Got the bloggin’ blueeesss


Hi there!

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the fact that there were no new videos this week. Tyler (le bf) left on a 10 day trip on tuesday, and my plan was to film a bunch of videos this week to get ahead of the game, but unfortunately last week I had a really bad reaction to a skincare product I was trying out (I know it will be asked, so it was Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Redness Relief Facial Cleanser. I’m not sure if my skin was reacting because it was a new product or what, but it was baaaaaaaad). I decided to postpone filming to give my skin some time to heal, and it’s finally getting to the point where everything looks okay under makeup. I wanted to get a video up today, but the day got the better of me so the plan is to get right back on track on Sunday- I’m gonna add an extra little 2-part video series called Love it or Leave it.. essentially product of the week and product of the never again lol :)

The main point of this post is to say that I’m feeling like I’m in a bit of a blogging rut. Every post is either a product review or a tutorial recap, and for me it’s kinda boring. I know that there is a weekly guest look, but I really want to start having more interactive posts, get more feedback and participation from you guys, and make xSparkage feel a community? haha i don’t know, just less repetitive like i feel it is now.

This also applies to Youtube. The way I have been going about everything lately is a review/haul/something on Mondays, and tutorials on Wednesday and Friday. I always notice that the more popular videos seem to be hauls overall, followed by tutorials and finally reviews. What types of videos do you enjoy watching most? I read a comment recently asking me to bring back First Impressions and Theme tutorials, as well as Ask Leesha.  I guess my question is, What are your favorite style videos to watch from beauty gurus? Hauls? Reviews? Tips/Tricks? Full on tutorials? I put videos up to help YOU guys, so knowing what it is that appeals to you will help me out a lot.
I’m totally planning on bringing back theme tutorials (they will start mid-february, and there is a reason for that, you shall see!) but until then I’m sort of striving for ideas in the tutorial department, so it’s difficult to bring two a week. I work MUCH better when I have a set idea in my head and know EXACTLY what it is I want to represent, but without that I tend to sort of go back to the same styles, which I know gets repetitive.

I’m writing this because I want to know your thoughts. I’m sure you all have loads of favorite blogs you check out daily, and I’d love to know what it is you like about them- the type of posts, the way they present photos, etc. I’d also love to hear what you do/don’t like about xSparkage, both the blog and youtube.. feedback either way is really helpful!


omg, if you read all of that, I will personally bake you cookies. Sometimes I miss having a personal blog, lol :) To make it up to you, here is a picture of two cats actually using a cat product the way it was advertised (I didn’t think it was possible)


Again, sorry for the boring post and total MIA-ness this week! I appreciate all of your support so much!


  1. Phyrra says

    I love the idea of you doing a tips or tricks of the week post. I also really do love your looks and reviews.

  2. Amber says

    I like Chocolate Chip Cookies Peanut butter are good too ;) FOr youtube I love seeing occasional hauls, but my favorite thing to watch are product reviews and I am a huge fan of your bright makeup tutorials. I also really enjoy tip and trick videos… I feel those should be shorter vids if possible though. For your blog I think a mix of beauty/ personal posts would be good. Its always nice to see personal sides of people. Even if its posts about your fur babies! One thing I am not a fan of on blogs are just photos of products with no descriptions. Hope this helps <3

  3. Tina says

    I used to love when Pixiwoo would sit down in front if the camera and just start doing really creative makeup with no plan and chat about life and makeup.

    1. Morgan says

      I agree! I love how candid you can be Leesha, so maybe just do a “See What Happens” kind of makeup video?

    2. Sara says

      I’d love to see something like that too. Just kinda witness the creative process at work, ya know?? :D

    3. Meg says

      Yes! This would be great!

    4. Kimberly says

      This would be awesome! :)

  4. Gabi says

    So excited for the themed tutorials next month! As far as my favorite videos, other than tutorials, reviews are always super helpful! But everything you put up I think is great :)

  5. Noemie says

    I did read everything haha! So here is my view on things I like. I like hauls but not every week because it just makes me feel bad+makes me want to shop and I just can’t afford to every week :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tutorials (I’m still waiting for a “around the world” kind of theme :) )
    I do miss First Impressions but I would love you to do it in the way where you wear the product all day and then come back and tell us what your impressions are. I feel like that’s more helpful than just watching you opening it and swatching it and done. I guess that’s how I like reviews :)
    I hope that helped a little bit, you’re the 1st person I ever subscribed to on yt and you taught me a lot :)
    ps: I’m still looking for somebody who did a good tutorial on Emma Stone’s makeup at the Golden Globes. just throwing it out there if you dont know what to film one of these days :)

  6. Mel says

    I love every segment you do, but my favorites are probably either the tips and tricks or the full on tutorials. I also miss celebrity looks. The Nicki Minaj one and the Taylor Swift ones were two of my favorite looks of yours. Hope you get out of the rut soon! =)

  7. jenn says

    I love your open box videos and i also love the hauls. Worst products and your favs would be a good ones too. I’m still kinda new but I love all your videos. Neutrogena gave me a bad reaction too. I had a face mask and left it on like it said to and when I took it off my face was sooo red that you could see the outline on my face this was years ago never used anything from them again. Hope your feeling better and thanks for doing what you do :0)

  8. Emily says

    I really like the idea of the “love it or leave it” videos. I think it would be cool to have a portion of this website dedicated to photos of people recreating your looks. It would be nice to see some fan interpretations of your looks!

    1. Leesha says

      thats such a fun idea!!

  9. Miss Katie says

    I love “tips and tricks” “style” and maybe add a bit more personal on your blog? I’m sure everyone’s curious about your general life – I know I am and I really hope that doesn’t sound creepy but I like to hear a bit about person lives about my favourite bloggers. Hearing what they do besides beauty related items.

  10. Lauren says

    I miss your unboxing videos! And i do love your first impressions videos too! You should do like… a product smackdown or whatever. You could do one for like the maybelline color tattoos VS mac paint pots. Or comparing crackle polishes. IDK. :) I love your videos leesha. you’re really my FAVORITE guru to watch. I honestly and truly mean that. Why not start doing some series again. Like themed tutorials. Like around the world?

  11. Hannah Elizabeth says

    I think it would be cool if you tried to do a re-make series. Like, re-makes of past looks that didn’t have the greatest video quality.

    1. Leesha says

      oooh dont you worry, that’s going to happen :) Definitely planning to redo the disney princess looks, as well as add more disney characters.. that will probably happen in march (after this first series I mentioned happens!)

      1. Kassie says

        Yippeee!!! So excited for that! I loved your Disney looks and often took inspiration from you when I did my own Disney series. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  12. amanda sawyer says

    I love our videos and blog for in dept things. One video I loved that you did was the make up mistakes on one side of your face and how to fix it on the other. So funny.

    1. Leesha says

      I think that video is the most controversial video I have hahah. Some people LOVE it, others HAAAAAAAATE it.

      1. Amanda says

        I absolutely loved that one!

  13. Courtney says

    Leesha, you think too much! I watch your vids & read your blog for your PERSONALITY..and cos I’m a makeup junkie. I do miss your theme tutorials tho xx

  14. Nikki B says

    I would love to see tips and tricks. I also really like your tutorials. As for Hauls, mehhh I’d prefer to see a review or favorite things type video. I like getting info on a product not just look what I bought.

  15. Kathryn says

    I like themed tutorials, regular tutorials, and tips and tricks. I really appreciate reviews as well but I feel like those can just be blog posts – unless a video is necessary to demonstrate or explain.

  16. Nina Patricia says

    I like either sugar cookies or Oatmeal raisins, I’ll be waiting.
    I love all of your videos but specially the tips, first impressions. The love it or leave sounds cool.
    How about some more nail care too?

    1. Leesha says

      I definitely need to do more nail videos, I keep slacking on them (even DOING my nails in general haha)

  17. Cat says

    I love the themed tutorials the best! Maybe do something like the elements – Water, Earth, Fire, Wind/Air, Space. That would be neat.

  18. Caitlin says

    I love your tutorials and hauls. I think it would be fun if you could do more Ask Leesha videos. I think that you would get a lot more ideas by going through different themes and doing more indepth things. Like different characters from your favorite movies, or books that aren’t movies that you think they might look like. Also, i would love it if you could do cheaper alternatives for the higher end brands. Hope this helps!

