Haul Video: Ulta, DSW, Target- & China Glaze Giveaway!

Here is the video of my Ulta/DSW/Target Haul!

A list of what was purchased at Ulta:

  • It’s a 10 Leave in Treatment

  • TIGI Punked Out Wax Pomade
  • TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum
  • TIGI Bed Head Creative Genius
  • TIGI Bed Head After Party
  • China Glaze Want my Bawdy Nail Polish
  • Seche Vite Top Coat
  • 1″ Round Brush
  • Escada Rockin’ Rio Perfume
And here is the giveaway for the China Glaze Polish I already bought lol :)
ultahaulultahaulDSC 0006

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Eli says

    I miss when you thought haul videos were stupid.

  2. Kayla Ogden says

    That polish is beautiful!!!! It’s also one of my school colors! So pretty…..

  3. Casey says

    Gorgeous polish!!

  4. Chelsey says

    So pretty!

  5. amanda says

    I’m digging blue lately. So pretty!

  6. Lauren W. says

    My comment is that I messed up my YouTube entry… My name is lwelkey85! Also, I love your makeup skills. So jealous!

  7. elana_s says

    For what it’s worth (admittedly not much) I think your hair looks especially awesome right now ^_^ so don’t feel too self-conscious before you get your Brazillian blowout! (or, you know, don’t worry about getting one at all….)

  8. Lii says

    That polish is awesome :)

  9. Maddie says

    the color is so pretty! :)

  10. amber says


  11. Elyssa_kathleen says

    Looks so pretty!!

  12. ashley celia says

    awesome color :)

  13. Sydney says

    I just adore you and how generous you are. Thanks for this giveaway. :-)

  14. Mariah Haley says

    I absolutely adore you. You make me smile when I read your blog and watch your videos :)

  15. laurenschroerphoto says

    That colour is sooo gorgeous! And I’ve been wanting to add a dark metallic blue to my collection for a while!

  16. Diana says

    Such a pretty color!

  17. leslie says

    That polish is beautiful :)

  18. Stephanie Materne McCurley says

    I just wanted to tell you that I have always been self conscious and I have been following your blog for a while now and your looks have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things and I am feeling so much better about the way I look! Thanks so much

  19. Meows says

    Sooo love the colour

  20. Stephanie says

    Love it!!!

  21. Ariel says

    omg i love you

  22. Sam says

    I’m sooo happy you posted stuff about the new China Glaze collection! I’ve been wondering about them, because they all look so awesome!

  23. Crystal Dawn says

    The nail polish reminds me just a little of OPI’s Russian Navy. Thoughts?

  24. Carissa Knapp says

    i love the color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. krystal says

    Loving this color!!!

  26. MorganS says

    looove dark blue on me. wooh!

  27. Kymberlyn says

    Im totally in LOVE with you hair, and your POW shirt lol and that nail polish is AMAZING!!!

  28. Kaylynn says

    so pretty!

  29. Tracy Nguyen says

    Loves this!

  30. Celeste Demarco says

    Yay! :)

  31. Emily says

    love love lovee the color

  32. Rhiannon says

    The name is hilarious!!! So witty those people at Chine Glaze are.

  33. Samantha says

    I love everything you do makes my boring days better lol

  34. Guest says

    I love ur blog and YouTube!!!

  35. Guest says

    I lo

  36. Elizabeth Kim says

    I love ur blog and YouTube!!!

  37. savannah says

    definitely a color i would get,almost got this at sally’s beauty supply(:

  38. Becky says

    <3 because Leesha is awesome

  39. Shayna says

    What a pretty color. :O

  40. Miroslava says

    OMG, the color is AMAZING!

  41. brittni_b says

    love the color!

  42. diana says

    Love the color!

  43. Olivia says

    I love the bohemian collection!

  44. Claire says

    YAY thank you!

  45. Vicki Rae says

    Pretty! I wish that China Glaze was easier to buy where I live..

  46. Kimberlea says

    Love that color!! I’ve been searching for a dark blue like that!!

  47. reebs says

    yay nailpolish! i got the rare & radiant from this collection and love it :) like a chanel peridot dupe

  48. ilovetopurplefy says

    Lovely :)

  49. olivia says

    Omg gorg color x

  50. rubyred2112 says

    Love this color!

  51. Katelyn Tornquist says

    i have nothing like this! so pretty!

