Hair Dye Lifters: Color Oops & LOreal Color Zap

I have to make a video on these soon, I’m seriously AMAAAZED that I never heard about these products before, I sure could have used them in the past!

I was walking through Ulta the other day and saw this product called Color Oops that I had never seen before. Basically, it claimed that it could lift out hair dye and leave you with your natural color by shrinking color molecules or something so they just wash out without damaging your hair. Seeing as how I have been wanting to brighten up my color (and have been bleach shampooing my hair regularly so it wouldn’t damage it) I decided to get it and try it out, because what did I have to loose? Worst thing that could happen would be it didn’t work, and then I’m right where I left off.

Correct Hair Color Mistakes with Color Oops

I tried this out yesterday. You mix two products, then apply to dry hair and leave in for 20 minutes, and then rinse for like an hour (well, 15-20 mins, but thats a LONG time to rinse your hair!) and shampoo once or twice. FYI on this one: it smells. BAD. and STRONG. Day after and my bathroom still reeked. Also, you don’t get a ton of product, so if you have long or thick hair, I’d buy two (I wish I did!)

For reference, Here’s a picture of my hair before using this:


Still pretty dark, but the top 2 inches or so were a much brighter red, and the roots were showing through.

After using Color Oops:



It definitely helped pull the color out, as my hair was MUCH lighter (especially the top, it turned almost golden orange) but it’s nowhere near what my natural color is, so if you’re thinking its going to bring you back to that it definitely won’t. Since the rest was so dark, it made the ends a light-medium brown. Since there is an obvious color difference here, and because it wasn’t nearly as light as I wanted it, I tried for something quite a few of you recommended on Twitter: LOreal Color Zap.

l_oreal_loreal_color_zap_p21724.jpg (JPEG Image, 200x200 pixels)

Again, this is one I DEFINITELY recommend getting to bottles of if you have hair that is thick or long. I only got one and IMMENSELY regret it, as it wasn’t enough to cover all of my hair and there were a few spots on my hair that didn’t get saturated enough and were darker than the rest. This one doesn’t smell nearly as rancid as Color Oops, but more like ammonia or hair dye. This one I believe has bleach in it, because the base is a powder and it actually lightened some of my roots to WHITE because I wasn’t being careful. Anyways, this one you leave on longer depending what shade your hair is. Since mine was a medium brown, I left it on for about 40 minutes.

Here’s what it looked like after Color Zap:

Please ignore how frizzy my hair is in these pictures! I just blowdried it FAST to get it dry so I could dye it, and thats why it was a lion’s mane!

As you can see, that one removed the color REALLY well! And in this picture, you can see the lovely spot where I didn’t get enough of the product on, and it stayed a bit darker. AWESOME, right?

Another great thing with these products is that they’re gentle enough to allow you to dye right over your hair after using them, which is great because I really didn’t want to walk around with orange hair longer than I had to. I’ve been craving red lately, but I wanted to make it a bit more dimensional  so I added an underlayer of purple. I used LOreal Hicolor Highlights in Magenta for the red (it’s supposed to be a highlight color for over dark hair, hence why its INSANE on light hair haha) and Pravana Violet mixed with Pravana Pink for the purple.

Here’s the end result!



I might go back and make the purple layer thicker because it isn’t nearly as much as I thought it would be, and I really like the contrast. I also am debating if I wanna go over the red again with a slightly darker color. It turned out a LOT brighter than I thought it would, and I was pretty careless when applying it (I was DONE with dealing with my hair at that point, and I honestly didn’t think it would turn out as nice as it did) but we’ll see!

OMG this is probably the most in depth blog post I have ever done, hahaha. Ah well, hope this was helpful to some of you!


  1. April says

    OMG, your hair ROCKS!!!! I wish I wasn’t such a chicken, I would totally do my hair like that..but I am a chicken..oh well, lol. I’ll just live with my clip-in blue pieces. :)

    1. Ashley Lemon says

      I use to be a scaredy cat as well… But in the end you have to remember that it is just hair! You can always dye it another color if it turns out bad. At worse you will have to walk around for a few days with a hair color you dont like…. If you dont get up the courage to try you will always regret not trying. Life it short… Live a little… but if your have really dark hair you may have to bleach it to get the blue to stay! I had a friend go blue, and I thought that she was out of her freaking mind when she told me that, but is honestly was the best I had ever seen her hair! So give it a try!

  2. Elloella says

    YAY! Leesha has her red hair back again!
    This is the perfect shade for you & I love it.
    More purple would look even prettier

  3. gildedangel says

    Your hair turned out amazing! I love how bright it looks, you should keep it like that for now since it will fade to a more muted color soon anyway. I wish my hair would turn out that bright when I dye it red!

  4. Nadine says

    You look absolutely fabulous here! PLEASE say you’re doing a makeup tutorial?

  5. Danielle says

    Hey! You hair turned out amazing! It makes me miss my old red hair which was maybe a shade deeper. BUT OMG LOVE LOVE IT!! Definetly enjoyed hearing about the products and how they worked!

  6. Cari says

    yay, i love your hair when its bright red, it adds to your personality :)

  7. bamba says

    Love the red its beautiful! where did you get your necklace it is amazing!