  19. Cassie says

    Cookies for me! This will probably be long I feel it :)

    Love all tutorials, themed or otherwise. Even if the look is similar to one in the past this is one way to learn about new products (new on the market or just new to me).

    Haul videos are great/fun, but unless there’s some type of update on how you feel about the product I feel it to be useless, besides being entertaining and making me oh so jealous of the new makeup and such that you buy. Same goes for first impressions. I like them a lot, but what would be more helpful is if in the same video you came back a few hours later and showed how the product wore that would be extra awesome :) If the color is awesome but fades in an hour or two I don’t really want it (this is my biggest gripe with blush, the prettiest color does me no good if it’s gone before lunch because I have no time for touch ups outside of lipstick at work).

    Awhile ago there were a underrated and overrated videos going around. Love seeing both. What products do you use that you think are fantastic but don’t get enough praise, please let me know so I too can enjoy these products, or which ones do you think get talked about a ton by other beauty gurus but you don’t think are all that great (you mentioned Urban Decay’s Zero in a previous post).

    I’m also enjoying your dieting tips/food posts. They’re entertaining and inspiring.

    And if you read all that you deserve baked cookies so we’ll be even. Keep up the good work Leesha I always get super excited when you have a new video or blog entry posted.

  20. Sweetbsting says

    Mmmm, cookies… Sorry, got distracted there for a minute. I am really into Indie makeup, and find it more affordable so I frequent blogs that are primarily That. I also like the idea of helping small business as opposed to mega corporations. I like that you don’t spam every piece of promo material you receive, that irks me about some bloggers.
    Those are some ideas i have. I wouldn’t mold you into any other type of blog, just thought I’d share. Btw, I think you’re amazingly talented and love your looks. *awkward fan girl moment*

  21. Marie says

    I would like to see more blogs or videos on cooking, or just healthy eating in general. I have tried the green smoothie, and the slimming soup because you mentioned it! They were both great!

    1. Leesha says

      I am definitely planning to stick with weekly Healthy Beauty posts, dont worry :)

  22. Amanda says

    I’m not sure how much help I’ll be, but since you asked for feedback, I’ll give my two cents. I’m so excited about the theme tutorials coming back. They’re my absolute favorites, and that’s how I actually found your blog. I also really like reviews because before I spend money on a product, I love to hear the pros and cons of actually using it to see if it’s worth the money. Tips and tricks are also always good. It sounds like I’m probably in the minority, but I usually don’t pay as much attention to hauls because I wait for a full review of the products.
    Again, that probably isn’t much help, but those are my preferences. Super excited for the theme looks!

  23. Kimmiekins21 says

    I read everything! I want to say first off that i love all your videos, my favorite being the tutorials:) they are really to me the best out there with how you explain everything and how you set everything up. Ive really learned so much from you and want to one day do a guest look but im not to sure how to go about that . I think that it would be cool to in more of your tutorial videos if we could see looks done one other people but kind of make it or it would be interesting for you to like bring guests in and have them do a look on you! Haha i dont really know where im going with this, i dont really know how to put into words my idea. But thanks so much for all that you do and i am really looking forward to what comes next:)

  24. Christy B. says

    I would love to see more tips and tricks! I also really like reviews. Hauls are about my least favorite because Its cool to see what you got and whats new but without swatches and/or reviews I tend to kinda forget about stuff that I might otherwise be interested in. Does that make sense? lol

  25. Hannah says

    I love your unboxing video’s and hauls & I adore your tutorials with bright colours :D

  26. vedith says

    I always love your videos. Especially the tutorials, runner up would be swatches. Saves me a lot of money to know wether to buy a product or not. I’d love to see some more ‘ low budget looks’ if you know what i mean :P. You could make a tutorial mini series inspired by flowers? anyway, keep up the good work. ;) ( the kitty pics are cute too, have to pimp your posts somehow Lol. ) just for the record,, your posts or vids are never boring to me! I really watch forward to new ones. Now, where are my cookies? Hahaha
    time to close my eyes now (2.15 am or something..)
    <3 from the Netherlands,

  27. Kassie says

    I miss the themed looks and the Ask Leesha videos. I like your reviews because you have amazing photographs but they aren’t in depth. Usually(not always) you take photos, swatch and describe the colors. But sometimes I am left wondering if the product actually worked.

    Umm, I really miss your bright looks, the blue/purple one you did the other week was amazing, a real blast from the past, which I loved.

    I really can’t think of anything else, you are an amazing guru and I absolutely love you! One of the first I started watching and I plan to never stop! You are the reason I started experimenting with color and my 120 palette :D

    I LOVE YOU!! ♥♥♥ :D

  28. Lisa says

    First off, the comment about cats and appropriate use of cat items made me LOL hard. I know EXACTLY what you mean!!
    Second, I love love love the First Impressions videos! Esp with drugstore stuff. Gives us an idea of what is worth trying and what isn’t, which is really helpful. We hear a lot about how great/awful certain high-end products are from a lot of gurus so that makes it easy when we go to Sephora or whatev, but I really love the First Impressions videos!
    Also, I love tutorials as much as the next girl, just putting that out there. So keep those :D Yours are my fave, seriously. I like reviews like >10 mins… anything over that (unless it is about a SET of products, not just 1 or 2) is just not necessary.
    I hope this was helpful! Please keep blogging & youtube-ing! Love your stufffff :)

  29. Joy says

    I definitely enjoy your videos and feel like I can relate to you b/c I also moved to Austin somewhat recently…I’ve been here two years. It’s creepy, but I feel like I know you. Ha. I would also like to see more nail care b/c my nails are crap and I’m trying to get better at nails and makeup. Any tips are always welcome. Love it or leave it sounds really cool…it helps to have good reviews when planning our own purchases, especially on a tight budget. I love glitter and cats too! Lol. You could make us cookies, but it’s probably too many caloriessssssss!!!

  30. Stephanie says

    In order of preference: Reviews (so I know what to get or avoid), tips and tricks, tutorials, hauls. If there’s recipes then those go after reviews!

    I come to your blog most for swatches/ basic review summaries of a product.

    I prefer freshly baked warm cookies with walnuts!

  31. Emi says

    Im starting my makeup course in beauty school (next week omg im so excited) and id love to chat with you more. Mudd products, when I know more I plan to have more questions. There will be a contest at the end of the week, character make up, with a theme of some sort.
    Im interested in taking more courses other that what I study on your site ;)
    Ive promoted your site to my class already, but what if you did like a shout out video and participated in the contest, and we dont mind if you blow us out of the water..
    Anyway ill check in with yousoon, im excited to see whatever change you are looking for.

  32. Tanis says

    I LOVE your bright crazy tutorials. I love your “wearable” ones as well but the bright ones are definitey my favorite.

  33. Karen says

    My favorite videos from you are your tutorials! I’d like to see more celebrity inspired ones. I also miss your monthly favorites videos! I like haul videos because I’m nosey and like to see what other people are buying, but afterwards I want to know if you actually like the products. I think you already do a good job with that by posting swatches and reviews on your blog.

  34. Bonnie says

    I have always loved the open box vids, and theme tutorials.It would be cool if you did some older movies, to give you inspiration for the themes. Like Pretty Woman, Almost Famous, hell even Dick Tracy.

    Find your inspiration and run with it!

  35. Alexis says

    My favourite blogs/videos of yours (besides tutorials) are your reviews, I also really like your monthly fav videos so I can get ideas for new products to buy. On your blog the one thing I wouldn’t miss is the guest looks, I never really look at them.
    I also really liked when you did a few unboxings from the deal sites like hautelook. I shop all the time on that site but there’s so many brands I just skip over if I don’t really know the brand. But I remember one time you unboxed from Hautelook and you got something from Romeo and Juliet and I loved the pieces and now anytime its on the site I take a look :)
    I know you have your other youtube for discodollies and my fav videos on those are your recipe videos, or talking about your fav kitchen tools, random stuff like that.