  52. Sara A Wooten says

    Love the boots! Can’t wait to go get those! Come on AZ cool off :)

  53. Keekers Dallas Multipass says

    love is so not flying birds,unless love is getting pooped on,in that case 2 girls 1 cup is love.
    /cue singing “I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE ISSS”

  54. Brianna says

    1- I love love love your hair! It’s gorgeous! and 2- I am going through fall withdraws too! I’ve been buying boots and cardigans and wont get to wear them until like, January because I live in Florida =[

  55. natasha says

    bad ass nailpolish color <3

  56. Alexx says

    That nail polish is gorgeous!!!

  57. Madina says

    I have never found a dark colored nail polish that goes on nicely. Maybe this could be the one? :D

  58. Eppy Sleep says

    Very pretty blue. I don’t have any polishes by China Glaze so it would be nice to try this one out.

  59. Fiera says

    I would love nail polish and this color is totally GOOOORG.

  60. Kayleigh says

    I am loving your haul videos :) I’m the opposite I’d like atleast a week or 2 of summer since in the UK we have had a ton of rain, but then I’ll be happy for autumn. That nail polish is pretty!!!

  61. alyssa says

    love that color!

  62. Amy says

    Pretty color!

  63. LauraLeia says

    The colour is gorgeous! Methinks it would be a great base for galaxy nails XD

  64. Jessica says

    That color is right up my alley. I’ll have to check out the rest of this collectioN!

  65. Kels says

    I love your video and I’m obsessed with your haircut!

  66. Angela says

    I would love to win that polish it is sooo pretty!!

  67. Casey Lin says

    Thank you! I was looking for a good leave in hair conditioner! :) Now I’d love to try it too! :D

  68. Mich says

    I’ve gotta get After Party. I used to love it. I don’t know why I stopped using it.

  69. Erin Wozney says

    i love that you’re in to doing hauls now!!

  70. Ashlyn :) says

    Gorgeous nail polish color. I don’t think I have a color like it in my collection, which let me just say, i’m kinda obsessed….

  71. Alyssa says

    So pretty!

  72. Madjda says

    Omg i loooooove your hair color!!!! I want pink hair too!!!! :)

  73. Samantha says

    Hello! I would love to enter this giveaway. I love nail polish! I love your videos thank you!

  74. Henry Duarte-Diaz says

    Amazing, Its a beautiful nail polish!

  75. Kelsey W. says

    Love it!

  76. Carolyne says

    Wow that color is awesome!! I don’t think I have anything like that! It’s not normally a color I wold pick up for myself!!

  77. Erin says

    Never heard of After Party. I was just in Ulta today too. Back I go!

  78. Krista says

    That nail polish is so super pretty!

  79. pandahellokitty says

    You can try using bed head manupilator for your pixie cut

  80. veronica says

    I love China Glaze and I would love to have that color in my collection and I know I don’t have that color

  81. Julyette Prothero says

    i adore china glaze :) its pretty much all of my nail polish collection lol

  82. Marissa says

    such a killer colour!

  83. Amy@elev8studio says

    I also feel really bad when I leave Ulta – they get all my money. Tham & Uncle Sam.:)

  84. Chanelle (C.M.) says

    This is so pretty! I got 2 from that collection, Swanky Silk and Unpredictable. They’re both beautiful.

  85. ashley0822 says

    i want that so baad

  86. Shirley says

    So pretty! I love it

  87. Leah says

    Love China Glaze!!

  88. Melina SCott says

    This would be my first time trying out china glaze If i win.

  89. Christina Moreno says

    I have curly hair and my favorite I-Need-To-Have-This products are the Alterna bamboo smooth Kendi Oil and the shampoo and conditioner. It’s life changing SMOOOOOOTH and feels amazing! The oil itself will help smooth out every strand; drying time is also faster. Hope this will help Leesha!

  90. Puja says

    Nice nailpolish color. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  91. michelle says

    love the nailpolish !

  92. Cara says

    REally pretty color…

  93. tayyyyyyyyyy says


  94. Kylie-Sky Lindsey says

    Almost splurged on that nail polish earlier, but didn’t have enough money!

  95. Danielle Cicchetti says

    That looks live a lovely and unique blue!

  96. Nik Ash says

    I love the color of this polish!

  97. Erin Campbell says

    The only thing i like about fall and winter is that I can wear boots.