    1. Catttt says

      Shee Gott It At Hottopic(:

  8. Chloe says

    I know this will be said a MILLION times, but please do a tut for this eye look PLEASE!!!!!! And you will always be best as a red-head to me <3 Looks amazing!

  9. Samantha says

    But, didn’t doing all that completely fry your hair? I’d love to bleach my hair but I’m scared it would all break off! It looks GREAT though!

    1. xsparkage says

      that’s the thing, it isn’t really bleach, it’s a hair color remover. My hair is naturally blonde, so that’s why it left it so light. I do think that the color zap has some bleach in it simply because it lightened my roots, but that just may be because its virgin hair. if I straight bleached my hair to get it to be that strawberry blonde color then yes, it would be SUPER damaging.

  10. Ann-Isabel says

    Hey Leesha!
    If I bleached my hair and then added dye on it, would these products bring my hair back to blond from the bleach or will it actually bring it back to my natural color??
    Thank you!

    1. xsparkage says

      i believe just the blonde, you cant really go back after bleaching as that is removing the natural color from your hair

  11. Melissa says

    my hair is naturally blonde-ish and I have been coloring it black for years, only to keep me from changing color on a weekly basis :) I had to do something to control my different color every trip to the salon spree I was going through…it looks like your hair is still pretty shiny and healthy looking, please keep us updated on that, I have been looking to remove the black but no one is able/willing to do it because they insist it will fry my hair, even if I could get some of the color out and start from there I would be happy!!! This is the most amazing hair color I have ever seen!!!! xoxo

    1. xsparkage says

      I was reading some reviews on these and I saw a review that said it got their hair from jet black to strawberry blonde in 2 or 3 applications, so maybe if you did that and just waited a day or two in between each time (yay hats!) then it would lighten it up nicely! I would use the color zap though, as that worked much better

  12. Sarah says

    omg its the old leesha! i missed your bright hair! red is YOU. :D

  13. Tara says

    I really really LOVE IT!!! It is so pretty :)

  14. Rosie cass says

    yay its back to red! it is your colour and you needed to get the brown out. cant wait for the next video! xxx

  15. Alison Hickey says

    Can you do a tutorial on your bangs? I’ve wanted mine like that for some time now, but I can’t figure out like, how to get there? hahaha that makes no sense but I mean like how you style them and how they’re cut.

  16. cec says

    your hair looks great! i can’t wait to try these products. my hair was medium brown when i started coloring it in sixth grade and now its five million shades of brown (just for the moment). i wanted to get all the boxed color out of my hair before i go red. natural looking, not completely and totally awesome red.

  17. Bre says

    Hey Leesha Im a Az Phoenix girl to and i have been wanting to put blue high lights in my hair despertly but i relly dont want to have to bleach my hair and damage it but im going to have to because my hair is a super dark brown black color any suggestions please help

  18. mary says

    love love love love it!! You look gorgeous! <3

  19. MissChelsey says

    OMG LEESHA! I feel like this is so much weight off! Like you’re back to your happy self! Lol Idk if it’s true but I LOVE it!! If the color is anything like it is in the pictures, I think you should leave it. I love your hair bright! SOOOO much better than the dark!

  20. stephanie says

    i’ve never seen such an unnatural color look SO NATURAL on somebody before!

    you look amazing in these red shades (i say shades b/c i’ve been watching your videos for the past year and have seen a couple of diff ones), they really suit you beautifully :)

  21. Linda says

    Holy hell, chica, you’re making me miss my red hair like crazy. I KNOW you’re probably tired of people saying this, but you were made to be a fire-engine redhead. ;D

  22. Aysh says

    don’t go over the red with a darker one this one is perfect! it’s rocking good now =D

    1. Aysh says

      ohhh the red and purple reminds me of Allison Iraheta! Love her!

  23. Irune says

    This looks great! And you look so pretty, red suits you so much!

    Do you know of a similar product that is not L’Oréal? I just don’t buy or use brands that test on animals or use ingredients tested on animals. Do anyone of you know? I so want to go back to my natural medium blonde color, I miss it so much, but my hair is too dark…! Thank youuu!

  24. kei says

    yayx! You look stunning! I love red hair on you! and i think you shouldn’t make it darker than this. It just looks super cool, matches you perfectly. And the contrast underneath is awesome too. Wooohooo! love it!

  25. Vanessa says

    LOVE the little mermaid necklace!!!

  26. Phyrra says

    Another product you can try is ‘One n’ Only Color Fix’ which you can get from Sally’s. It doesn’t smell as bad as the two you tried here, and works better, in my experience.

    I think your red and purple turned out lovely :)

  27. Alyse says

    Wow what a vibrant red – that’s so hard to achieve with red hair color. It looks great! Also, I’m loving your Little Mermaid necklace!

  28. Melissa says

    Your hair looks awesome! Super cool ^^

  29. buggurl says

    Your hair looks AMAZING!! SO does your makeup and SKin!!

    WHOO HOOO makeover time :D

  30. Amanda says

    OMG!! You have no idea how much u just saved my life right now! I just had the biggest hair color disaster and salons were charging my 80 bucks a hour for color corrector with my 12 different shades of hair i have right now!! thanks!!

  31. Annie says

    You look absolutely, absolutely, ABSOLUTELY amazing! Hair, make-up, clothes, everything!