  36. Katie says

    I like tips/tricks and tutorial videos the best. I like to see a product in action and how to use it. I watch haul videos anyway but they are kinda pointless in my opinion. Yeah, it’s cool to see what people buy, but it’s not helping me to see how the product works. I think you can never make everyone happy with review videos. I wont watch a review of a product I’m not at all interesting in buying. But when I do watch a review, I like to see the product getting used. But I hate when people go on and on and on about it. I hate when reviews can get over 10 minutes long. None of what I’ve said is directly about any of your videos. I watch alot of beauty videos and those are just my overall opinions. I honestly love all of your videos. Especially your colorful tutorials. Finding new color combos is my favorite thing

  37. Chelsy says

    One of your themes should definitely be a look inspired by the districts in the Hunger Games! :)

    1. Leesha says

      A+ at guessing what i was being cryptic about for the theme im starting in february hahah :D

      1. Ashley says

        Oh that’s amazing, that’ll be really fun to see. Are you going to do all the districts or just the ones that were specified? Because some of them have no information about them at all.

        1. Leesha says

          I was planning to do all of them. They each have a “job” so to speak, so i can base it off of that :)

  38. Rachel says

    I like watching the “get ready with me” videos. I’m not sure if you’ve ever done one of those before. I miss the unboxing videos you did, then after you would show everything from the box we could tell you if there’s something we’d want a review on or a tutorial with. I like watching hauls too, makeup or clothing. In blog posts I like to see swatches of products. I think it’s easier to go back and look at pictures of swatches then search thru videos to find the swatch. I like when gurus talk about products they like AND that they don’t like. No one seems to talk about the products they don’t like. I think it’s helpful to know what you don’t like and why. Oh and recipes. I love learning new recipes, whether thru a video or on a blog. And I’ll take some mint chocolate chip cookies =D Better get baking, it looks like you have alot of cookies to make =P

  39. Kyla says

    Where are my cookies now??? :D I loooove when you open all the boxes… it makes me feel like christmas or my birthday!! :D More open box! ;)

  40. Magnolia says

    I absolutely love all your videos my favorites are haul videos and tutorials! I love seeing the new stuff you get and I then make mental notes of which products I want to see your review for. Your wed and Friday looks are the best I always look forward to them. I love the idea of xsparkage becoming more of a community and more interactive. I think a great way to bring that up is the ask leesha vids!! I would love to see nail tutorials again that’s actually how I found you haha. Maybe you could do something like comparing an expensive product to a drugstore brand, like finding the cheaper dupe for the higher priced item but show how it wears and what the differences are etc. I hope that made sense, I’m sure I’ll love whatever you come up with :)

  41. Amanda says

    Hi Leesha,

    Just wanted to encourage you by saying that I love all of your videos, and although you might be feeling bored don’t worry: you have committed followers! If I had to choose I would say that my faves are your tutorials and hauls (so I know what to buy!)

  42. Maia says

    What sets you apart from other gurus, in my mind, is your creativity. I can watch hauls and tags anywhere, but I love your tutorials, both everyday and adventurous.

  43. Julie says

    Since you mentioned that you missed having a personal blog, what about doing weekly post that is non-beauty related? A movie you recently saw and loved, a weekend trip, etc.

    As far as beauty related things go, I think it would be neat to see something like “Long Lost Favorites” where you revisit a product you used to LOVE, but pushed to the side to try something new. It would be interesting to see if your feelings have changed or not.

  44. Amber says

    m&m cookies please! :) i like the candy themed tutorials, they were mostly colorful and fun. I do like haul videos and review vids. I really like when u do makeup look or review of cheaper makeup. I love the expensive stuff but cant afford it as much as i wish i could.

  45. Jennifer L. says

    I love your videos and haven’t felt them lacking of anything. But I will say that I love you’re tips and tricks you used to make more often. I think the most important is staying true to you, and never try to change the essence of you’re blog and channel without pushing the envelop!

    1. Jennifer L. says

      Sorry I probably didn’t make any sense or offered any suggestions whatsoever. But the truth is that I love watching/reading all different types of videos/posts, some more than others. But it has to be something that people love doing. That’s really what’s it about.

      As a loyal follower/subscriber, I’ve enjoyed every video and post you’ve made, because you continue to stay true to yourself without staying safe (if that makes sense).

      Try different things and see the response you get. But more importantly enjoy yourself.

  46. Angie says

    You can play off what Destorm does in his challenge videos. People can challenge you to do certain types of looks. Or a look using a certain product or color. Not sure how it would work in beauty videos, but it could be a fun way to interact with everyone.

  47. Nik says

    I love tutorials and hauls but my favorite are always the reviews. I would hate to lose those. I also really love te health tips makes me feel like I have an Ali on the hunt for healthy stuff.

  48. Megan Havers says

    I love full on tutorials and tips and tricks the most! I only like hauls and product reviews once in a while because I get sad that I don’t have that product available in Canada most of the time. I love your work though!

  49. katie says

    i love open box vidoes and hauls. it gives me ideas of what to be looking for in the next couple of weeks. i enjoy seeing what has caught your eye lately. like i would have NEVER found the pop sticks that looked like barbie lipstick without you. i actually love the product (: so more hauls and stuff would be lover-ly (:

  50. Jennifer Caster says

    Haha, they better be oatmeal cookies! It’s just like writers getting writers block, and artists getting art blocks. All of your loyal fans will understand! Just wondering, what ever happened to the giveaway??? We <3 you Leesha! Now time for delicious cookies! :D

  51. Anastasia Spearing says

    I don’t know, but I think it would be kind of cool to see a behind the scenes of you actually doing a tutorial. A making of if you will. Maybe included how you edit your videos?

    1. jess says

      like emily did?

      1. Anastasia Spearing says

        Emily? Is there a link?

    2. Amber says

      that would be cool, i second that idea!

  52. Tiffani says

    I had an allergic reaction to the same thing as well as my aunt had a bad reaction to a chemical burn from the product :(
    I hope that yours wasnt that bad and it gets well quicker :) <3

  53. stephanie says

    I am not a huge fan of tutorials unless they are a theme or special occasion/holiday. I agree with what a lot of people said that hauls are not my favorite unless there is some info given about the products as well. My FAVORITE things are tips/tricks – quick videos that just help you to do something better. Also health/dieting videos. I also absolutely loved the videos where you would try a product and then go about your day and see how it held up. Like you had mentioned that drugstore foundation in a video recently but then on twitter later you said it oxidized and looked awful. That would have been a perfect one! haha. Another cool idea would be to do a look using all high end products and then recreate the look using only drugstore products. It seems simple to tell people they can use what they have, but I think some people need you to be very specific. lol

  54. Katie says

    I love the reviews and the tutorials. It is really helpful to know what products are worth buying, and what products are not. The tutorials are so creative and fun.

  55. Danish says

    I personally looove your review videos, and your ask Leesha vids.
    You should do something with baking, too.. Maybe.

  56. Brianna says

    Aww, sorry to hear about the skin issues. They suck, don’t they? I like watching pretty much any video, especially hauls, tutorials, and makeup collection/storage. I was thinking it would be really cool if you could do “Looks from the Capitol” videos for the Hunger Games movie, or maybe ones from the different districts. You could use Sleeks Acid palette! One of the things I love about the xSparkage blog is the guest looks. I’m thinking of sending one in sometime, I just have to get a couple more colors and I’ll be ready. :)

  57. Krystal says

    i think my favorite videos are monthly favorites. which you never seem to do!! :( and then i love the tutorials. and then ask leesha’s are super awesome. and hauls are always super fun! :)

    my favorite blog would be temptalia. :) she is amazing with her swatches and reviews. :)

  58. Sarah says

    So how do I go about collecting my cookies? =)

    In all seriousness, tutorials are my favorite; I like the idea of going back to theme tutorials.

    Maybe you could also do a series of how to go from day to night without taking a lot of makeup with you, or starting all over? Like, do a day look that you could put on in the morning and then show what products you’d need to take with you to amp it up for night, assuming you won’t have time or space to completely do your makeup over.