  98. TT says

    I love your hair!!

  99. Danielle says

    such a pretty colour, thanks for the giveaway!

  100. holly says

    Love the color, hope i win

  101. Cheyenne says

    Leesha you have amazing taste in colors and what works well together, I love your videos for this!

  102. Kat says

    I’m with you, I can’t wait for fall!

  103. ikang says

    so pretty!!

  104. Scarlettex says

    I freaking love that shade of blue !!!

  105. Ella says

    I love fall fashion too! Especially sweaters, tights, and doc martens. <3

  106. Katherine Caraballo says

    awesome !

  107. patsfandiane says

    I just made my first order with Ulta…so sad there’s not one near where I live!

  108. Angelina says

    The navy is Adorableee!! (:

  109. Melissa says

    I love that polish color!

  110. Emily says

    that blue is beautiful!

  111. Christina says

    you are soo amazing and i love that shade of blue

  112. Sam says

    I wish I had the money to go shopping! Stupid education hahahaha jk

  113. Bella says

    I love China Glaze!

  114. Trista says

    Love your videos Leesha! You and Brooke are the two that got me started on Make-up and Lush, respectively :)

  115. Roxy says

    I need those two shirts you bought, aaah!!! Love!!!!!

  116. mia says


  117. Jane says

    Love it!

  118. ashley says

    I love the videos lately seems more personal

  119. Sara says

    Gorgeous shade!

  120. Jen says

    loving that nail color and new hair color!

  121. heenal says

    i love you so much

  122. heenal says

    that blue is my favorite shade!

  123. Robin Turner says

    Love those boots!

  124. Hope says

    That color is so amazing!

  125. Jessica Bryce says

    That is a perfect colour nail polish for fall <3

  126. Erika says

    love the color and loved your sisters comment xD

  127. Mona says

    Love it! Hooope I win! :D

  128. Zila says

    You make me want to shop. lol

  129. Tanisha says

    This color looks great for summer or fall :)

  130. stephanie says

    this color reminds me of the ocean after a storm. beautiful

  131. Fayelin Michell Benzenbower says

    I have an Ulta about 25-30 mins away from me…and I can never get someone to go with me! That’s it, this weekend I’m shopping! :)

  132. Brittany says


  133. Rebecca says

    That colour is absolutely gorgeous.

  134. pedrosmujer says

    Pretty blueee!!!! ;)

  135. ashley says

    i love that blue!

  136. Brittany Burkhead says

    I love the Bed Head hair stuff and Got2b! That blue/purple polish is awesome, but I think the one you had on the left at the end of the video is very unique!

  137. Connie Palmer says

    I want them all…but this one will do for now :) thanks!

  138. Shannon says

    I love what you’ve done with your hair!

  139. kiwi punch says

    I totally want it! pick me!

  140. Alex M. says

    I’ve been looking for something that really works with frizzy hair, which product works the best? And I have yet to try any of those China Glaze products so heres to luck. :)

  141. Patricia Oliveira says

    Lovely blue!

  142. BailyRacheal says

    Such a great hue for fall!

  143. amy says

    So pretty!

  144. Tracy says

    Love that blue :)

  145. Titaenia says

    Leesha I loove your videos, always helps me a lot. You’re a big inspiration. Sometimes I think we have in common a couple of things (funny and crazy stuff), it’s kind a relief I found a person with that crazy ideas I don’t know lol. Wish you the best. Maybe you should give also hairstyle tips… ’cause Your hair really kick ass!

  146. Cristina says

    Your hair is so awesome! I love watching all of your videos :) Awesome nail color too.

  147. Shalon Pearson says

    That is a be-a-utiful color, name makes me chuckle.

  148. Laura says

    Love the pink hair!!!

  149. Emily says

    Your hair is awesome! :)

  150. anneynonomous says

    I’m really craving Chuy’s (if you even know what that is)!

  151. Kristen says

    I can’t even handle how awesome your hair is! Great polish color for the giveaway!

  152. Cindy Hinkel says

    Your hair is adorable! Sure wish I could wear mine short like that!

  153. Sophie Utube says

    Ah ah ah Leesha you made me laugh so hard with the nail polish !!! I am soo happy when I see a new video, I follow you since 2010 and you are one of the best on youtube believe me :)

  154. Crissy Hernandez says

    I love the color of this polish & your hair. thanks for the giveaway

  155. annette radcliff says

    i love that color blue is one of my fav colors. the other is purple. and that shade is so on trend right now.