    I have to agree with everyone else – this bright red really is your thing :] So I would leave it just like that for the time being.

    Pleeeeeeaase do a tutorial on that make-up by the way? I’ve tried a look similar, but it didn’t turn out the same :[

  32. Asilymene says

    ahh! I love your hair when it’s red ! :D it’s like… your trademark :P You look great with all colors though :]

  33. Shariah says

    will it get out boxed color?, oh and love the necklace, where did you get it?

  34. Nikki says

    YAY!! Somebody still shops at Hot Topic!! :D
    Haha, I work there, and everyone I talk to is always like “Ew! HT is SOOO overrated!”

    Leesha, you are my favorite person EVAR. ^__^

    1. xsparkage says

      there were a few years of my life where i thought that about HT, but recently with all the oldschool nickelodeon stuff and fun things i LOVE it haha

  35. Beth says

    So you feel your hair has the same texture (or rather, for lack of a better word, “softness”) as before you used the Colour Removing products?

    The reason I ask is.. my natural color is blond.. but I’ve dyed it red since I was in 8th grade (I’m a Junior in college right now).. And, recently, I’ve really wanted to go back to blond, or, at the very least, turn my hair strawberry blond.
    But, by some miracle, I’ve managed to keep my hair pretty much undamaged/soft all these years. So I’ve been leery of trying one of these colour removers before because I’ve heard they have a tendency to really strip your hair..

    1. Beth says

      As a side note, your hair looks really healthy. :]
      And the purple adds a lot of depth.
      I think it was a good choice. <3

  36. sam says

    AWESOME! i really love it leesha, you rock!

  37. Brooke says

    Any tips on getting natural dark brown to medium brown hair a light color like blonde without damaging it?

  38. Jeffree Star Fan says

    Red is your color. Looks awesome!

  39. Shel says

    Too much of the color stripping can leave your hair cuticles blown so that they don’t hold ANY color. The only fix is to cut the ruined hair off. I learned the hard way after using 3-4 strips in about a 6 month period. The last 3-4 inches of my hair turned an odd grayish nasty color and when I dyed it, it would only stay in till I shampooed it once then ALL the color was gone. >_< I was very sad when my stylist explained what happened…

  40. Sam says

    Wow, THIS is the Leesha we know and love! :] It looks absolutely fantastic, and even though you look gorgeous with any hair color, thiiis is what suits you the best.

  41. Stephy! says

    I was wondering, does this product ruin/damadge your hair? something liek this would seem like it would compleatly kill your hair. I have black hair with blonde in it, and i wanted to dye the dark brown to an orange color. But my hair is damaged becasue i straighten it everyday, so i’m scared to do anything with it. I was going to try bleaching it, but have heard about the hair remover kits, and i thought they were just all fake and would damage my hair even more than bleach would.

  42. Valerie says

    i love this! i am gonna get my friend to try it tomorrow!!

  43. kristi says

    the end result is AWESOME!! back to red-yessssss!!!!!!! and your eyeshadow looks great too! i wish you would do tutorials like that again: bright, unique, and eye-catching!

  44. Marvel Burgos says

    i love your new color hair, i want this look in a tutorial, i looooooooooooooooooooove it, is amazing

  45. Jessica says

    That hair color has always been amazing on you!!! I have always wanted to a bright red but it always fades on me… how do you get it to stay??? (Not to mention most employers do not like extreme colors, and I am trying to find a job)

  46. Megan says

    ya .. i deffinately love this bright red .. i dont think that you should tone it down .. cause it suits you

  47. kaylee says

    Hello,I have a question , First of all love the hair … anyway .. I have naturally dirty blond hair and I dyed it like bleach blond and when it started to grow out and I had lots of roots I tried to dye it again but I failed and I ended up with 2 colours in my hair .. the original bleach and then the second attempt bleach and now I have roots so that makes it 3 colours.. The products that you used in your current video look simple enough but do you think they would work on me .. I want my hair to be all one colour and I’m scared to dye it but don’t want to spend crazy amounts getting it professionally done.. so if you have any suggestions it would be great . Thanks ..


  48. AmyRae says

    looks great! thanks for the info, never knew there was such a thing, i thought i was just screwed once i dyed it, lol.

  49. Lea says

    Salut Leesha

    Je pense que c’était une excellente idée, le pourpre sous le rouge ! Ne le teignez pas un rouge plus foncé svp ! Je l’aime ! Le pourpre, oui je conviens, vous devrais approfondir la couleur de.

  50. LiNz says

    Hey! LOVE your hair! Where do you purchase your Pravana colors? Are they professional only? Or can you find them at some beauty supply store?

  51. Tamar says

    It looks GREAT!!!

  52. Katie says

    Dude if I could get away with that shade of red on my hair at my job i would sooo do it. I love it.

  53. Denise says

    Thanks for the tip !! I love your hair color . It looks good on you :)

  54. Sarahy says

    This was a lot of help…I recently died mine red hot.And it did not come out the way i expected.Its red hot at my roots and super dark red at the bottom…And i was told bleaching my whole hair was the solution….But hesitated…Too scared of bleach…This sounds better and less scary…I have a question?I want to add purple to my hair also….what should i do first?Bleach the section i want to color? and if i dye all my hair and want to put purple in how do i do that?which comes first?

