Guest Look: xDEimearByrne

Hi Everyone :)

My name is Eimear, I’m 19 and I live in Ireland. I am currently studying Business Management in college but I have always had a second passion…and that is makeup! I have always been a fan of watching beauty guru’s on YouTube, so I finally plucked up the courage to start my own channel. This is my latest video, a Navy Blue Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial. I really like this look because you can use it for a number of things! If you were going to dress up as a Snow Queen or an Ice Princess or something along the lines, for Halloween this would look great! Add some more shimmer, a blue lipstick and contour and your sorted! Just get creative :D♥
You can mainly find me floating around on YouTube and on Beautylish:

Enough of my blabber and on with the tutorial!






Products Used:
Rimmel London Lasting Finish 16 Hour Foundation
Sheer Cover Finishing Powder
Benefit Cosmetics Hoola

Nyx Jumbo Pencil “Milk”
InglotAMC SHINE 35
Inglot D.S 483
Mally Eye-Opening Brow Fix
MallyVolumizing Mascara Duo

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss

Brushes Used:
Sigma Concealer F70
Sigma Medium Angled Shading F70
Sigma Eye Shading E55
Inglot Travel Brush Kit
Sigma Tapered Blending E40
Sigma Pencil E30
Spooly (no brand)



  1. Sarah says

    Really pretty, I love blue shadows on blue eyes! Well done :)

  2. Leeshy says


  3. Pam says


    1. Angel says

      About eninrag someone’s trust before announcing you’re gonna perform tests on them lol….>^>

  4. Jessica says

    Amazing eyes.

  5. Christine says

    YES YES YES YES thank you for a quality look. Beautiful. That’s an example of real skill :)

  6. Alexis says

    Oh my gosh! That is so pretty! I love using blues. I have blue eyes also. I was hoping that you would talk in the video so I could hear if you have an accent. I love accents! You are so pretty though! Keep doing that you’re doing!! =)

  7. Maria says

    Amazing eye shadow and amazing eyes.I’d kill to have eyes the same color as yours.

  8. Eimear says

    Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments! I really appreciate it :)
    @Alexis: My latest video I’m talking in, and will be in my tutorials from now on. I find the video is much more appealing to watch and more informative too! ^.^

  9. Sarah S. says

    Wow, I thought she used more colors to achieve this look, but really only two shadows and lots of blending! I’m impressed :)

  10. lauren says

    This look is gorgeous! I will definitely try it out :)

  11. KivaRenee says

    oh wow. This look made my jad drop. It is so.. hypnotizing and gorgeous!! Well done girlie! I love it

      1. Evila says

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  12. AllieW says


  13. Zoe says

    The close up of your eye is just beautiful…really great job! :)

  14. Jessica says

    You are soooo beautiful!!! Your eyes are perfect for this look, thank you so much(:

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