  156. Rebecca Carbin says

    You seem so happy and energetic in this video! It’s contagious! lol

  157. pyrokitten77 says

    Would totally love to win this color. It is BEAUTIFUL. :)

  158. Ruth says

    I love colors like these, so unique looking!

  159. Nadia says

    Whoa what a gorgeous blue! So nice of you to do this giveaway.

  160. daniela says

    I love her!

  161. Elizabeth Villa says

    Looooove the color, thank you for the giveaway

  162. alexz says

    Woah, that’s an amazing colour *.*

  163. Kristen says

    thats color is soooo pretty

  164. Evelyn Perez says

    This is the most amazing color ever!! *_*

  165. Jordie says

    Cool colour!

  166. alexandrea wilson says

    it is so pretty!

  167. grace says

    I really like that weird blue color.

  168. Danielle says

    gorgeous color!

  169. Stephanie Nguyen says

    That color is gorgeous! I bet it would look beautiful with silver glitter!

  170. Lymi says

    I love your hair :D I had pink hair 2 summers ago :>

  171. mizzpip says

    love it!

  172. Raven B. says

    I love your videos!

  173. Roberta says

    I love you hair color, as well as the shade of nail polish. :O

  174. Priscilla Ngo says

    Haha you are great. I love watching your videos.

  175. Karla says

    Love the new hair color you have been rocking. Keep doing what you do I love your channel.

  176. Reut says

    Love love love you! :D

  177. Deets says

    Love your hair!

  178. CaitlinWithASea says

    I think I’m inlove with your hair! :D

  179. Paulina says

    Thanks for the opportunity :) Love the nail polish color! ♥

  180. Sarah Osborne says

    Omg i love the pink hair and brows :)

  181. Tara says

    That is such a nice color. Thanks for the giveaway.

  182. Marilena says

    nice, thanks :)

  183. Irene says

    Omg I’m loving your frequent uploads! My mornings are so much better when I cant listen to you while nomming my beakfast XD

  184. Laura says

    This is a really pretty color and I have really wanted to try the china glaze polish but have not gotten around to it this would be a good start

  185. Alja says

    I really like your vids :3

  186. Tristine says

    I am in love with your hair x)

  187. shauna says

    i want your hair so bad! its amazing!

  188. a1nettie says

    thank you so much!!!

  189. cookingwithflowers says

    It’s really gorgeous!

  190. veew1983 says

    oh man i love ulta and target. i wish we had them in the uk. still good though as i have family out in houston texas so when i visit them i raid all the shops and spend way too much :D

  191. NillaOhlsson says

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  192. Marit says

    Your reaction to having bought the same nailpolish was so cute ! I love your hauls !!

  193. Chloe says

    Thanks for the giveaway Leesha! :)

  194. Justina says

    Very nice nail polish;)

  195. Kate says

    What a pretty color!

  196. Little Miss Spooky says

    Love the pink hair :)

  197. Star says

    Ulta is my fav store!

  198. Celeste says

    I miss Arizona and Ulta. I also have problems finding boots because of my big legs. Congrats on your shoe find.

  199. Jen says

    your hair is so cute~

  200. Paula says

    Your hair is fabulous and the nail polish is just gorgeous!

  201. jazmin says

    i really hope i win! thank you and your hair is amazing xx

  202. CrankyFlow says

    Ahhh that color is beautiful!!! I want it! If i dont win am soo going to buy it!! I LOVE China Glaze!! Thank you for the giveaway! You are so sweet to think of ur subbies :D

  203. Me says

    Madden Girl shoes never run true to size, which always strikes me as odd bc I wear a 7 in MG & an 8.5 in all other brands…lol..

  204. Moi says

    Amazing as always :D xxx

  205. Anna J says

    love that nail polish from china glaze would love to win it

  206. Hannah says

    oooohh sooo purrrrdeeeee. *drooooll*

  207. Michaela says

    What a beautiful shade, it would be wonderful to add to my collection.

  208. Samantha says

    That color is soooo pretty! and I am loving those boots! (:

  209. Sarah says

    Such a pretty colour!

  210. CurlyBlueAngel says

    The blue is beautiful!

