Guest Review: ELF Essentials Lipsticks

AHHH! This is a PERFECT example of a guest review, and I’m so excited that I got such a great one today :) This is actually really relevant too, as I just bought some ELF lip stuff when I heard about the sale! Coincidentally, I bought Gypsy, Classy, Seductive, and Fantasy as well :) Thanks so much, Samantha Kara!!



Link for ELF lipsticks:
They currently are having a 50% off all lipsticks sale with promo code: 50LIPS with orders over $15 until 2/7

Elf Lipsticks

Elf Lipsticks

From left to right: Voodoo, Classy, Gypsy, Seductive, Posh, Fantasy

I purchased the ELF Essential Lipsticks all together on a 50% off sale several weeks ago. I don’t have a large collection of lipsticks so I was hoping to buy all of their essentials to give them a try and additionally to try different shades on myself.  Each lipstick ended up coming to a total of $0.50 each, so all lipsticks combined came out to $3.00. The price is fantastic and definitely would be great for a gift or for someone who’s starting out a makeup kit. They are currently having a sale for the lipsticks right now, but typically without the sale they are $1.00, coming to a grand total of $6.00. You can order online from, or sometimes you can catch their products at Target.

Elf Lipsticks
From left to right: Voodoo, Classy, Gypsy, Seductive, Posh, Fantasy

The colors are great. I especially like Classy for a pink.. I have NW30 skin and it shows up incredibly well and doesn’t look too odd against my skin tone. The color I was very disappointed with was the Seductive. While it appears to be more peachy on the website (on a color calibrated monitor, no less), it seems a bit more red than I expected on skin. This was the color I was most excited for but Classy ended up surprising me.


Elf Lipsticks
From left to right: Voodoo, Classy, Gypsy, Seductive, Posh, Fantasy

All of these lipsticks seem very creamy to me. Fantasy doesn’t apply strongly and most of the lipsticks have to be pressed a bit onto the skin (more than usual) in order for the color to show up upon first attempt on use. Voodoo is very pigmented and is strong, but the other lipsticks in the series pale in comparison. Gypsy, Seductive, and Posh all look incredibly similar except Posh seems a bit darker on skin. 

The only other issue I had with these lipsticks beyond the colors when swatched/worn, was the wearability. I can typically get an hour or two of wear with these lipsticks. As I recommended in the video, I would certainly say make sure you bring the lipstick with you if you decide to wear it, as you will probably be reapplying soon if you’re out for a while. 

I would give these lipsticks a 3.5/5. They certainly gained points for being so inexpensive, but lost points for three of the colors being incredibly alike one another (even when swatched) and for the wearability. But you certainly can’t beat the price for each lipstick.

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  1. Jena says

    I saw this sale the other day, but wasn’t sure which of the lipsticks to go with, the cheap ones or the cheaper ones haha. This review was really helpful!! thanks a ton, Samantha Kara!

  2. Sky says

    Awesome review! I have the ELF lip colours in Posh and Voodoo, and I love them to death.
    I’m gonna try the other colours too :)

  3. Nina Patricia says

    awesome review, I just got Voodoo myself and it looks really good (I have Olive skin)

  4. Mel says

    Great review – just inspired me to make a purchase! There’s a better deal, though – 50% of EVERYTHING with the purchase of $15. Use the code “SAVINGSELF.” Thanks, Samantha and Leesha!

    1. Samantha Kara says

      Ooh thanks! I didn’t know that coupon code existed.. Now I might have to buy more. LOL

  5. Madeline says

    Thank you for this review! It was so informative! I have the same problem with red lipsticks… they just don’t work haha. You have beautiful eyes =)

  6. Bloot says

    Wow I really enjoyed seeing a down to earth reviewer, and these products are so cheap! Thanks Samantha Kara, I didn’t think I would ever try wearing lipstick, but this gives me an opportunity to try it out! Give this girl a regular spot!!

  7. Izabella says

    very good review, though i haven’t noticed the lipstick on her lips, it suits her pretty well .

  8. karlene says

    great job samantha! fantasy looks good

  9. Sally says

    These guest reviews are starting off to a great start! I love the fact that it gives us a much wider variety of products (and price ranges) than we’d have if we were just getting the reviews from a single person.

    1. Sally says

      I’d also like to add that ELF products seem to be VERY obtainable, as they sell them at the local Dollar General and some of the drug stores.

      1. Carmen says

        They also sell some ELF products at Target.

  10. Samantha Kara says

    Thank you all for your great comments and for the views!

  11. Aveira says

    these lipstick are not so great,but e.l.f. Mineral Lipstick are sooo awesome. they have really nice,basic, very pigmented colours. i use them with e.l.f. studio lip lock pencil and staying power is very good,they don’t bleed or transfer.

  12. farah says

    pzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try to d these looks with the hair style thank you!!!

  13. Ashley says

    I’ve never gotten anything less than an hour. I put on Sociable at 4:30 p.m. and it lasted until 4:30ish in the morning. That was through food and drinks and lots of talking and more drinking. I love my E.L.F. lip sticks, plus the scents are great, too.

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