Halloween 2010!

I hope you guys had a fun Halloween! I asked you all to send me some pictures of your Halloween makeup on Twitter and email, and got a TON of pictures! Unfortunately any sent to Twitter have been lost (because I wasn’t thinking and didn’t save them as you sent them, doh!) Here are few cool ones :) (Don’t be offended if yours isnt here, I didnt want this post to be a billion years long!!)




This one is AWESOME!! Double rainbow is my ringtone haha






I also had a LOAD of you send me your versions of the Spiderweb Eyes tutorial I did. That was SOOO COOL, I don’t think I’ve gotten that many people sending me pictures of makeup they did after seeing a tutorial from me in a long time!! :)

My Halloween was pretty good, I never usually dress up but did fun makeup Saturday and then actually dressed up Sunday, kinda.  Saturday I just went as what we will call a “Jack Skellington Fangirl” and Tyler went as 2d from Gorillaz.


(He’s listening to Gorillaz as I type this.. what a coincidence)

Next day I decided to do a 50’sish look, as I have a dress from H&M I bought months ago that I’ve never worn and wanted an excuse to. I have never really done hair before in my life aside from flat ironing it, so this was NOT easy!! The pictures ended up looking more like Gwen Stefani than I thought they would so I just started telling people that’s what I was haha.



I feel exceptionally lame because I didn’t take any pictures other than these ones from my phone. I really wasn’t happy with the way my hair turned out at the time (I tend to lean towards being a perfectionist with things, even when I’ve never tried it before) So I guess I didn’t think it was worth it. My makeup looked awesome though, and I had in cool gray contacts from Dreamlook Contacts that had nothing to do with anything other than me wanting to wear lenses haha :)

This was the first year that I went out being legal for halloween, and all I can say is “WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG??!” Downtown Austin was NUTS, even though it was a Sunday, I saw so many cool costumes.. a few Deadmau5, lots of Jack Sparrows and Na’vi, Zombie Wizard of Oz, PEDOBEAR, the yipyips, Brobie, Rick Astley, The Bat Commander, Dr. Evil.. so many I cant even remember now. And I didn’t have a camera. I’ve learned my lesson!

What did you go out as for Halloween, and what were the CRAZIEST costumes you saw?!


  1. Maureen says

    So cool to see all those pictures, in holland we don’t really celebrate halloween. But I like seeing how you do it XD

  2. Saloria says

    Btw I think you look amazing!! I couldn’t get my hair to do even that if I tried lol. Red is a good color on you. Definitely 50’s. On Friday my kids and I watched A Nightmare Before Christmas & Corpse Bride. Saturday we went to downtown San Antonio and did Treat Street at La Villita (saw the Mad Hatter & Queen of Hearts there awesome costumes). Fuddruckers for dinner and Coffins on Parade at the Riverwalk. Sunday we did Fright Fest at Six Flags. Everything was for my two little ones. My daughter was a fairy princess and my son was Ironman!

  3. d&rk $p@rk$ says

    can you please reply to me this time! where did you get that costume? i was with my cousins 4 h@ll0ween i was a army girl i used barbie at midnight in green that was so helpful.Thank you xsparkage!

    1. FauxBrit says

      She wrote in her post that it was “a dress from H&M I bought months ago that I’ve never worn and wanted an excuse to”.

      Anywhoo, Leesha, you looked fantastic!

      1. FauxBrit says

        Oh and I was supersick, so I stayed home to hand out candy to a whopping 3 kids) and wore a batman t-shirt w/ a cape attached to it.
        I was supposed to dress up as Joan Holloway =( maybe next year?

  4. Countess Carnage says

    I went as a Vampire so my boyfriend so we were The Count and Countess :). Honestly, I didn’t really see any costumes I guess it’s because Shawnee is where everything goes to die. If I had went to one of the bigger cities I probably would have seen a lot of variety.

  5. Ash says

    So glad people made the effort this year — the pictures are all great, and I especially love the cat, and your Jack get-up; wish you’d done a tutorial of that as well. XD

    I was a bit lazy about it, but went as the cheshire cat. : 3

  6. Veronica says

    I LOVE your 50s look! That dress is really cute on you.

