Guest Look: Pink Cosmos with ValleyGurlFrmHell

Hi My name is Su! I’m ValleyGurlFrmHell on Youtube. I’m a random crazy/bubbly beauty guru who has never had the guts to even try to send in anything for GuestLook on but hopefully if I am anywhere as good enough my work will be chosen. Take Care my lovelies and hope you are all having a wonderful day and week ^_^!

Beauty Blog:





Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer Light
MAC Studio Fix Powder NW20
Wet n Wild Taupe Brow Pencil
NYC Sunny Bronzer
Bobbi Brown Gold Shimerbrick

MAC Painterly P/P
NYX Milk Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil
MAC Chrome Yellow E/S
Glamour Doll Eyes Electric Lemonade Loose E/S
MAC Nylon E/S
MAC Vanilla E/S
Glamour Doll Eyes Strawberry Cupcake Loose E/S
MAC NC15/NW20 Chromagraphic Pencil
Sephora Aspen Summit E/S
MAC Black Tied E/S

MAC Plush Lash Mascara
MAC Zoom Lash Mascara

MAC Trace Gold Blush

MAC Creme Da Nude Lipstick




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  • Emi

    Goodness! How pretty is that? Absolutely gorgeous and stunning!

  • Zara


  • Carina

    its nice in the fact that its not a neutral eye, but not neon colors. Love it!

  • Mrs. Gaeul

    Loooove this look! It looks really young and fresh. :)

  • Ana

    Wow, she is a beautiful girl.

  • Julia

    Wow, gorgeous look, and gorgeous young woman!

  • Nancy

    Great look!! Its beautiful~

  • Jessi M

    Wow, what a gorgeous look. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone able to pull off yellow eyeshadow so well! I love how the pink mirrors that color of her hijab, too.

  • Shorby

    Like it!
    So cute =)

  • Tara s

    Wow this is so pretty!! It sort of reminds me of one of the looks Nicki Minaj did in her Super Bass video!!
    So so pretty!! And your eyebrow!! Wowzah! Love!!

  • kelli

    she is absolutely stunning

  • Liza

    Super duper pretty look!

  • Sarah

    aaahh I love Su! she’s so pretty and absolutely hilarious! :D

  • Stephanie

    aww i love Su!

  • MadihaMK

    That’s my bestie! wewt wewt! :D <3

  • Fox

    Very nice tut. Reminds me of a Harry Potter Gryffindor look! Love it!

  • Hanan

    Su!!! she’s sooo beautiful!! <3

  • xasperadastra

    beautiful eyes! And I love yellow with pinks!!!!

  • Tamsin

    This is one of the nicest looks i’ve ever seen :D it’s simple, but still something, i love it! x

  • Becky

    So pretty LOVING the yellow!!

  • Laura

    I really like this. Simple, but absolutely gorgeous. :) If I had a decent yellow like that, I would wear this look!

  • Christina

    WOW! this is gorgeous and she’s so pretty. this actually reminds me of the look from the Nicki Minaj Super Bass video. quite similar in fact. I love also how nice her complexion is. Great video!

  • Kristina

    Beautiful, the only things is I would like to see a stronger blush to contrast the yellow just a thought! However, very striking I could easily see this in a magazine add.

  • Lucy

    “I love this look. It looks really good, especially on me.” Hahaha cracked me up! It does though :P

  • Elle

    Su is one of my favorite makeup artists. All of her looks are absolutely unique and beautiful. I swear I could watch her apply makeup all day long!

  • Caroline Carnivorous


  • Nicole

    loving the look!
    these colors look really beautiful on her!

  • leesha

    right?! I thought so too!!

  • Su

    hee hee I meant to sat on my skin tone but what evs! I am kind of conceited :P