  55. X-lena says

    I was craving red too! and I used magenta too!!!! My hair was a bit darker since I didn’t have my hair stripped but we match!! I got too excited but wanted to share. ;D

  56. mary says

    seriously, you should try a strengthening treatment… i have super curly hair, color treated since forever, and i always blow it out then flat iron it….

    KERASTASE PRODUCTS are a must!!! they are expensive BUT will make you’re hair look like silk. it’s worth a try! i would recommend their thermique nectar, oleo relax slim to blow it out, an in-salon ritual (which you can find online for way cheaper) their strengthening shampoo is amazing (bain de force). if you find a salon near you that sells their products they always have package deals. i know you’d get great results and your hair would look 300 times healthier!

  57. Claire says

    Hey, I’m from the UK and over here we’ve just had a hair colour remover released which is similar to these products called B4 it’s suppose to remove colour from the hair and after using a medium brown which went black I decided to try the extra strong strength designed for darker shades or colour build up and remove the colour it did the trick of removing the brown/black, but with having red in previously it left a horrible orange colour just a bit darker to that of how the colour oops left, but I think they still great products for first time hair dyers or for people wanting to lighten their dyed hair before going a different colour.

    Your new hair colour looks really great though the purple looks really good with the red :)

  58. lexx says

    i looooooove the red=) looks aweome!!!

  59. lovenut46 says


  60. Bella says

    I’ve got the loreal zap in my hair right now and it BURNS

  61. Nico says

    I’ve used Color Oops and it does have a really aweful smell. It will take your breath away. For me, the product didn’t really work but that is because my hair was dyed black and my hair is very porous so it hung onto the black hair dye. Next time I decide to lighten my hair, I’m going to try Color Zap.

    1. Jessica Allison says

      I have a review on my site of the Bumble & Bumble red hair powder. You can click on my name to go to my site, but in short, I wasn’t impressed.

  62. Anna says

    Your hair looks fucking amazing when its red… I wish my would turn out that way :) But I cant really bleach my hair to make it really really red… My hair cant stand me bleaching it.. last time I did I almost lost all my hair :O My hair is red now tho, but darker than that, much darker :)

  63. Lisa says

    Did you just put the Hi lights straight onto your hair after the color oops or did you mix it with a developer like you would normally do ?

  64. LuLy//Fujiko says

    AWSOME! I didn´t know about them o.o so helpful
    and your new hair color mix ended up amazing! BTW I love your “Little Mermaid” necklace =D

  65. Kat says

    I had a problem with dying my hair brown, I washed it out, and since SEPTEMBER, it’s STILL shedding D: I’m too afraid of hair dye to ever color it again. of course my hair was highlighted a month before, and flat ironed pretty much every day…

  66. Mandy says

    Very nice product!

    I was tryng to comment at the youtube, but it’s not working!

    I loved your video about red hair care. We have much in commun!

    I had many, many, many different kinds of hair. My? hair in naturaly straight, but it has long, short, red, purple, blue, half shaved, etc!

    When I used Special Effects I had many tecnics to keep the color. One of them is the don’t wash tecnique! lol Sometimes I only washed with hair conditioner. It’s a good option. Now it’s impossible to do this, it’s very hot in here and my hair get oily.

    Now I’m using red hair too, and I’m using Wellaton. I’m posting at my blog the resullts. This product promisses 6 weeks of birght color, and I’m having this results! In 2 weeks I’ll post comparative photos, so people can compare by themselves.

    That’s not as red as yours, but that’s beacause I didn’t want to uncolor my hair, and it had black ink at it!

    I loooove red hair! And with this hair dye my hair care is geting easear!

    Byebye =D

    Sorry if I made some mistake, but english is not my first language!

  67. Mandy says

    Very nice product!

    I was tryng to comment at the youtube, but it’s not working!

    I loved your video about red hair care. We have much in commun!

    I had many, many, many different kinds of hair. My? hair in naturaly straight, but it has long, short, red, purple, blue, half shaved, etc!

    When I used Special Effects I had many tecnics to keep the color. One of them is the don’t wash tecnique! lol Sometimes I only washed with hair conditioner. It’s a good option. Now it’s impossible to do this, it’s very hot in here and my hair get oily.

    Now I’m using red hair too, and I’m using Wellaton. I’m posting at my blog the resullts. This product promisses 6 weeks of birght color, and I’m having this results! In 2 weeks I’ll post comparative photos, so people can compare by themselves.

    That’s not as red as yours, but that’s beacause I didn’t want to uncolor my hair, and it had black ink at it!

    I loooove red hair! And with this hair dye my hair care is geting easear!

    Byebye =D

    Sorry if I made some mistake, but english is not my first language!

  68. Jazmine says

    Just FYI, anything with bleach IS going to damage your hair, even just a “bleach shampoo”, and products like Color Oops will damage it as well. I think in your red hair youtube video you mentioned “gently lifting out the color” with bleach shampoo. There is nothing gentle about bleach, and even with a small amount of bleach, repeated bleachings are really really bad for your hair.

    That said, this color looks great and I enjoy your makeup tutorials! :)

  69. Kay says

    You should really look into deep treatments for your hair.

