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This past December, Coastal Scents had a sale on all their Hot Pots ( These Hot Pots are single eyeshadows in 26mm pans and are sold individually. They are $1.99 each (regular price), but I got them for $1.19 each on sale, which is a great deal! They also sell empty palettes to put these in (


Here’s a close look at the packaging. The eyeshadow fits in snugly and the package closes securely.

I got a mixture of shimmer and matte eyeshadows so I could get an idea of what the quality is like of each. I’ve grouped them into trios and one duo at the end.

Deep Cider (matte base + glitter), Boca Mocha (shimmer) and Deep Roast (matte)


Coconut Husk (matte), Chai Spice (shimmer) and Caramelized (shimmer)

Kodiak, Golden Avocado, Goldmine (all shimmer)

Deep Eggplant (matte base + glitter), Edgy Eggplant (matte) and Gunpowder (shimmer)

Gypsy Night (shimmer) and Olivewood (matte)

Swatch time!

Deep Cider, Boca Mocha, Deep Roast (bare skin on the left, primer on the right)

Coconut Husk, Chai Spice, Caramelized (bare skin on the left, primer on the right)

Kodiak, Golden Avocado, Goldmine (bare skin on the left, primer on the right)

Deep Eggplant, Edgy Eggplant, Gunpowder (bare skin on the left, primer on the right)

Gypsy Night, Olivewood (bare skin on the left, primer on the right)

Overall, the shimmery eyeshadows are great! You can see from the swatches that a primer doesn’t help make them more intense, but a primer will certainly prolong its wear. As for the matte ones, a primer is definitely need to make them show up better.

I’ve worn these a few times and they haven’t let me down! 

Quality-wise, I give the shimmery eyeshadows a 4/5 and the matte ones a 3.5/5. They all have a bit of fallout and the matte ones need to be built up a bit to get even coverage.

As for Coastal Scents’ shipping and packaging, I’ll let my kitten “The Grim” give his opinion!


He just loved the bright pink Coastal Scents box! Want to know what else I ordered? Check out my review of Coastal Scents’ 252 Ultimate Palette!

Have you tried anything from Coastal Scents? Share your experiences below!

Thanks for reading! :)



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  1. Lindsay

    March 3, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    Perfect review! Thank you! I think I’ll have to give these eye shadows a try…

  2. Morena

    March 4, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Thanks for posting my review! :)

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