    My husband’s costume was Zorro, and I was…eh…Zorrette? LOL. Anyway…our costumes were awesome, even though I looked a teeny bit sluttariffic. :)

    We saw a guy dressed up as a clumsy bicyclist…with branches and debris all over his clothes and sticking out of his helmet. I thought it was unique. I also saw a totally amazing Cruella DeVille costume. The girl that was wearing it totally knocked it out of the ball park!!! :)

  7. Becky says

    i went as Pavi Largo from Repo! everyone asked me if i was wearing a mask, lol so i guess i did good!

    but the best costume i saw on halloween was a grown man wearing a heidi german girl costume. it was sweet

  8. Danielle says

    I went as a Wilderness Explorer (think Russell from “Up!”). I wish I could post a picture because I was particularly proud of my costume this year, as I made it myself. :)

    Leesha, I love the 50s look (and I think your hair turned out great)!

  9. Heather says

    Everyone looks awesome in these pics :) spesh you leesha! x

  10. Johana says

    I was a fairy for halloween and I must say you look exactly like Gwen Stefani in your 50’s pics! awesome

  11. Clare says

    This was my first year as a full time face painter so I just went from party to party painting faces and not getting to dress up myself. Well apart from some red sequinned fluffy devil horns. A bit sad really, I was just just too crazy busy getting everyone else ready to spend any time on myself. My favourite faces were a zombie, sugar skull and dead teenager.

  12. Janeen says

    You look awesome in both pictures Leesha. I just stayed home, but I dressed as darkness. I wore all black and did really dramatic, dark eyes (your Hades look inspired me!).

  13. Anirban Sil says

    Leesha,your both the above pictures are the BEST.You look AMAZING.Your boyfriend is a Lucky guy.I’m so jealous of him.Anyway,LOVE you.

  14. Anna Banana says

    You look great :D I was thinking I’d be unique and tell you how you look very Gwen Stefani, but you already figured it out <3 Your boyfrand and you had a cool "couples" costumes, you didn't go MATCHYMATCHY but you can tell you guys are together. :D I didnt see any super super unique costumes out in Diego, but I did see waaayy too many Snookis. LOL

  15. Tracee says

    I like the fangirl thing. Very cool.
    & all the fan pictures are awesome! esp. the sugar skull.

  16. Kaitlyn says

    you didn’t take your camera?! you are new to going out on halloween! ;) i’m sad that i didn’t get to go out this year.. i’ve always loved going out for halloween and dressing up! maybe next year..?

  17. Whitney Patterson says

    Woah, you used my picture!! I was the double rainbow :) haha I’m so glad you liked it!!! Everyone else looked amazing too, Halloween is the best!!!

  18. Valerie says

    I was a buzzing bee. Not the fat one with a stinger and everything. I got a cute sleeveless sweater that had black and yellow stripes. CUTE!!!!!!!!! There was this SAW costume and it scared me to death! I actually screamed when he jumped out from the door with a chain in one hand and candy with another. He was giving out candy when I rung the doorbell. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. tamara says

    we went to a party. i used my old ‘frisky prisoner’ costume and my boyfriend wore his army uniform(cuz we’re both lazy) all his friends were dressed awesome. there was a cow, a skeleton mechanic, a “pot” fairy, a warrior, a penguin and eskimo(so adorable), a wench, a few hookers, “dick in a box” guy, a secret agent spy with vodka filled squirt guns. oh and mad hatter. the boy knew how to do makeup like a genius and it was great.

  20. Allisee says

    AH! Thats my face! i’m the kitty! my life is officially made <3

  21. Jaclyn says

    I LOVE your pinup girl look!!!! I went as Flo the Progressive lady and my boyrfriend went as Where’s Waldo. Thanks for postin pictures :)

  22. Jessica says

    I went out dressed as a zombie prom queen one night for the Zombie Prom my town had. I went to one party dressed as Petrilude’s “broken doll” and another party I went to I was just a girl with a slit throat (my boyfriend had the bloody knife, such a sweet couples costume…)

  23. Kristen says

    Oh my gosh, you really did look exactly like Gwen. :D

  24. Rachel says

    Oh yay! You used my pictures =) Saturday night we went to a haunted house that ended up being really lame. Most of the “scary” things were fake and the real people just stared at you. And Sunday night I drew the spider webs on my face and put some spiders in my hair and handed candy out to all the trick or treaters. I like your Jack Skellington look, I like how it matches your hat =)

  25. Desiree says

    I have that same dress as you from H&M! I wore it to my friend’s fancy dress party (not for Halloween, this was a couple of months back) where I went as Betty Boop.
    I didn’t go out for Halloween this year. Actually, my street didn’t really celebrate it this year cause we didn’t get any kids come around. My friends went to a Halloween party a couple of days before Sunday though and I did his werewolf make up and her “werewolf victim” make up :).

