April 16, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://www.mymarkstore.com/eleeman Erin

    Love love love! Gorgeous colors!!

  • Angie

    I really love that blue on the waterline, very pretty!

  • http://twitter.com/Car_Dupin Carla

    I love it! Love love the eyes, and also love how i can still see her freckles, makes it so natural. Just lovely :)

  • http://araneae.co.uk Araneae

    Oh, I like it. Lovely pale skin and the purple really compliments your blueygreen eyes :)
    Will be trying this one later :D

  • Miranda

    beautiful girl, beautiful look!

  • kate

    has anyone ever told this girl she looks a lot like susan from narnia
    the eyemakeup is gorgeous

  • Taime

    Gorgeous!! I think I could almost get away with wearing it to work too :D

  • HOlly Reinhart

    SOoooo pretty Sarah! You did a beautifully understated look with a gorgeous blend of colors. Love the piercings too!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/librakitten16?feature=mhum Angie

    Love the colour on your waterline. I have a couple of those GOSH eyeliners and they are really nice. Good job!

  • Nicole

    So pretty! I love the colour combination!

  • Carolyn

    Sooo pretty, and I love your piercings :)

  • Ivy Cross

    Very pretty look <3

  • Bri

    Oh my gosh, her eyelashes are to die for. Very pretty look (:

  • http://safaripoet.blogspot.com/ Petra

    Beautiful look. I hope you’ll let us know the blog link when it’s available.

    • Sarah

      ticklemetonks.blogspot.com :)

  • http://yamismakeup.blogspot.com/ Nancy H.

    Beautiful look! I love the colors~

  • Gabi

    Love the colors! :)

  • Sarah

    Thank you Leesha for posting this and thank you all so much for the wonderful comments! I’ll be sharing the link to my blog once it’s all set up :)

  • Daria

    Oh my gosh girl, has anyone ever told you that you look absolutely stunning?
    And that you have some amazing makeup skills?

  • Chris

    Love the colours you use! This is brilliant =)

  • http://rachaelsbeautyblog.blogspot.com/ Rachael

    This is absolutely beautiful. I love everything about it.

  • http://oakleysunglassesaaa.com fakeoakleysunglasses

    wonderful post,Thank you for your help!we will see more something.<a

  • Kim

    So proud of you my beautiful daughter !! I love you and am so proud of you for starting the ball rolling on this. Bravo. xoxo

  • Annette

    Luv it :) so v pretty!!

  • http://mixtapesandlingerie.blogg.no/ Caroline Carnivorous

    Really cute! :’D

  • http://www.supergorgeous.co.uk Alice @ SuperGorgeous

    Wow, this is stunning – would love to see a tutorial alongside this – I only ever do block colour then crease contour – this look far more interesting!

    • Sarah

      I’ve done a written tutorial if you’d like to check it out now that my blog is all set up – ticklemetonks.blogspot.com :) thank you, by the way!

  • Brianna

    LOVE it!

    I also love your piercings. :)

  • robbie lynn

    I love the blue shade that you used on your waterline. I love to do purple looks and found that using a bright blue shade on the waterline gives an awesome effect. I only started adding the blue this year and I use Urban Decay’s “Electric”, which is bright and totally awesome. I really like your look because I hadn’t really seen many people do that particular thing. I admire someone who adds a different kind of twist to their look. You did a great job.
    By the way, I know I found this WAY late. But I have to give props to someone who will put a bright blue color on the waterline like I do.

  • Rhi

    I really like the color combination. The look is great :) gonna try it myself.