  70. Anonymous says

    Color removers only remove deposited color… meaning, it will not reverse any lightening due to bleaching or colors that use peroxide to lighten before depositing… it only removes the toning… It would be stupid to think you can reverse bleached hair. Even on the site (and probably on the box) for Color Oops it says: “Color Oops takes you back to your lightest shade. It can return your hair to its natural color if the artificial hair color applied is darker than your natural color.”

  71. fearari says

    you look like a raggedy anne doll.

  72. Lara says

    I really enjoyed reading this blog cause I’ve tried to do the exact same thing to my own hair (from black to bright red) a month ago… Sadly, it didn’t work out as good as yours, which by the way looks really, really amazing! But I’m still working on it, lol. By the way, you should try La Riche Directions, they have amazing colours, and even though they’re semipermanent (and don’t damage your hair), their red hues are very longlasting, especially on bleached hair!

  73. CARlA says

    very nice hair color u have!! love it !!! <3

  74. ANNA says

    how many packets did you use of the red

  75. Julia says

    How do you think that color would turn out if I put it on already medium dark red hair. Im really considering it.

  76. Laura Elena says

    I discovered color removers 2 years ago too, I’ve been using bleach with 10 volume peroxide before in order to remove color without burning out the hair. pretty awsome products.

  77. Amberrr says

    WOW! The hair is just awesome. Also, it needs to be said, the eye make-up is just down right phenomenal. I am about to dye my hair red, and I do mean R-E-D. Now I am inspired and may try the purple under because it just looks awesome. Not sure how well that will go over with the boss, but you never know.

  78. Lisa says

    i LOVEEE your hair like that.. color & style.. it looks awesome :)

  79. JessicaR says

    I ALWAYS use color zap and has never let me down. Color oops started to burn my scalp so bad after 5 minutes that I HAD to wash it out. And a little advice… don’t buy the hair color remover in the white box sold at drugstores; it gave me a chemical hair cut and there isn’t even enough to cover my short hair!

  80. Karen says

    I used the color oops one and it made my hair like a weird blonde-ish color. I told my friend i did it, and her dad is a hairdresser and she got after me sooo bad for using it because it damages hair soo badly. So I haven’t used it since then and I’d suggest not doing it often because it strips hair very badly! Nice end color though, I wanted to do something like that.

  81. devan says

    hey there!
    gorgeous colour, love the multi-dimensional shades!
    I have a question, how dry and damaged was your hair AFTER the product? Did you have to do a conditioning mask afterwards? I am terrified of destroying my hair.

  82. Q says

    I have natural super dark brown hair & i wanted to go light brown. I bleached & dyed my hair 2&1/2 weeks ago. I didnt like it @ 1st but then i started to. I still wanted a lighter shade so i dyed blonde (hoping it would lighten a little) Wrong! My hair looks orangy now :( im thinking about using color oops or the LoReal & redying light brown. Im really afraid i will do irreversable damage to my hair. Any Tips??*

    Ive never been on this site so heres my facebook link ( ) i hope u can give me some tips :) oh&& i love ur red =D

  83. bluelagoonified says

    What your doing is AWESOME! I have bookmarked your blog and plan on passing it on to my two daughters. My hair was suppose to me a medium red but i have black streaks and unfortunately around my face where it is not very flattering for me…& i had this professional done!? I went for a redo,, hairdresser didn’t know why this happened…great eh? well, Mrs fix it is going to try your tip with Loreal color zap…i have long hair so i may require two-three boxes…you think this will require another person for help? thank you for your blog, i will check out your videos, love your make-up too, wonderful! BRAVO!! cheers, Audrey

  84. Maria says

    Thank you so much for this. My hair is black/dark brown and i have been wanting to go red for a while but just wasnt sure what products to use that wouldnt damage my hair too much. Im gonna attempt using the same products as you did over the weekend. :)

  85. cris says

    Your hair came out really nice, i have about the same color, and loved it for a whole year. Now i want a change, i’m trying to go for like a dirty blonde or light brown, I went to sally”s and got a really blonde dye and a 30 developer. It didn’t do anything to my hair well except my brown roots turned them strawberry blonde. Later i found out red doesn’t come off easily. Do you think the color zap will work on red? Idont want to completly bleach my hair because its not that healthy. I really need help. Have any ideas? thx

  86. Nicole says

    Plan on doing Color Oops tomorrow and grabbing it on my way to work… Is there any rule against washing your hair before using this product?

  87. demi says

    is there bleach in this ? did it damage ur hair? xxx

  88. t0xxic says

    this is exactly what Im trying to do to my hair. I bought one ‘n only color fix from sallys bc it seems to have more in the bottle. The hilite color is what Im planning to get as well. Did you use just one of the magenta? and what level developer did you use? Ive never bought and mixed my own amounts before so Im pretty nervous there.

  89. melissa says

    will it take out my highlights to because i dyed my hair dark brown and thought id add some highlights i know look likw a 90 year old cruella deville some white some gray i think im gonna die my daughter is making fun of me it horrible

  90. nellybelle says

    Hi there.
    is there any thing you can recomend to me. I was a red head for a while but im trying to go back to my natural colour now, which is a dark brown, but my hair still has this unnatural red look?

  91. Laura says

    I love your hair! Jw, what colour/shade did you use to get your hair the colour it was in the first picture?