  26. Amber says

    I looooove love love these looks! At times like these I wish we’d celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands… sigh. :(

    1. Marisa says

      I used to live in Hilversum! Yeah, it sucked when it was Halloween and nobody would celebrate :( Sad times!

      1. Assie says

        I’m from the Netherlands too and i also want Halloween in the Netherlands!
        Leesha you look super pretty! You do look like Gwen Steffani a lot. I love the dress, it’s so cute:D

  27. Marisa says

    My boyfriend and I went as zombie hunters :)
    We didn’t really see any super crazy costumes though, just your typical Halloween stuff. I was hoping to see someone dressed as a hotdog or something. No luck :(

  28. Ashley says

    aww i love your “costume” lol! I go camping a lot and every labour day weekend they do a halloween thing and i went as a waitress from the 50’s and did something similar to your hair and makeup :). This halloween i went as a cop though lol :P I had to rush my makeup though cause i had a party lol.
    p.s. i love your jack skelington mickey ears hat XD

  29. Kalee says

    sooooo fun!!!! i went to a big halloween party saturday night and i dressed up as a Ninja Turtle (Leonardo, the blue one), i had my sword and everything!!! it was awesome, everyone loved it. (but it felt like i was being stared at the whole time……….not fun). i did my eye makeup with light and dark greens…like a bright/smokey eye, with blue on my lower lash line, and some half falsie lashes, (because i didnt want to risk ruining my makeup putting whole ones on…lol). had SO much fun…until my friend got sick (you know……) later in the night and i had to take care of her, lol.

  30. Linda says

    I went as the Cheshire Cat in the Hat. i had a purple and black Cat in the Hat type hat and I did my makeup with glittery pink, purples, blues, and black. i made my nose fuchsia wih black whiskers. Then I mixed purple eyeshadow with glitter and lip gloss and used it as a lip color. And to top it off, a bright purple tie. As for the craziest costume i saw, it had to be a guy i saw dressed up like the big bad wolf . He was wearing a granny nightgown with a sleeping cap, a scary mask, faux fur pants under it, and furry gloves with fake, but real looking, fake claws. Im happy you dressed up and i heart the fangirl costume. LOVE!

  31. Amber J says

    I was Princess Leia in the gold bikini. :] Definitely fits in with the whoreoween you were talking about on twitter! :D Hahahahha. At least I pulled it off well. <3

  32. Erica.C says

    OMG i was so suprised when i seen you used my look (im the colorful zebra)….
    You like totally rock : )

  33. Lana says

    Leesha, I love your 50’s look! You look so pretty. What are you wearing on your lips for that look? I must have! :)

  34. sandra says

    i acctualy think you look more like a punky marilyn monroe xD but i love the make up are going to do a tutorial of it ?

  35. heather says

    could you do a tutorial on your 50s ish look!? <333333

  36. Sandee says

    nice pictures everyone!

  37. Wiola says

    Fantastic Leesha!!! You’re more preety than Gwen! :)))

  38. velyn says

    nope nope. the picture quality of your phone even made your makeup stand up better.. it looked like one of old pictures and kinda remind me of audrey hepburn and marilyn monroe photos. hahahahah :D

  39. andrea says

    YAY for the rainbow! whoop whoop!

  40. Julie says

    your hair looks so cute like that! i love pinning my bangs up in a “poof”

  41. Rewind says

    I worked at a haunted house (being scary and doing the makeup!) and we saw some crazy fun costumes come through the night before halloween. One girl was dressed up as Twister (a white dress with spots and the twister emblem), and it was probably my personal fave that I remember from that night!

  42. Korey says

    nice tits.

  43. Charlotte Ash says

    Beautiful picture

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  59. Serizawa says

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  60. Sergio says

    I just met him last night at Lunacon, in Ryebrook, NY. He did a reading from his short story colteclion (which I have seen described as “the DVD extras to his Painted/Warded Man book”). Brett was a good guy, i wish him all the success possible with his publishing!

  61. Henricley says

    Love those cute red shoes! I wish I had a pair of these… grown-up sized!We celebrated Halloween with a lot of muddy ganreding, carved pumpkins, pumpkin soup and horrible lollipops (skeleton arms as sticks!)Thanks for sharing the red shoes!

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