Guest Look: Black & Yellow Cut Crease by Seana

Hi! I’m Seana from Philadelphia :)

This look popped into my head when I was going to sleep one night, and I had to get up and do it before I forgot haha :)
One of my first attempts at a cut crease. It turned out better than I expected! Though the crease could have been blended into the highlight a bit better haha.


Product List:
Max Factor Pan-Stik Foundation in 121 Nude Ivory
Coastal Scents Concealer Palette
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
ELF Blush in Glow
Nyx Jumbo Pencils in MilkYellow
ELF White Eye Shadow from the 100 Palette
Yellow Pigment (Off brand! But Chrome Yellow from Mac would work great too.)
Mac Black Track Fluid Line
ELF Black Eye Shadow from the 100 Palette
Salon Perfect Lashes
Mac Lipstick in Snob

Thanks for looking! :)

And a Youtube Channel: (Not many videos up now, but more to come soon! Better lighting to come as well haha.)


Xx Seana


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  1. Audrey says

    Sooo cool!

    1. jess says

      That came out badass for a first attempt! Love it!!
      Kind of reminds me of a cheetah print with the colors.

  2. TaNisha says

    Very beautiful look, love it!

  3. Rebecca says

    Wow! this is amazing!! reminds me of batman <3

  4. Seana says

    Thank you for posting my look!
    Xx Seana :)

  5. Erica says

    Love love LOVE this look! Just GORGEOUS!

  6. Kristen says

    Wow, that was your first attempt? It’s great!

  7. Ann Kristin says

    wooow, that is awesome!!

  8. Monique Sawyer says

    Yeah! Philly! Great job. We need more great blogs from the area. Looking forward to see more! :o)

  9. Courtney says

    Woah. That is amazing. I am totally wearing it. I dont know where yet, but I am.

  10. kacibrianna says

    Bahaha I’m lame; I keep thinking “This is a wonderful Hufflepuff look!” And it’s hardly a Hufflepuf look XD. Though, if there were yellow instead of white (so that the lid was fully yellow), it could be considered a Hufflepuff look. Lol I love it nonetheless. I haven’t attempted a cut-crease yet, so kudos to you for making it look amazing!

  11. Seana says

    Thank you everyone for the nice comments :)
    Also thanks for subscribing to my blog and youtube!

  12. Izabella says

    i just wished the yellow and the white was blended out a little bit more, it looks kinda harsh yet

    1. Kristina says

      I think the lack of blendng on the lid and the “harsh” I say severe lines are what makes this look … Ahmahhhhhzing … I am not in an age range to pull this off any longer however I may put a more age appropriate spin on it … I like it a lot and your use of yellow is appropriate here. Thank you for not using yellow just for the sake of using yellow.

  13. Claudia says

    you look beautiful!
    do you mind me asking what you’re wearing as a brow product? it looks perfect.

    1. Seana says

      thanks! I dont exactly remember what I was using for my brows because at the time I was testing out a bunch of products on them to see what I liked best because I’d just died my hair darker and was looking for the right shade.
      However, I’m 90% sure this was Ulta’s brown eye liner pencil with elf’s clear mascara on top!

  14. Sarah S. says

    Awesome! I don’t think it looks harsh… a cut crease is kind of supposed to be a “HELLO!” look imho. I really have to work on getting as good as you!

  15. Dave says

    this chick does some bad ass eye colors. I love it.

  16. Justine says

    This looks beautiful!

    (Reminds me of the Penguins colours :p )

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