  92. Francesca says

    Hey, what a great result, the red looks stunning on you.

    I’ve got quite a dark brown colour to my hair and I’m wanting to go fairer so I may give those products a try following your process, Hell, I may even decide to add some red tints too. Thanks for showing us with images in your article :) x

  93. Marva Seligmann says

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  96. steph says

    do u think i could use one bottle of color zap if im only doing the top of my crown layers …the layers are about you length

  97. Chancey says

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!

    My hair has been ran through the ringer, but atm it’s about the same color as your “before”. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE and asking any one who’ll listen how to get my dark burgundy hair fire engine red without a whole lot of damage. (I’m just starting to get my length back after chopping off a horrible perming accident)
    I keep hearing bleach wash, but I feel like that won’t give me bright enough hair since my hair has been dyed so dark.
    I’m DEFINITELY going to try these products… THANKS FOR THE PICS!

  98. Emily says

    my hair was sort of like yours. i was using garnier reds for darker colors to get that uber red i’ve always wanted. i had black underneath and as much as i love it i fear summer. being a natural blonde red never stays well. so i’m taking the defeatist path and going back to blonde….for the summer atleast. i have the ooops in my hair now. foulest. smelling. thing. ever. I wish i had googled this sooner cuz i would have gone with the color zap instead. right now my fingers are crossed tho that my hair won’t be orange and black after this :-/

  99. michele says

    Hey! your hair turned out awesome. I have one question.. I’m in the process of doing the same thing (lol) and my hair in the back and underneath is darker- there is still some dark brown. Will loreal hi color go over that, because its a mixture of natural & dyed.. Or should I go buy another box of remover and touch up the dark spots?

    1. Kiwi says

      I Just used Color Oops tonight for the first time, and I am sooooo pissed off and angry.

      I did about 2 1/2 hour or more of research before I bought it, and *most* of them seemed very positive, so I was willing to take the risk. I have bright/medium pink (magenta hair). Underneath was what blonde before it went pink, green months and month before that for almost a year and black before that.

      I followed all the directions and my hair is the UGLIEST shade of medium/dark blue. If I could have know it was going to do this, I certainly wouldn’t have bought it and just would have used a wee bit of bleach to get a lighter pink/blonde….Cause thats what I wanted and thats what I thought this product would do, since the color before it went magenta, was super light blonde…almost white.

      The magenta I used was Punky Color, and after having it pink for 4 months with no re-dying and tons of washing with head and shoulders (which is supposed to fade color) It was only maybe a half shade lighter than when I originally dyed it.

      So so mad. Hope this prevents someone else with similar hair color from making the same mistake I did. I was trying to be kinder to my hair by not bleaching it, but I really wish I could turn back time now and never NEVER have used this product. FML.

      Luckily, I wear wigs daily (cause Im trying to leave my hair alone and let it grow and get healthy)
      Guess I’ll just continue to do that….And be lucky I dont have a boyfriend in this country who would have to see this disgusting color on my head everyday and every night.

      1. chelsea says

        color oops clearly states that it doesnt lift pink/magenta/purple

    2. Janae says

      My natural hair color is like a light-medium brown and I dyed it black will color zap take all the black out?

      1. S. Smith says

        Janae- my hair color was a medium brown, and I dyed it what I thought would be a dark brown. It ended up almost black. Hideous! I used Color Oops (not Zap) and it worked wonderfully.

  100. tj says

    I didn’t have the issue of my bathroom smelling from color oops. They also say do NOT use a hairdryer with that item. Other than that I agree 20-25 minutes of rinsing is too long, my water turned cold at the last 5 minutes..brrr. This product really saved my hair color error in a big way.

  101. marisol says

    You’re hair turned out fabulous!
    Do you think this will work with if my hair if it is already an unnatural color? I used special effects dyes (virgin rose, burgandy wine). I’m tired of the pink.
    thank you!

  102. language translation tips says

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  103. ginger says

    Your hair looks beautiful! Both times. The product really worked for you. My fear is that I have processed my hair so much. In some parts it’s brittle because I would have to bleach sections of my hair that I wanted to color pink. I was doing that for two years. About 5 months ago, I just colored it all one color. BLACK! I want it gone now. Like it is Spring time, and I have one boring black color. I am like you with the eccentric hair and make-up. So I am desperate for a change. I am afraid if I used the color oops, my hair would start to fall out. :( Any comments on that?

  104. Church in the North Vancouver Area says

    Definitely believe that which you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the net the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people consider worries that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  105. woowoo12 says

    hey. After readin your post based upon these products, i have to say, I’ve read some other post’s by you, in which you had blonde hair…. Once you’ve lightened your hair, you can’t put the natural pigment back into it. So, when you went dark, the dark just covered up the blonde. So, when you used the colour remover it simply removed the dark colour you’d put over the blonde. That’s why it looked blonde afterwards. It does say that it will reveal your lightest colour. It says on the box it will ONLY return your hair to its natural colour if you’ve gone from your natural colour to a darker one. But because you went from your natural colour to blonde then dark, it revealed the lightest colour the blonde. That said, I’m lovin the end colour.

  106. Misha says

    i LOVE that red! thx 4 the blog!