  211. Letitia says

    Love the colour

  212. SusetheMuse says

    I LOVE Escada fragrances, too. AND I have ginormous calves! LOL. I’d really love to win the nail polish.

  213. Molly says

    I wasn’t as impressed with a lot of the polishes in the new collection, personally, but I do love that blue! :)

  214. amy says

    i love your hauls!

  215. Stephanie says

    I love it :)

  216. Julia says

    I woud like to win that if it’s international :)

  217. WillowJule18 says

    So pretty!

  218. Paula Prata says

    Love the haul!

  219. heirtothespaceship says

    so pretty and thanks for the giveaway.

  220. Diana says

    I love how you didn’t know if you already have it or not haha I really love your hair, by the way!

  221. jeska says

    love everything you got. also didnt know the tv show was on dvd already. gonna go get it now!!!!! also gonna check out the nail polishes i love the colors,

  222. Maria Smythe says

    So pretty! And thank you! You could have brought it back!

  223. Canddyrwarr says

    Your really pretty :) and i love watching your videos

  224. Ali says

    Beautiful blue!

  225. Renata Bartnicka says

    love the color!

  226. Kassie says


  227. Vanessa D says

    Those polishes are so pretty!

  228. Caroline says


  229. Brooke McBride says

    I love that color

  230. Silke V. says

    LOVE your pink hair!

  231. jade says

    I love that color, don’t own any nail polishes in this tone of blue, if i don’t win i am gonna have to go buy it!

  232. Abbey says

    Love it!

  233. stef says

    That color is awesome I’ll buy if I dont win it lol

  234. Krystal Caracol says

    I have yet to buy my own Seche Vite top coat, my cousin used it on me once and it smells so bad :(

  235. Jessica says

    Wow that color is AMAZING!! Totally love it.

  236. Brittany says

    LOVE it!

  237. Rachel says

    I love the It’s a 10 Leave in Treatment!

  238. nalalooh says

    Seche Vite top coat is also the only one I will use! Its amazing !!

  239. Dallas LC says

    Loved everything!

  240. Jessica says

    love the nail polish color – and your hair! :)

  241. Yvrocha says

    I don’t think I own a color like that yet. But it’s so pretty. :)

  242. fatima says

    I want!

  243. Kacee says

    I love watching your videos! Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  244. Irina G. says

    Like the China Glaze Want My Bawdy Nail Polish colour! Thanks for the giveaway!

  245. Samantha says

    I love that color!

  246. Rosemary says

    Thanks for the giveaway! That’s an awesome color.

  247. Rebecca says

    Thank you! :)

  248. Angie says

    Love that color of blue!

  249. Hunter says

    I’d love to live in that makeup room. It’s most dope.

  250. Katy S says

    makeup room tour, please?

  251. aziza says

    i love your hair!

  252. Annie Nguyen says

    What a pretty color!

  253. Monique H. says

    I love how bright your hair looks today!

  254. Kaytlin says

    Wooo! I’m so jealous!

  255. alex says

    Love the polish!

  256. Christine says

    Loving the Bohemian Chromes! I already have 2, and I’m wanting this one <3

  257. Kimberly Velasquez says

    Love the nail polish color!

  258. Sheril Fearon says

    that’s a cool collection…my daughter bought one that is a greenish color well it looks greenish in the sun…..it is so neat! thanks for the give-a-way chance….

  259. AniBEE says

    I love this collection of shades for fall. So much depth of tone to all of them.

  260. Jacqueline K says

    That color is amazing!

  261. ashley says

    You are awesome!

  262. Natalie Rose says

    That is an amazing color. OMG

  263. Jahaira Rivera says

    Love you for this Leesha! Instead of just bringing it back u think of us :)

  264. Cayla says

    I have yet to see The Hunger Games, I was hoping to read the book first but my library always has it checked out. Now that I’ve seen all your looks based off of it though I think I’m gonna break down go rent the movie first then just buy the books.

  265. Michelle Raymond says

    Thank you for the giveaway. Your awesome-sauce! Btw, what color is your hair, plz?

  266. Bailey says

    I actually also live in Arizona and work at Target and so I can attest to the fact that all the clothes are indeed too hot to wear haha! It’s awesome that you’ve chosen to do a giveaway for the extra nail polish btw!

  267. Nina says

    I hate when u can never remember what u already bought!! Awesome haul <3

  268. Emma Fujii says

    I JUST went to DSW too and picked up a pair of heeled ankle boots!

