HaulerDeals Photoshoot and Launch Party Photos

Hi guys!!

My goal this week is to finish up my makeup room, give you all a peek in to that, and get back on the posting train for both my blog and youtube :) I know it’s been a lot more slow going than I initially planed, and I apologize for that! I’ve been crazy busy with non-xsparkage related things lately, along with going on a  “business” trip (I had so much fun I feel wrong calling it that, lol!)

Over the weekend I went to LA with my sister, Chelsea, and had a photoshoot done with Haulerdeals along with attending their Launch party at Drais Hollywood. Here are some photos from the shoot (which was SO SO fun, I cannot wait to get edited photos from it!!) and the Launch Party :)


First of all- the “I had to wake up at 4:30am to catch a flight” faces!


Makeup/hair from the photoshoot- has completely changed how I now do my hair, haha!


One of the dresses I wore- from Macys! Shoes are Enzo Angiolini :)


ItsJudyTime! :)


At the Launch Party.. I felt so fancy having to have these photos taken! lol


Chel and I..only kinda matchy hah


She LOVED getting these photos done, I can tell you that much!


Me, Asia (AllThingsFabulous101) and Judy! (ItsJudyTime)


Same photo, only taken by chels haha


Christina, who drove 2 hours to meet me! Such a sweetheart!!


Asia, Suzy, me and Sam. I love events like this because I get to meet such AMAZING people who do what I do!!




Suzy and Chelsea


Meeting some xSparkage lovers :)


I had to keep asking people to autofocus on me so my face didn’t completely white out, lol! CullenLeesh is in dire need of just a bit of color :X


How gorgeous is Asia?!! I can’t get over the pretty!



And lastly, my date, the ever so lovely Robbie. SO awesome to see him, I hadn’t seen him in around 2 years!


And that’s about it! The makeup for the events is mainly Inglot on the eyes, and Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Pencil in F Bomb on the lips, with that ridiculous MAC WonderWoman lipgloss (you know, thats a gorgeous color but 10x larger than any lip product should be?) :)


I’ll talk to you guys soon!


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  1. debrum_04 says:

    You’re a fellow Arizonian (?)… why don’t you have more color? hehe. I walk outside for a few seconds and I tan, it’s ridiculous… but I do have to admit that I’m glad that my legs finally have a color to them. :)
    Looks like you had fun! and your hair is amazing!

  2. Lesley says:

    You look great! We’ll be glad to see you back when you’re ready. Thanks for sharing the pics. I’m wearing F-Bomb today, lol. I think it is my holy grail red lippie!

  3. Marian says:

    Your hair looks amazing! You and your sis look awesome. She’s such a “fashionista” I’m totally stealing her red pants look =)

  4. MamaRoxy2425 says:

    You looked absolutely stunning you and your sister….and well everyone! You were one sexy b*tch that night! ;D where on earth did your sister get her dress btw?

  5. Mary says:

    Stop tilting your head! Stand tall and own the fierce bitch you are! But you really look amazing and it’s so nice to see you owning it!

  6. Elle says:

    That looked really fun. I wish I could’ve went, but I hope to see you at IMATS L.A. this year. I love your hair!

  7. Sarah S. says:

    You look FANTASTIC! I’ve had a similar haircut for years and I miss dying it red (prego now). You and your sister look soooo much alike <3

  8. Squirrellyfriend says:

    I usually don’t comment on how good you look, because it would get kinda redundant. You always look great, but these pictures…you look WOW!!

  9. Michael Curran says:

    Aww…you were in LA…that’s 10 minutes from me! lol.  Will you be out again in a few weeks for IMATS?

  10. Tisa says:

    Love the black jacket with the dress.  It gives that rebellious edge to the outfit, which keeps it interesting and refreshing.  You look great and so does everyone else!

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