Guest Look: LadycrowX

Hi, my name is Amy aka LadycrowX! 

I have been into makeup since 2008 when I got hooked on watching Youtube tutorials. I currently write a blog called The Crow and the Powderpuff where you’ll find posts about Makeup Tutorials, Product Reviews, Product Swatches, and anything pertaining to beauty. I am currently in the process of moving further into beauty subjects as well such as Nails, Hair, and Fashion. I also have a Youtube channel where you can find video tutorials of the looks I do as well as tips and reviews.

In my spare time when I am not blogging or doing makeup you can usually find me playing video games, watching anime, reading, or doing anything involving nerdiness. I enjoy fantasy based movies, books, and games. 
I did this look based off an old look I had done a while back and I hope you enjoy it!







Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak Primer
Glamour Doll Eyes Big Top
Glamour Doll Eyes Fire Eater
Glamour Doll Eyes Fiji Mermaid
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Illamasqua Cake Liner in Mislead
Lashem Double Trouble Mascara

Pur Minerals 4-1 pressed mineral makeup in Porcelain 

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Romantique


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  • Sam

    Woah, I love that firey color! :)

  • Simone

    OMFG I love this look! And her eyes are freaking beautiful. Must have. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  • Liber Vix

    Gorgeous! Is it strange that I knew exactly what lip color that was on sight? Romantique is pretty distinctive :)

  • Liza

    So sparkly! Love it!

  • Jorgiee

    Wow! This look is so pretty! I absolutely love it! And your eyes are… Whoa.
    This is great timing, too~
    Australia Day is on the 26th of January, and the green and gold are our colours :)
    This is amazing! x I sooo have to check out your blog!

  • Christine

    This is gorgeous, love this look :)

  • Jamie

    Wow this is awesome! I found you via twitter account @temptalia. I definitely want to try a look like this for a night out at some point! Such an unexpected yet beautiful combination of colors!

  • Sarah

    I’ve seen Glamour Doll Eyes shadows on others before but wow, this is beautiful – I think I need to invest in some of these! Gorgeous look, gorgeous skin, and love your blog :)

  • Kim Teague

    Wow seriously how is it I’ve never run across her on youtube, such amazing work! I’m absolutely in love, definately plan to subscribe and follow the blog too :)

  • Iridescent

    wow- I’m a big fan of Glamour Doll Eyes- so that makes this look super duper awesome to me!!

  • JenTini

    Whoa! That look is awesome! So beautiful!

  • Lauren

    Wow! What a look! I love her lips! MUST GET COLOR!!!

  • dslrbbt

    This is sooooo lovely!

  • kristi

    tutorial along with guest look!!!!!! yesssssss!!!!!!!

    • Prince

      i think at least once evoeyrne has googled their own name…:)) . intersting concept the RepSpinner

    • xnkofn

      rBDPxP jfclhegdwiua

  • Amber

    I wish I was as pale as she is. I can’t get pale like that. :< I'm lighter than an NC15

  • Stephanie

    Love the eye makeup, it’d look so much better paired with an orangey/red lip though I’m not feeling the frosty pink although I do love Fyrinnae.

  • Brooke

    Oh heyyy I read her blog!

  • Misty

    Hah, I’m already subscribed to you!

  • RaveAboutIt

    I’m wearing a makeup look really similar to this today, even before I saw this video!