  269. Sasha says

    What a pretty blue!!!

  270. MalloryRenee says

    This is actually the first time I have been on your website but I have been watching your videos foreverrr!!

  271. Sydney says

    That polish is gorgeous!!

  272. Hanne Koerner says

    I absolutely love your videos, I have short hair and no clue how to style it! Thanks for your awesome hair and makeup tips.

  273. dixiedragonfly says

    love your video’s Leesha!!!

  274. Erica Mendez says

    The boots ftom your haul look amazing. The polish also. I need to get Seche Vite (spelling?) I hear great things about it!!!

  275. Monseroath says

    I love your hair… I leave in az too.. I always wake up wishing a miracle about the weather.

  276. Brooke says

    That nail polish is gorgeous! :-) BTW: Love your new hair color ;-)

  277. Karen Wang says

    that nail polish is a beaut :) can you do a review on the UD OCHO LOCO?!? i saw some swatches already and they’re TO DIE FORRR :)

  278. ChesterAnn says

    Gorgeous color!!

  279. Daniella Rose says

    I love this color and surprised I don’t have it in my collection :)

  280. Maryam says

    Daaaah those nail polish colors are beautiful!

  281. blake says

    awesome nail polish color!

  282. Leah says

    i love the colour and pearlesent shine:)

  283. samiasauras says

    i want

  284. ALICE says

    LOVE those boots…I would’ve liked them in brown too!!

  285. misstrinityanne says

    gahhhhhh i love love love this color, china glaze is such a good brand of polish

  286. Ina says

    I have really huge calves too T__T

  287. Slw says

    am i the only one that thinks she has the most adorable laugh?

  288. abcegc says

    Love that nail color.

  289. Chrislynn Bleyl says

    I love you Leesha!! Keep up the great work. =)

  290. Courtney says

    Love that nail polish color!

  291. Rachel Morris says

    Love that color!!

  292. Chelsie Kight says

    I really like watching your videos. I love those boots. And well, everything you bought.

  293. Breanna says

    Love watching your videos!

  294. reeva says

    i’d totally rock this out

  295. Lexi Storm says

    Wow we sound so much alike, my favorite stores!

  296. jenkom says

    Love the nail color!

  297. Mari Helen Teighagen says

    Love the nail color, blue is my favorite color =)

    here I live it’s cold enough to wear boots again, so I have been rocking them all week

  298. Amy L. says

    I feel like I can’t ever go to Ulta (which is also next to a Best Buy here!) without going to DSW and Target too!

  299. Pia D'Avino says

    I love the boots, we have the same calves problem xD

  300. Nancy Priester says

    i love hauls!!!!

  301. Kristina Linn says

    So cute I love this!

  302. Sarah says

    I love the After Party from BedHead.

    That blue polish is soooooo pretty

  303. Dani says

    My roommate swears by the It’s a Ten products. I have to try them.

  304. kirsten says

    loooove it

  305. Adi says

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  306. Isabelle says

    Thats a really pretty color!

  307. Melissa says

    That is a GREAT shade of blue for Fall, so thanks kindly for this fun giveaway!!!

  308. Pike says

    I love that color so much

  309. Rin says

    Pretty color! My sech vite always gets sticky!!

  310. maryam saeed says

    Lovely the color!! love your haul videos

  311. Lina says

    This is awesome! I hate that we don’t have China Glaze here!

  312. Shanel says

    The nailpolish color is amazing ! Unfortunetly, I’m broke right now… so it would be great to win (:

  313. Natlynn82 says

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    I LOVE that blue! So pretty!

  315. brendab says

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  318. Lisa says

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  320. Kristina says

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  321. stacylee says


  322. Mara says

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  323. Jillybean says

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  325. Guest says

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  326. lovem says

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  327. dana says

    I picked up most of the colors from the collection but not this one, would love to win

  328. mimi101535 says

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  329. Maly says

    entering for the nail polish, i love wearing nail polish.

  330. Nikki says

    I love your videos… can you please do one on best colors for blue, green, hazel, brown eyes?? i would love the China Glaze nail polish for a belated bday present… I didn’t get to do anything this year on my bday… so that would make my day… lol… plus I do alot of nail designs on my nails… and blue is my favorite color….

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    I love your haul videos:) & love that love lace sweater..i want it..l0l

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