    I’d also like to see tips and tricks that aren’t for any particular look, just handy things to know that people could incorporate into their daily makeup as necessary–say, how to contour for different face shapes. (Like, this is what you do if you want to downplay your forehead and draw attention to your eyes, this is what you do if you want to draw attention away from your chin, etc etc…) Or how to best cover different types of blemishes. Stuff that you need to do makeup-wise that isn’t necessarily applying color. =)

  59. Denissepr says

    I like tutorials, themes and tips/tricks. Don’t like hauls.

  60. Sarah says

    While I do love tutorials in general, I’m excited for the themes! Super heros and gods/godesses are some of my favorite work of yours! I personally like your tutorials in general but haul videos and product reviews are fun too! I think a thing where people can ask beauty related questions either in comments or through video responses would be neat, as would doing Leesha loves monthly, or at least more often then seasonal. You’re the only guru who gives thorough enough reviews for me to trust.

  61. Nicole says

    I like the “Love It or Leave It” idea a lot. I’d love quick vids if you hear about an upcoming sale like at Haute Couture or Ulta or anywhere that carries cosmetics. Sometimes in haul tutorials you mention you picked those items up during the last sale, and I often wish I’d known about it too. Money is super tight right now, so bargains are appreciated. Of course giveaways are fun! They don’t have to be so elaborate like the most recent skin, beauty, swag. I bet most of us would love makeup you’ve previously swatched. An update on all brushes that are a must-have and approximate price ranges. Partner up w companies we might not have heard of, like those mini emergency kits and review them. Then, of course, get a promo code where we can get a percent off for ordering and mentioning you. How does make up wear? Do your makeup in the morning and shoot 8 hours later to see how it stands up. How many times you had to touch up. Did it oxidize etc… I’ll end the rambling here. Hope you find inspiration soon. Oh .. And I want snickerdoodles ;)

  62. Melissa says

    Personally, my favorite are full on tutorials. Whether they’re part of a series or not. That’s pretty much why I check out makeup blogs and videos on youtube. For new makeup looks to try out. I did kind of like the ask Leesha too because sometimes they touched on questions I may have had… um… let’s see… Oh! I do also like your reviews because it’s great to hear the opinion of someone you trust about a product you’re unfamiliar with. It saves me money because if I see that you’ve discovered that it doesn’t have good color payoff or doesn’t deliver on wearability etc, then I won’t waste my time on it. Hauls I’m not as big a fan of as far as any makeup guru is concerned. I tend to skip those. Hope this was helpful!

    p.s. I’m sorry about what happened to your skin. I have sensitive skin so I’m no stranger to bad reactions. They suck. :\

  63. Haley Elizabeth says

    First off, where are my cookies? ;)
    Personally, I can’t wait to the new themes. Tutorials are my absolute favorite things
    to watch, simply because they inspire me to realize that I can do more than my go-to look.
    I love themed tutorials because they give me something to relate to and to connect with,
    Instead of just “smokey yellows” or “chartruse glitter” ect.

    Thank you for doing what you do, rock on!
    from one makeup junkie to another :)

  64. Barbara says

    I *love* your tutorials – you’ve given me so many cool ideas to try! But tbh, my favorites are the reviews and hauls. I’m such a product junkie, I feel like I would just go out and buy everything if I didn’t have voices of reason like yours helping me decide what’s worth my time and what isn’t.

  65. kristen says

    i like hauls and think you should do a pin up look like the one …some where its a pic of you on facebook

  66. asheslaree says

    cookies!! :o

    Well I always like a little personal life with whatever the topic is. I read a lot of fashion blogs, and although it may sound lame the bloggers that ive been following for a long time(you included), i feel like their friends of mine. So its always nice to see how friends are doing. haha.

    Anyways, lameness aside, I like tutorials when I need to be inspired, product reviews because I find them valuable when I’m looking for a new product..and I must have missed the ask leesha thing but it sounds great. Other than that i got nothing.

    Cute cats. :)

    1. Melissa says

      I agree with you completely. There are SO many fashion bloggers out there to choose from, and we (fans) follow Leesha because we like her as person too. I’d also like to add that changing things up every now and then makes me more interested overall (it kind of keeps me on my toes, I guess).

      If you feel like it, Leesha, maybe more clothing-related posts? I think that’s still appropriate for this blog and I really like your style when we do get to see glimpses of it.

      1. Leesha says

        I will be doing more clothing style things in the future and implementing it into my videos subtly (i think itd be weird to all of the sudden to fashion videos haha) so stay tuned :)

  67. jess says

    I like hauls and reviews. Especially reviews on more drugstore products that I can actually afford… :D

  68. Jes says

    Love all tutorials! Not as big a fan of hauls

  69. emi says

    I’m not a video person, but my favorite posts are definitely product reviews!

  70. annie says

    I love full on tutorials. you’re one of the few gurus (with a lot of subscribers) that still do tutorials to this day (and i LOOOOVE YOUUUU for that). and i like the balance of wearable and extreme looks you do. and whether or not the look is wearable on a daily basis, they’re definitely easy to change up to make it more wearable :D.

    i really want your First Impressions to come back because those are helpful and fun, quick and simple initial reviews. (especially on eye products. not so much on face products since everyone is different).

    everything else are great too. i do like your hauls and review videos. and i don’t even mind if you do sponsored videos (as long as they’re relevant in the makeup loving everyday girl such as myself :D).

    for this blog, i love it because there’s a balance of makeup and nail polish. i’m not big on fashion, because i’m simple/basic and somewhat picky when it comes to clothes, so i don’t want this to have a lot of fashion. but i don’t exactly mind either way. just putting it out there :D. basically, i wouldn’t change anything you’re doing on this blog :)

    and ps, i did not like the neutrogena redness relief cleanser and neutrogena has been really good to me, usually. it’s so weird.

  71. dallas says

    id like to see like a haul and a review in one. like carly cristman does. she does like an end of the month haul, and a review on those products.
    also, it’d be cool to see like how to get started as a makeup artist/beauty blogger(guru) and maybe behind the scenes?

  72. dallas says

    i also will forever love your regular tutorials!!!!

  73. erica says

    I am not a huge fan of hauls (personally)

    I love love loveeee your tutorials :D

    And I would love to see “First Impressions” back but legit first impressions (like you opening the product and stating everything you think on camera like you used to do :)
    Hehe those are always hilarious ^_^

    That is all…
    And I shall be waiting for my cookies ;)

  74. Jenni says

    My fav are monthly favorite/dislike products. I also really like first impressions or open boxes. I like hauls and reviews too! I really like emilynoel83’s “one brand” reviews… she does an entire face/eye/lips tutorial using products from one brand, and then goes into reviews and her top picks. She mainly does drugstore and a few higher end, but I’d love to see something like that from you as well, esp since you use different range of products than she does. Just a suggestion :)

    Please send me some cookies! ^__^

    OH and maybe like updates on your healthy lifestyle? snacks, recipes, exercise routines, and such.

  75. ShannoninBC says

    You owe me cookies…I like chewy ginger cookies and oatmeal chocolate chip :) Sorry about your skin reaction, I often suffer similar issues with new products. My preference is to watch reviews, first impressions and how-to’s but not “looks” per se. The variety of posts you have is entertaining, the unboxings are kind of fun and first impressions are helpful. Reviews really clinch a purchase or avoidance tho, so those are my fave. Hopefully the blogging blues bugger off and you can feel inspired and engaged in this again :) Thanks!

  76. Marisa says

    I honestly love when you do full-on tutorials. I feel like that’s what you mainly started out with and everytime you post one I get so excited! I learned how to REALLY get good with makeup by watching your videos. I liked when you did themes for the tutorials, but unless they make coming up with an idea easier for you, then I can live without them. Maybe you could do videos more on technique? Or tricks that you use that you know not many other artists use?

    I like to watch short haul videos where you literally just show us quickly what you got, tell us what made you want it, and then end the video. I feel like after that, a review is definitely more interesting to me because I’ve been briefly introduced to a product.

    I would love to have First Impressions back! t was a more in depth review of a product, which I liked. I also like comparisons, like you did with the Pout Paints from Sleek and the Lip Tars from OCC. I felt like that was so informative and you made really good, understandable points that really make me rethink which product I want to buy.