  107. Litywulibofy says

    Indeed poleznyak! And how many do not lazish on no solid blah blah blah. But not here, and it pleases!

  108. Misha says

    QUESTION: which volume developer did you mix with the Loreal HiColor? (10,20,30,40) Im thinking a 10 since you were just depositing…. I hope u answer this question!

    1. Alyssa says

      I love the way your hair turned out.? I have never put unnatural colors in my hair except once a deep burgandy but I have dyed it all different colors including black for about a whole year. I have.used this product before and in my opinion works exactly like the kind I had put in at the hair salon. It also smells the same anyways, I’ve dyed my hair maybe 10+ times since I last used color oops and so it didn’t come out as light as I wanted this time and I was wondering if it is safe to use it again today if I just used it yesterday to get it a little lighter because in the past when I’ve put a lighter dye over it, it has gotten a little darker and.I.want.back to my natural color which is a light ash blond

  109. Dale Artley says

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    1. Yaadii says

      I liked the puocrdt, but I would have like the bottle a bit narrower, I don’t have too much strength in my hands. I recommend it.

  110. sophie says

    heyyy i have dyed my hair a red/brown colour more red but i rele wanna go back blonde will the colour oops work on lightening my hair so i can go blonde?

  111. corporate hospitality london says

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  112. Sheila says

    I just tried another l’oreal product. I used the l’oreal paris hair color remover. Its basically the same as the color zap. My hair was/is black. I left it on for the max amount of time, which is an hour, but most of my hair is still dark although I notice my hair is a little lighter. I bought two boxes just in case this happened. My question is how long did you wait between products?

    1. Lil says

      How much was it ?

  113. Angel D says

    Totally agree with you on color oops it bleached the top lighter than natural and barely took any black from my roots my hair had 3 tones dying over it not much help there either my ends are still way too dark. Looks like a ponytail and the salon tomorrow so much for saving a buck.

  114. aoplaza says

    you web is very buatiful thank you for you article

  115. Georgia says

    your hair looks amazing!
    i love it. i have black hair and want to go back to my natural which is blond-ish. im thinking about getting color zap…..where can i get it thats cheap, everywhere i looks its like $60.00???

    1. ORE says

      color zap is like 5 box the box in the beauty supply

  116. tina" i've used it all!" says

    i have used all of these color oops products for years, they can do beautifull work, i love to use them when going blond but i have had problems with them if they are not rinsed completely from the hair, they can revert and turn you back to a dark brown to black color if there is any color oops left in the hair!! there is also a step that most people leave out or over look and that is sealing the cuticle these products open the the hair strand so that color comes out but this process continues leaving the hair open and vonerable unless you close the follicle a 10 volume peroxide rinse for 5 mins is average. I would not recomend dying same day just incase cemicals are lingering unless ussing punky colors ect.. wich closing the cuticle should help keep your color brighter longer!!

  117. tina" i've used it all!" says

    color zap and color oops you can find at any Walgreens, Cvs ect.. for about $13.00 or even walmart!

    Sally’s offers a more professional line such as ion color brilliance color corrector $9.00
    but be carefull i didn’t rinse this one well enough one time and i went super light then right back to dark, i was pist!

    they have others ranging from $10.00 to $13.00

    beware some of these products are just like bleach they claim to be gentler on the hair but are no different!! read the box! if it says contents include…. BLEACH packet or PEROXIDE (WARNING!!!!!) this is not going to be a gentle color remover it is BLEACH KIT!!!!

  118. megan xx says

    hello :)
    my hair is a redish dark brown colour i want to dye it all blonde doo ya think it will turn out okay or not ?? x

  119. BBEE says

    Hi :) I recently dyed my hair a bright red but I shower everyday and for some reason these dramatic colours never stay in my hair for first it was like a blood red & now it’s like a brownish red and I hate it! I want to bleach the top half of my hair and the bottom brown…will it work with colour zap? Please answer me :))

    1. Jenna says

      did you bleach your hair before dyeing it red? If not, the color zap/color oops will only take your hair to your natural hair color, or lightest you’ve ever dyed it- which means (if its dark) you will have to bleach it, also.

      it’s better to use the color remover before bleach because it lightens it without much damage. From there when you bleach it it wont take as long & be less damaging.

      Bottom Line: Color zap is NOT as powerful as bleach. Your hair will not be light blonde after you use it.

  120. Janae says

    My natural hair color is a light-medium brown and I dyed it black. Will color zap get all the black out and make my hair normal again?

  121. Emilygirllll says

    Does this damage hair really bad or no? Because my natural hair color is a dark blonde and I dyed medium/ dark brown and I want to go back!! :(

  122. Ashleymellott7 says

    So, since I’ve dyed my hair blonde in parts the color zap would bring parts of my hair that color, and the rest dark brown?

  123. Annalopes says

    I used Color Oops on my dyed brown hair which was coloring my natural gray/streaked hair,as
    it came out too dark.  One application did very little to take the color out or even lighten it. I do
    have some product left over but don’t know if I can use it again to see if it will lighten a little more.
     I do believe that this product should be improved to do more of what it says its suppose to do.

    It would be amazing to have a home product to actually remove the unwanted color from hair.
    Thanks and maybe someone should pick up the ball and go with my suggestion.

