba but more intense on the strength training and cardio. As for water, I’ve been drinking a gallon a day! I am literally walking around work carrying a gallon of water that has time milestones labelled so I know how far I should be :) IT HELPS SO MUCH!! I hope this helps!

  19. Crystal says

    Look into Stevia for your sweet tooth deal. It’s a 0 calorie sweetener with health benefits (vs being bad for you)

  20. tehe says

    I will start with u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Weica says

    I am SO happy you’re doing this! Great motivation for me, I’ve been struggling to motivate myself lately =P

  22. Renata says

    Hi Leesha! I’m also trying to improve my lifestyle. I have one good tip for you to drink more water, which worked for me. I’ve never been a fan of water, but I bought one of those sigg bottles and just filled it and kept it around me. I took a sip every now and then, and now I got to a point where I have to refill the bottle 2 -3 times a day. Now not only I enjoy water but I MISS it as well. And I hardly drank water before that.

  23. c-mac says

    I think this is a really brave and courageous thing your doing. Very inspirational, thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  24. うさこ says

    I’m working on the same thing but things have been so messed up for me lately. *sigh* On top of Pinterest I’d suggest following some “fitblrs” on tumblr. Some are really amazing and offer fabulous tips and stuff. Others not so much but depends on what kind of stuff you want to learn/surround yourself with. :) It’s been really encouraging for me.

  25. Karen says

    Try this again :) Try starbucks iced teas unsweetened. Passion and green tea are good. I don’t get the black tea as it’s a little bitter without the sugar. I also make passion and green tea at home. stash tea meyer lemon is good too. (I hate water so I’m trying to find things to help boost the water intake.

  26. Indigo Teal says

    Does anyone know an alternative for Fooducate that is available in Australia? I’ve tried several times to download it, but haven’t had any luck.

  27. Kathrina says

    YAY!! im so happy you are bringing this back!! I love these and actually started making green smoothies and would end up buying some of the products you used and recommended. I was wondering if you could do a post on what your workout looks like on a typical day. Im always curious about what people do.
    and good luck on your journey!! its a rewarding one for sure! I joined a gym recently and haven’t looked back!

  28. rachael says

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I moved to AZ from NJ and I have always fluctuated with my weight. I had it under control when I first moved here in January. Since then I have gained about 15-20 lbs. I started dieting and working out about a little over a week ago and I have already lost 5 lbs. I am already feeling much better. It must have something to do with the AMAZING restaurants that are here in AZ. haha. Good luck with getting back to a better routine. Welcome back to AZ.

  29. Iola says

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