Guest Look- Margareth of CandyKillerr

Hello there :)

I’m Margareth and I’m addicted to colorfull make up looks:)
If you like colors and funny looks you can visit my blog and you won’t regret :)
This look I made some time ago for contest:) It was summer evening look and i won the  2nd price  yaay :)
Hope you enjoy :)





Products I used :

Urban Decay primer

Eyeshadows – Italian Beauty , Inglot , Bikor
Eyeliner – Peggy Sage and black pencil from  Peggy
On my cheek bones – limited edition from Avon -Arabian glow
Lipgloss – Isa Dora
Foundation -Peggy Sage
False lashes – Peggy Sage

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  • Sam


    This is beautiful!!!

  • CoRtNZ

    You won 2nd place? The person who won 1st must have been bloody brilliant, cause your look is absolutely fantastic!

  • Tatiana

    This is amazing! So beautiful! It screams “tutorial”! Pretty please?

  • Mandy


  • Joyce

    that must have been some first place if you only got second! It’s not really my taste but the colors and technique are amazing

    • Candy Killer

      Naaaah first place was more outgoing look :) not this crazy kind :)

  • Liza

    Wonderful look, I love these colours!

  • ☆Lola A♏ ★

    Gorgeous!!! You have great looks on your blog, unfortunately I don’t speak the language. :(

    • Melissa

      If you open it in Google Chrome, the translator tool works quite nicely for most things. It’s free to download if you don’t have it.

  • Kimryan8

    WOW. “jaw drop.” Awesome.

  • Gabi

    AMAZING!!! How did you not win first in that contest?!?

  • Kassie

    So friggin gorgeous!!

  • Joyce

    *chills* oh my goodness.

  • Elizabeth

    That is SO amazing!!!! Extremely Beautiful!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Could you do a look like that but make it wearable for brown eyes??? please!?

  • Mary-Lynn

    Wow that is absolutely amazing!

  • shalely

    Wow fantastic colours. Very….bähm :-)

  • erika

    I tried doing a search for the eyeshadows you listed and couldn’t find anything…can you tell us what you used?

    • Candy Killer

      You dont know Inglot shadows ?:) This is Polish brand and as I know they’re avialable in US :) Other shadows I used from other companies but you can find these colors in Inglot :)

  • Kristen

    Jaw has been dropped…passed the floor

  • cathenia

    Oh wow! That is absolutely stunning!

  • Renata

    she’s from Poland! Poland is proud! :)

  • Bun Bun Makeup Tips

    This is amazing! Love the colors and intensity!

  • Amandale

    This look, and her face is amazing! You know your looking good when you can take a straight on shot lol

  • Greatdee

    Stunning look :) You’re amazing but you know that ;)

  • Heather Elizabeth

    Ok, so this is absolutely INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL and BREATH-TAKING…. but I just have one major question…. how do you get the eyeshadow to go past the inner side of the lid and out to your nose?? I want to do a look with that same technique in mind, but I don’t know how! Please help!:)

    • Candy Killer

      Thank you so much ;)
      I used very smal brush .. and i did it on my eye closed ..its very simple :) I used only red eye shadow to do this:)

  • Demeter

    What a beautiful look! I love love red eye shadow, and the contrasting blue really makes it pop. I love her hair too! What a unique cut. Thanks for this guest look :)

  • Rachel Mazzie

    I would love to see a you tube tutorial on this look, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • heather

    Reminds me of Aquafresh toothpaste. :oP But it’s still really pretty!!!

  • Misty

    Yeah, kinda super amazing!

  • antigone

    Color are AMAZING! Awesome job, Margareth!

  • egyptiangurlie

    wow i absolutley LOVE this look! and it looks stunning with your pretty green eyes. good work! can we see a tutorial on it soon? :)

  • Hilda

    go, go Polish grl! :D

  • Cassie

    I think this reminds of a girl superhero look. :)

  • theartismakeup

    wauw this is stunning!!

  • xrobotlove

    WOW. This is seriously breathtakingly mindblowingly gorgeous! I can’t stop looking at it.

  • Kirstie

    how are your colors so vibrant. I feel like no matter what brand I buy my colors always come out dull and kind of transparent looking.