  124. webethinkn says

    I have successfully used L’Oreal’s la Petite Frost (H75 Chardonnay) to touch up
    my (dishwater blonde) roots for over 15 years… with no problems, until the
    last two applications.  Even though both times I left it on from 45
    minutes to 1 hour, I ended up with intermittent orange highlights. (They must
    have changed the product…!)  Not liking the orange tint, I went to a Salon
    where they did a highlight weave (with 2 people working on my thin long hair,
    the sides were done long before the back and top were finished… but then rinsed
    the product out within ten minutes after finishing the top !)… they then added
    a toner.  But the end result was overly brassy and still contained orange
    tinted sections. After letting the roots grow out about 2 inches, and
    wearing hats a lot, I still could not stand the phoney yellowish color and
    wanted to try returning to the sun-kissed light blonde color I’ve always

    So I used
    L’Oreal’s Superior Preference, les Blondissimes (LB01, extra light ash blonde,
    cooler).  The previously colored lengths were the right color, but the
    roots came out orangish..  A stylist friend recommended I buy another box
    of the same product and do the roots only (this is the point where I should
    have gone to her salon.. because I had a hard time doing just the roots without
    getting product on the length/ends!)  I did as she said, but it still had
    an orange tint to the roots and the rest was an ashen color….
    I then went to a beauty school because I have friends there with lots of
    experience.  After three hours and three different products, I came away
    with the roots still having an orange tint and the lengths were an
    ashen/greenish tint… (they said it was difficult to get it right because I’d
    done SO much with it already…)
    So irritated, I bought a box of Oops Out and used it that same night…  I
    really appreciated that it took all the ashen color out and that it returned to
    a lighter, more refreshing color ~ but it still had more orange-tint than I
    could stand. The directions say that it will only take out the “last”
    permanent color that was used.  And, if you’re going to recolor, condition
    the hair for at least 20 minutes (I conditioned for 2 hours while on the
    So, I decided to go light brown (thinking it would be closer to my natural
    color) with L’Oreal’s Feria High Lift Brown (B61, cooler). Cooler is supposed
    to get rid of the orange… Oops Out recommends leaving a darker color on for only 5 minutes because the hair
    follicles are very porous at that point.
    The next day, prior to an out-of-town appointment, I did as directed, rinsing
    the Feria brown out after only 5-7 minutes, and ended up with lovely blonde
    roots and purple/ash gray hair!  The rest of my hair has blonde highlights
    throughout, too.
    I’ve washed it three times since then (with Pantene’s Volume) and can see the
    purple/blue color fading each time, looking more gray than purple, with the
    blonde roots and sections remaining… 
    If I had some help, I might be able to section out the gray and use a product
    (maybe a bleach?) that might restore my hair to its original color…  ??
    I’ve considered using the Oop Out again, but I’m afraid it will change this
    nice blonde color back to the orange tint…
    Anyone have any ideas on what products will change the gray to blonde without
    getting orange tones?
    Thanks!!  :}

  125. webethinkn says

    BTW, love your blog site! :}

  126. Kathylen says

    I used this product may 30, 2012 I dyed my hair a dark brown which turned blue black, the next morning , I went to Walmart and purchased OOPS, and a semi permant hair color. By the way, ,,my hair was way over processed, dry ain’t the word to use, it was breaking off and really brittle, (I’m lucky I still have hair) so any way I put the OOPS product on my hair ( it does not smell that bad like some of the other reviews say) I left it on my hair for 20 minutes, (like it tells you to) and I rinsed it out in one really good shampoo took me 5 minutes. Then towel dried my hair, the I proceeded to put the semi permant color on my hair ( that took 10 minutes) and washed out. The color OOPS ( DID NOT damage my hair) I did my usual thing to my hair as usual. But since my hair is in bad shape from before I brought a 2 step protein treatment, that I’m going to put in my hair. This OOPS is pretty good stuff I would recommend this stuff to anyone. I would give it a 5 star rating. (VERY GENTLE ON THE HAIR

  127. Makayla P C 7 says

    I havr blue hair and i bleach it before will colour opps takr th bleach out of it ecause if not then i have to dye my hair brown:( i like my hair blonde i have never died it till now becaise was for make a wish but now the blue is making me really mad i really need help getting the blue out

  128. sarah mcdermott says

    Hello, I’m 13 and i have bleach 2 times and colored my hair 4 times pink, blonde, redish and black.

    And last night i used color oop’s which made my hair blondish brownish and my natural hair color is brown so do i need to use it again.? And it has a BAD ODER.!  

  129. Lovespoken119 says

    I love it I’m red like your before picture and wanting to change it to blue or red in your after pictures thank you for this now I know it can be possible without bleaching

  130. moniiiiiiica says

    You used the color oops, then used the color zap after that ? getting it to that blonde color

  131. Isabella says

    Hey I am a natural whity blond and I dyed my hair purple for cancer and that came out no problem but no in search of a new look for a mouth or two I dyed It caramel and well I miss my blond and I tryed washing it out 20 times and its a 28 washes but only came out with white roots plz help

  132. SAM says

    Very helpful thanks!! I love red it looks good. What’s your thoughts on how to get dark purple hair? Also LOVE your necklace! I now have to search the internet for it or something like it b/c Ariel is my all time fav!! THANKS

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