    Generally, I like your blog. The only thing I wish you would do more, is update the FAQ haha. Really that’s it :) And for your posts on tutorials, I really wish you would bring back the full face picture, close up on the eyes (open and closed) and close up on the lipstick/colour. I don’t feel like I get as good an idea on what the makeup really looks like unless I see those.

    Other than that, I love your blog. You were the first beauty guru I ever watched (two years ago) and it immediately changed my opinion on how a person could use makeup. You’ve been a consistent favourite and I’ll always refer to your blog for good reviews on products I’m interested in buying. I trust your opinion on pretty much everything :)

    Good luck getting back into the blogging feeling! :) Thanks for putting so much effort into things.

    1. Leesha says

      omg i am the worst at updating the FAQ. i will get on that right now haha thank you for telling me!

  77. Marisa says

    Oh! And could the new theme series coming up possibly be Hunger Games? ‘Cause that comes out in March, right?

  78. Mandy says

    My favorite videos personally are hauls! My next favorite would have to be your tutorials because they are always so bright and fun!! You have a great blog and there isn’t really much that I don’t like! You’re doing a great job!!(:

  79. Melissa says

    I loved the theme tutorials, but mostly i love it when you show just how you do something like blending or cat eyeliner. I can put together the colors but it is the technique that fails me sometimes. I also like your reviews so that i know when i buy a really expensive product it is worth it. if you wanted to do something truly interactive you could do a tutorial on blog tv and after you finish a step answer a few questions then do the next step. just an idea.

  80. Camille says

    I love all your videos but I would like to see more first impressions videos again.

  81. Laura B says

    I like the product review post the best. I like to see what out there because I don’t always have time to get to the store and see what’s new. I liked themed tutorials second best- holidays, movie characters, ect.

    Have you ever thought of doing FX makeup? Like Face Off? I imagine that could be something new to keep you from getting bored. A whole new set of challenges. I’d love to watch it!

  82. Mackenzie says

    I really love themed tutorials and product reviews/first impressions. It’d be awesome if you brought those back! :)

  83. Valerie says

    Yay! I get home made cookies from you? Awesome lol. I found that this blog post wasn’t boring, if anything leesha you should make some more personal sorts of blog posts now and then. Im not sure what other suggestions I have for your blog cause I’m totally not creative like that, lol.
    For videos though I really enjoyed the themes and I’m so glad you’re going to bring them back! To be honest I don’t feel like I’m watching you repeat the same sort of tutorial. You’re always using different products and showing us really great looks with them. But like I said themes were awesome.

    & you should do a q & a now and then. I think it would be fun for both you and us.
    As for the reaction from that product, I hope it will clean up well for you.

    xox Valerie

  84. Sara says

    i just felt it didn’t look like you having a post asking for our ideas for themed tutorials and ignoring everything and not doing them. it seemed like you had just ignored us, which is not at all like you! i think you could post photos everyday with like FOTD cause i’m just curious to know what makeup you wear on a daily basis – if you use all those crazy colour all the time or also wear toned down makeup like all of us mortals :b maybe not for long – just for a week or so. and maybe include a poll and we could choose the looks we wanted to see a tutorial on!

    1. Leesha says

      I totally understand- I made that post asking for ideas and then never got into doing an actual theme. It wasnt so much that I was ignoring you all, it was more an act of procrastination above all. I already have ideas for the next few months (well, except for these next three weeks.. maybe ill do a little mini series) thank you for your input!!

      and for your FOTD idea, honestly i rarely wear makeup if it isnt a tutorial!! :X I really should change that; I’d probably be more inspired if I did haha and if I do that, I will absolutely post photos every time :D

  85. Dani says

    Hey Leesha! I would love to see health related posts, because you have been looking fabulous lately and I know you have a few great tips :) also, I’d love to see ootd from you because you get a lot of cute stuff from Hautelook,and you don’t have the same old style as a lot of the other gurus! I love love first impressions and open box reviews and those things. The best thing in tutorials for me though, is seeing more of your personality shining through :)

    1. Leesha says

      Hi Dani! I have been doing “healthy beauty” posts every saturday :)

  86. Aubree says

    I really liked your health posts you started lately. They are fun to read and very informative. I agree with what most people have said that with the blogs I read I get to know the writers and feel like they are friends. It’s nice to read and just check in occasionally to see what’s new.

    My daughter also wanted me to tell you that she loves your Disney princess tutorials and would love to see more of those lol…she is 4 and will sit and watch your tutorials for hours.

    Sorry to hear about the skin issue :( I broke out bad with that same brand too.

  87. megan says

    I had a terrible reaction to the same cleanser. It must be pretty harsh. I really enjoy all of your videos because you remain very true to yourself. I am really excited for love it or leave it. Seems like its be really helpful! :)

  88. Katie H says

    I personally love seeing your more creative tutorials. I like wearable looks too, but is so much fun to see you as an artist do your thing! I also would like to see you revisit past looks (maybe before your good camera, or even some from your makeup looks video) and revamp them. Might be cool…..maybe?
    Anyways I love your videos and I’m excited to see what you come up with!

  89. Angelica says

    LOL I totally read all that, cuz me and my hubby finally got.internet hooked up. Connected the Xbox and downloaded the YouTube app and started watching new videos! Ahhaa i ended up watching like 5 of your videos in a row! It was great cuz our tv is sooo high deff, I could see your pours! It was almost kinda awkward! Ahaha love watching your videos & reading your blog! :)

  90. CMBT says

    I love everything about your blog. Period.

    I discovered you only a short time ago (months), and you’ve changed my life. I’m 34 and I’ve always been a make-up moron, (One color of brown eyeshadow, one color of brown eye liner, one Mascara – That was my entire arsenal… sad) your tutorials showed me how the heck makeup should actually look, be applied, ect… I’ve taken my laptop into the bathroom, plopped “you” down on my counter, and followed along step by step… I’m happy to report, I’ve greatly expanded in all directions! The ONLY downside to discovering you, I’ve spent about $1,400 on products in under two months, and it seem to be my new expensive obsession, LOL. (4 Sephora orders in 1 week = I may have issues) HA. OK, so that long winded ramble really boils down to… FULL LENGTH TUTORIALS ARE A MUST. I adore them. New people discover you everyday (I’m sure) and these are REALLY helpful.

    You’re the only Guru I watch, and I’ll tell you why (besides your sparkling personality and expert advise/skill) – You are VERY similar to myself – We have the same skin tone, eye color, hair color & length. I know if it looks good on you, I too can wear it easily. This takes the guess work out of it for me, I don’t have to worry about buying a product and having it look horrible. This being said, I would love to see full face photos when you review a product. Example, not just a shot of your lips showing a new lipstick, but your whole face wearing that lipstick.

    This may be a little harder, but maybe some reviews of any mens products you know of? You mentioned you love the mens Jack Black lip balm. Sephora had this as a 100pt perk so I picked it up. Turns out, the hubs loved it. (He’s a picky one too!) I think helping our men out would be a nice addition =)

    Now that I’ve ventured farther into the makeup world, I’d love to learn technique. Maybe some videos specifically geared to application technique?

    As for inspiration, I work in the corporate world so I can’t wear wild colors to the office, although I would like to indeed wear “color”. Maybe a few videos on subtle colors (pinks, purples, blues) that are office appropriate – Still colorful, but toned down for office wear? That would be amazing!

    All in all, I think you’re doing a fantastic job. I’ve poked around other guru sites, and none of them in my opinion compare to yours. You’ve nailed it. I should make YOU cookies!

    Thanks for all you do, and the passion you put into it. It shows and it’s appreciated.

  91. Kinzie says

    Theme tutorials are my favorites. I also like tips and tricks. Product reviews are always useful. I don’t like haul videos. I would love to see the greek gods/goddesses done for FF.I would also like to see like a redo or something of the Disney princesses or the villains.

  92. Mary says

    First of all, where are my damn cookies? Second of all I love, in order of preference, reviews, hauls, and tutorials. Actually if you could find a way to combine hauls with reviews it would be perfect. Like a mini, first impression review with each haul? Then the standouts could have their own videos. Just a suggestion.

  93. Brenda says

    Every guru has their own thing that they are really good at. Like pixiwoo and lisa eldrige are great for general tutorials, brooke and macbarbie07 are great for hauls…etc. I would say that I most enjoyed your theme tutorials, they were freaking amazing, especially the superhero theme since I found it the most creative.

  94. Danielle W says

    I love love love your tutorials. And reviews on products are super helpful. You & your blog/videos are awesome and very helpful.

  95. Shannon B says

    I also would like my cookies, but as far my opinion on your site, I REALLY appreciate reviews, because as a consumer I would like to know if a product is worth the money I will be spending on it. One of the worse things for me is seeing something and getting excited over it, then have it come no where close to my expectations, wasting my money and letting me down. Also a good range of Higher brand AND drug store cosmetics. And finally, maybe reviewing a indie company once every 2 weeks or once a month, so we as readers can be shown some interesting new options and quality products by some of the underground secret gems! ( I have recently just been introduced to Shiro Cosmetics and it is AMAZING quality for a indie makeup company) That’s just my opinions and ideas though :)

  96. Liz says

    Thats so hard I truly like full on make up tutorials Themed ones are freaking awesome. But I think I love your reviews better. I will usually watch other people reviews on the same product, but I only trust yours. Tips and Tricks would be sweet too :D But reviews are my favorite.

  97. Cassie says

    Leesha, I will takw those cookies! LOL. I really have no complaints about your blog. You are my fave and I check your blog and Youtube a few times a week. I love and appreciate everything you post as it has helped me soooo much! I like the idea of bringing back ask Leesha and themed tutorials. The idea of love it or leave it is kewl too! I really look forward to any tutorials you post, as they are always AMAZING!

  98. Marian says

    I LOVE your theme videos I hope you will do a hunger games theme ;p your reviews/hauls are great also, I like that you’re starting to review more drug store brands. I really like your videos showing your kitchen appliences. Ok now where are my cookies =)

  99. Ally says

    I don’t like when people film tutorials just because they feel they need to get a video up, because like you said it gets repetitive. I’m very ok with going a while between full on tutorials if when they happen you’re actually really inspired and excited about them :)

    Also I remember laughing my head off at some of your first impressions videos, gimmicky products look way less awesome when you actually see someone attempting to put it to practical use, like that paint roller foundation you did. So I enjoy those too because they’re honest and useful.

    I basically learned how to do makeup watching your videos, and now I actually do it for a living :) so thanks and I think you’re doing a great job!

  100. Sandra says

    I have no dislike’s about your blog or on youtube ^^
    you’re realy fun to watch so anything you post is good
    except the give aways don’t intrest me (becauce i live in the netherlands) xD
    hauls, turorials reviews, ect, ect. are all fine with me ^^

    keep up the good work! hehe :P

  101. jayme says

    Here’s the things with Hauls. They are great to watch.. until the Hauler goes overboard. I’m a huge fan of Dulce Candy, but her hauls lately have actually made me angry. It’s not a jealously thing, but it’s like.. she buys EVERY color of each product. It’s excessive. And naturally, being a not super rich person, I’m totaling up her purchases in my head while she talks. Hundreds and Hundreds of dollars. It starts to look like you’re not showing us the stuff to share in case it’s something we’d be interested in… you’re showing us because you’re excited that you dropped hella $$$$ on every color of the Lip Butters. Hooray for you.

    I’m big on conciseness. Which I think you tend to do in most of your videos. I like people to get to the point.

    I’m most interested in things like best foundation for pale people. Best liner for the waterline (still searching.) I like reviews, a lot. I loved Asked Leesha, too. I turn to beauty gurus for advice when it comes to buying beauty products. Bottom line.

  102. Ane says

    I don´t know much about makeup. I have really dry skin and when i apply foundation my skin gets even drier and gets dry red spots al over face. That is why I avoid using foundation because i have not found anything that suits my skin. Because of this I haven´t been using any make up. BUT what I want to say whit this is that even though I myself don´t use make a lot I still love love love your blog. You are amazing. Since I started watching your videos I have bougnt a lot of make up and am now chasing for the right foundation :D Thank your for the amazing blog.

    My favorite kind of videos are different tutorials. I love your princes looks becaouse the first video I saw was your snowwhite look. I also love advices and different tips you give sometimes…..

    What I would like you to do (little selfish of me i Know but still) is one wedding look. I´m getting married i june 2012 and need some inspiration for the wedding look. So that would me awsome…..

  103. Sam says

    I absolutely love first impressions. I think it’s a great connection to include drug store products and to show people, who don’t have the money to spend on the more expensive stuff, where they can save in a drug store and still get a great product (and also what to avoid to further save). I also love tutorials in general, especially when they have a specific theme. I LOVE reviews as well (I’d like to see a bigger mix of the expensive/drug store stuff). This is pretty much how I decide whether or not to make a purchase.

    I think you’ve got an amazing blog and YouTube channel and I always look forward to the new submissions, whatever they are. I think it would be nice to stick to a regular schedule (i.e., Wednesdays and Fridays with tutorials) with something random on Mondays (say a review or a first impressions or what have you). That way you get to keep fans and followers happy with regular posts and get to keep some spontaneity in your blogging/recording with Mondays being anything you want (you can also use this to judge whether or not you may want to add something new or replace something). I think you’ve given some amazing tips on how to apply makeup and all the different ways it can be worn and that maybe you feel like you’ve hit a plateau. But you’re a huge part of the beauty sphere and you should continue in a way that suits your fancy. Maybe you need to branch out into fashion or nail stuff because you’ve got such an impressive and professional handle on the makeup stuff. Whatever you need to do, know that you are and always will be supported. Don’t feel pressured because of us. You need to do what you need to do, whatever that is.

  104. Lina says

    I like tutirials the most when it comes to beauty gurus, but I also enjoy tips and tricks videos a lot. I’m not all too keen on haul videos actually, seeing as I can’t get many of the products in Norway. The thing is, everyone should just do their own thing, and that’s it. If you’ve hit a poiint where you don’t have the inspiration to make more makeup videos, then don’t do them. Talk about books or cars or cats or whatever instead. Just do your own thing.

  105. Natalja says

    Hi Leesha,

    i’ve been watching your videos for couple of years now and absolutely adore all of them and you. I looked over for make-up tutorials a lot, but when I found you I was so happy as your turned up to be the best. You explain everything so well and in details, I love how you committed to your fans. The other good thing about your videos is that they all are different, hauls and reviews helps me save money on make-up and tools as I buy products with better quality and also I already know what I neeed or want from your videos and I don’t buy something what is not right for me or would be wrong shade.
    Most of the product you use are kinda expensive like MAC, Urban Decay and etc. and in Uk in town where I live we don’t have anything apart from drug stores cosmetics like Loreal, Max-factor etc. So I order online which sometimes can be risky and not as cheap as in shops.What i wanted to say is that maybe you could do a bit more reviews and tutorials with products from drug stores or suggest in colour wise which could work just like Mac or other products you use, that would be really helpful. Also maybe a bit more about tips, and different technics.
    However, as I mentioned before I love them all:) So keep doing it , because you inspire us, I study Performing Arts and make-up is very suitible skill to have for it:) And thanks to your videos I get lots of compliments from my classmates, I started putting photos on facebook with my make-up style some of them my own but most of them came from you:)( you can check out the photos if you want it’s Natalja Medvedeva, not much yet as i just started ) Oh and other thing, I also had bad reaction to Netraugena cosmetics, I damaged my skin it was red and very dry, so from having normal skin type now i got combination, I really hope it’ll warm people before using because I think they put in to much Alcohol and Acid . Now I use Proactive never been happier with skincare product it genius!
    I hope it was helpful, and thanks again and again for what you are doing for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxx

  106. Amy says

    I love your tutorials Leesha, I am so grateful to them as you’ve got really similar eye shape colour and skin tone to me, so I know what looks good on you (what doesn’t!) will usually look good on me too!
    I love your product reviews on the blog here, such high quality pics!
    I like your haul videos, basically cause I like seeing what you’ve bought!

    Loving the ideas of the themes again!

    Amy :)

  107. Nina says

    Tutorials are the best – I prefer them over haul videos, I’ve never really enjoyed haul videos much. Also, your first impression videos are good, I like watching those too.

  108. Lauren says

    Hey Leesha,
    You are the first beauty blogger I found and the one that a get most excited about when I see a new video has been uploaded! I think the reason for that is your both creative and skilled in the makeup looks you put together and I think bringing back the themes is a great idea since it showcases this (and they are also some of your most viewed uploads!).
    Just keep doing what you are doing and most importantly find what inspires you so you can continue to be engaged and challenged :) xxxxxx

  109. JG says

    Leesha, your personality is so fun and accessable that it really doesn’t matter what you post – I’m going to read/watch it anyway! That being said, I was drawn to you through your tutorials, and I think those are a must. I love the themes that you have done, but I also love the wearables and friece videos. I get my inspiration by seeing what colors are used and how they are applied, etc.
    I think the biggest thing I enjoy is when you explain why you like something or why you are placing a color someplace. Years ago you showed a color-wheel and talked about color theory and honestly, I still use that.
    Haul and First Impressions are OK, but indepth Reviews are much better. I base a lot of my purchase decisions by what “Leesha Loves” and I find it’s more useful after you have used the product for a while, not just when you first open it.
    When it comes right down to it, I think most of your fans watch/read you because you’re YOU. You make me feel like I’m talking to a friend and I love that about you. I hope this was helpful, but I think I pretty much just repeated what a lot of other people have said. :) Keep up the good work, we all love you!

  110. Jen says

    My favorite videos are hauls and any collection videos, monthly favorites..i love your unboxing videos when u receive packages. Love your blog and yt and I follow u on twitter.

  111. LD says

    Tutorials are absolutely my favorites, I don’t even care what kind/theme/style!

  112. Jess says

    Hey there :) I ‘d like to say that I love your videos. I started watching beauty videos about a year and a half ago. I have to say I subscribe to quiet a few but, I always look forward to yours. I always watch wether its something I’m interested in (tutorials) or something I’m not really (hauls) bc I value your opinion as a smart, everyday- average- girl next door. :) I really love how friendly you are and how you make us feel like a girlfriend when we see videos.
    I would LOVE to see tutorials for makeup looks but include more footage of application/blending/ reapplying (layering). I’m “new” to makeup even though I’m 30. Include more “troubles” you may have doing it etc. I even learn from when you make mistakes/ bloopers. . I love your drugstore hauls and leesha loves!. I usually make choices on what I should try based on what your take on it is bc I know you will either RAVE when it’s great or NOT. Much love and hugs! Ps: I like chewy chocolate chip cookies hot from the pan. ;)

  113. Jenny says

    I personally like the tutorials and the tips. I also like when a blogger has everything linked in one place ie a post that has the youtube video in too (I know you do this) that way I dont have to go hunting here there and everywhere.

    I enjoying using your site and am grateful for all the hard work you put in and hope that it doesnt become a chore for you

  114. Stephanie says

    I used to love Watching your tutorials all the time cause well you are one of the more bright and perky guru’s and i loved that you used so many bright colors. so if i was to be honest i really love the tutorials that guru’s put out they help give me idea’s of things i can do with makeup . Also I do love it when you do Tips and tricks cause sometimes you teach things i didn’t really think of and that’s amazing cause its helpful . Simply i do not really like hauls they kinda bore me, But i do love it when you tell us about products you really LOVE and ones you really DIDN’T love. Oh and for the hope of cookies I love Love loooove Oatmeal cookies juuuust saying oh and your cats are very darn cute its not even right how cute they are.

  115. Kim says

    Leesha, you’re such a nice person. It’s so nice that you care so much about what your viewers think, but as someone who’s watched you since you had your flaming red hair lol, I must say any video from you in my Subscription box is awesome. Personally, I enjoy hauls and tutorials the most (and First Impressions would be cool to see again), but there’s no kind of video that I don’t like at all.

    I hope no one actually had the nerve to leave you rude comments about not putting up videos this week, that must just show that they have no life. I’m a very busy girl like you, I understand you not having time to make videos or blog posts. It’s hard for me to make time to upload a look to Makeupbee lol.

  116. Genevieve says

    First of all, I’m so sorry about your bad reaction… :( Usually Neutrogena products are AWESOME! I understand… I burnt the side of my face with a curling iron and have had a fail-face ever since! I’ve been watching your videos for about 2 years… (since your hair was black… or the first seventeen magazine spread) and I absolutely love your videos and you’re my favorite guru because (this is going to sound really creepy) but I feel like I have a connection to you. We have a lot of the same sense of humor and interests and I like that. I definitely like the themed tutorials (like the Superhero ones and the Greek & Candy) and my favorite “hauler” type videos are the first impressions. I don’t really care if the company sent it to you or if you bought it yourself but the first impressions are awesome. I also like how honest you are. You’re friggin awesome. I hope to receive my cookies in the mail soon.

    Thanks for everything and you seriously inspire people and (cliche) change lives.

  117. DiscoGrrrl says

    I liked Wearable Wednesdays and Fierce Fridays… That’s what I watch the most, other things like product reviews and others I usually don’t watch. Oh, and Tips&Tricks were also useful! I think those are my favourite things to watch, I want to learn how to apply makeup without looking stupid and to make it easier. Don’t worry, just go back to where you were a year ago, that was the best :))))))

    1. DiscoGrrrl says

      Oh, I forgot one more thing… How about one more makep DON’Ts?

      1. Ariana says

        I second that notion :)

  118. Josh says

    First, I’m waiting for my fresh baked cookies. I’m allergic to nuts. I rally want to see more reviews and first impressions. I loved the makeup playdates and would LOVE for you to bring back themed tutorials and Ask Leesha. Theme ideas

    1. Gemstones/Birthstones
    2. Disney Characters (Not just princesses)
    3. Around the World

    1. Ariana says

      make-up play dates fo’ sho’ lol

  119. Miriam Haslund-Thomsen says

    Hey Leesha

    I have only just found your site, and can´t believe that I haven´t seen it before. I am absolutly cray about makeup, and I love love love this site. Your tutorials are soo helpful in giving ideas, and I think you are crazy talented.

    As I said Im crazy about makeup, but I have only one problem. I live in northen part Denmark, and moste brands of makeup that are sold in here are realy boring. We don´t even have Mac…. Disaster I know!!! I would love to get my hands on some Inglot! you were the one who introduced me to that brand, and Urban Decay as well.

    Well I´m sorry for the tittle tattle, just wanted to tell you to please keep doing what you are doing. I realy like the way you take inspiration from movies and other events.
    I like you product reviews, and your tutrorials.

    hope your skin gets better soon.

    much love Miriam

  120. tonya says

    i think you do a great job and blogging, makeup, beauty etc is every evolving so do what feels comfortable as you grow and whatever you are bored of/sick of, leave behind for a bit and try something new and if you feel inspired to do those things again, do it.

    this is your space to do whatever you want, so dont worry because as long as you enjoy it the readers will feel your passion and feed off of it.

    inspiration page: i think the blogger for the site does a great job of making her site interactive. maybe she can inspire you, check it out.


  121. Becky says


    Sorry to hear that you’re feeling blah. Just wanted to say that regardless of what you put up on YouTube, I love watching your videos and hearing what you’ve got to say. I’ve never been let down by a product review you’ve done when I’ve gone to purchase that item. I also love your themed makeup series i.e. Goddess, cartoon, etc. I bet someone has already suggested this but I assume you love music, so why not a series of make up looks inspired by different types of music? I only suggest because right now I’m listening to Saint Saëns-aquarium and it has such a cool mystical feel that I know you could capture it perfectly. A look inspired by classical, punk, grunge, etc?

    Just do what you love to do and put it on you site/YouTube! Youll never find an unsatisfied viewer here!

    All the best!

  122. Jessica says

    I would love to have ask leesha come back! Also the whole themed tutorials i really enjoyed watching. I feel you really expressed yourself well with those. I basicly love your blog the way it is. I actually spent a whole day out of one of my weekends reading almost every post aha. I’m super new to makeup so i kinda just had to keep reading. You are my favorite beauty Guru, and i love everything you do (:

  123. Colette says

    I’d love some first impressions, but ACTUAL first impressions. some youtubers (not necessarily you) put up first impressions and just kind of look at the product and read out what it’s meant to do, but don’t actually film TRYING it for the first time, which is surely the only way you can get a proper first impression from it? either way, i think that would be really helpful. i’m sure you get sent lots of products that people would be curious about, and so trying them out properly – on your face, on your body, whatever it is! – would be really helpful. and then maybe you could have a recap video of a few of your first impressions vids every now and then, if you thought intially it was good, to see if it stands the test of time.

    other than that, what i love most about you is your personality and how you can make that shine through with your makeup. so themed looks are really fun to watch, and maybe the makeup that you would wear to certain events.


  124. Ally says

    I looove tutorials, especially yours! they are my favorite.

  125. Hannah says

    I personally love your more wild tutorials with brighter colours or super smokey, because you’re one of the best at doing them to be blunt. They never look messy and some of the colour combos inspire me when I’m in a rut. I used to like hauls and reviews but now I want to use up some of the stuff I have, but I like it when you introduce some new and unique brands (currently going through an indie phase).
    I like it when youtubers do themed looks over weeks/ months and it gives me something to look forward to.

  126. Mikka says

    Hello there Leisha! I am one of your perhaps more recent subscribers on Youtube and I just wanted to let you know what I enjoy the most about your channel. I love the tutorials the best, the way you use colours realy inspires me to try out new things and I can’t wait for the themed tutorials you mention. I think reviews are also realy useful and I realy value your opinion so please don’t throw those out completely. Hauls are fine once in a while but they do get excessive and boring and they seem to encourage me to just spend, spend, spend, so that’s not such a good thing (yeah, I know, it’s me, I have a problem :) . Anyway, while your trying to figure things out and find new inspiration maybe you could go back to basics a bit. I know you’ve covered a lot in your old videos but perhaps one or two new ones would’t hurt…things like contouring and highlighting, blush, foundation, I don’t know…it’s just a thought. And if it’s any consolation, I get the feeling many of the MUAs I’m subscribed to are in a bit of a rut inspiration wise at the moment.I think all the glitter and sparkle kinda wore everyone out :)) Anyway, I think you’re great and hope you find some new ideas soon!

  127. Amy (alphabravo5) says

    Hey Leesha, sorry you’re in a bit of a funk…have those myself it isn’t fun! Luckily what I do isn’t in the public eye! lol (stay at home mom, things become extremely repetitive REAL fast!) Personally, I love all your videos, I follow you mostly with youtube and I read your blogs (yes even this one lol) Hauls are awesome, I don’t get out that much and where I live there’s not a lot “out there” so watching and hearing about a lot of the “cool stuff” you’re into really helps me enjoy the few things I have to myself!! (three kids…not much of that left!! lol) Like online shopping for the cool stuff I seen on XSparkage!!
    I say do what makes you happy, those who follow you and love what you do will stay with you!! Whether it’s haul/tutorial/ask Leesha/product reviews…or none of thee above, your personality rocks…definately makes my day!! lol
    All the best,
    Amy (alphabravo5)

  128. Mikka says

    …oh and I second the music-inspired tutorials idea..that sounds so cool!!!!

  129. Ariana says

    Your tutorials are great and inspiring but I think you should try to do more drugstore favorites, like posts dedicated to something you love from the drugstore, whether it be makeup, skincare or whatever same goes for high-end. The products that you don’t like would be super helpful to so we all know things to avoid when looking for a new product. I also think monthly/yearly favorites would be great too so we know what you actually think is great, and we get a sense of good everyday products. Hauls and first impressions are great too but like Jayme, said they’re great to watch until the blogger goes overboard. Do more hauls but don’t go makeup crazy because it’s not a healthy habit and makes your watchers sick because we know that you might possibly have a problem we can’t help you with because beauty blogging is your job. Themed tutorials are great and I can’t wait until mid-February no matter what the theme is because your artistic approach to make-up is so beautiful. I think you should bring back the Ask-Leesha too it’s nice to get someone else’s opinion on a beauty related problem. Maybe you should try to do more OOTD’s so you can bring more personal expression into your channel and have an opportunity to reflect more of you so you don’t feel like it’s boring for you. Maybe doing some more health related posts too because it could help inspire lots of people, oh and you must share that cookie recipe because I read that whole thing! And your cats are so adorable! Have a great day Leesha and just do something you want to do, your viewers will always love that.

  130. yeaLINDSAY says

    Hey Leesha!

    Personally I enjoy watching any video you put up. I really enjoy when you make tutorials using a lot of color and when you do makeup looks that other gurus aren’t doing. I would like to see more dramatic tutorials sometimes because they inspire me so much. I also like when you just turn the camera on and start blogging. It is fun to watch and it feels like we are chatting. Hahaha that sounds kinda cheesy. I would like you to tag your videos better though because sometimes when I search through them I can’t find videos I have seen before. One more thing I would love to see on your blog is more pictures of your makeup looks especially after you post the video to Youtube. Alrite that was more then I thought I would write. Anyways I hope this feedback was kinda of what you were looking for.

    Thanks for reading the feedback! And keep the videos coming I would be so sad if you stopped making videos!


  131. Laura R says

    first- your cats are BEAUTIFUL and adorable! (my cat is jealous haha).

    i’ve been a fan for about 3 years and i like how you run your blog and your channel. i did have a few ideas that interest me for potential changes.

    for example, i know sometimes you say that a look has gone wrong, a product has acted up or made your skin react (like that cleanser you mentioned), etc. would you be willing to do a short blog series on When Things Go Wrong? that way it’s not quite as much work as a video, and pictures could be optional, but honestly knowing what NOT to do is almost as important as what TO do.

    i love First Impressions (of basically any product!) and i am so excited you’re bringing them back.

    a blog series on things you regularly repurchase might be nice….do not misunderstand me, i love that you haul stuff, review stuff, try stuff on camera, etc. but i feel like other than TFSI, Nyx Milk, and Stila Stingray i don’t know what items are your standbys that you like enough to repurchase regularly.

    Just a few thoughts. i love your enthusiasm, your willingness to laugh at yourself, and your love of colour. i’ll be watching and reading whatever you produce! keep up the good work!

  132. Natasha says

    i love first impressions cos i feel like gurus only tell us what they like (monthy faves etc) but its quite rare for them to say what they dont like, which is very useful to know, cos not everything i buy i research before i do, and sometimes impulse buys can lead to me hating a product and wasting money! plz can you do “products i hate” vids!!!! <3 u xx

  133. Deb says

    Hey Leesha,

    I started watching you/subscribing to your youtube when I came across your tutorial for how to apply false lashes. I thought you were just the cutest thing and loved how your personality shone through the video. I love your tutorials…I don’t wear overly intense make up but you have inspired me to step outside my comfort zone a little bit. Please don’t stop with tutorials or looks of the week…Also being able to ask questions for advice/recos would be a great addition too :)

    I will tell you some other blogs/youtubers I read/watch regularly. Outside of you there are only two I turn to regularly..Pixiwoo (watch for their tutorials, personality – who doesn’t love british accents) and Temptalia for her honest reviews and ideas/recommendations for what I should or shouldn’t be spending my money on. (oh and jazziebabycakes…I love her!!!!!) Again, it’s about the honesty and personality that draws people in…

    You are fun, bubbly and extremely talented. That is why people love you….

    Keep up the awesome work! I hope the bloggin’ blues don’t last too long!


  134. Astrid says

    Hi Leesha,
    I really like your makeup looks, but I also used to like your MAC first impressions or reviews :) also hauls are fun to watch! I really love your vids, I hope you’ll continue to make them for a very long time <3

  135. kristi says

    I really miss your Theme Tutorials Series. When I first started following your vids like 2 yrs ago, they are what got me hooked and what drew me in. I like the reviews and swatches alot, and would hate to see them go, but the tutorials are the reason I check your blog almost every day; I really love and admire your creativity, and it gets me motivated and inspired. I like the guest looks too; but I wish there were tutorials to go along with them too. Im looking for technique, play by play instructions, details. Anyway, I love your blog and your youtube channel, and am a huge fan. Keep up the good work; you’re doing an awesome job!

  136. Candi says

    Okay, I read it all, where’s my cookies? lol. <3 jk.

    What I would personally like to see more of is some hauls/tutorials with more drugstore type make-up. I absolutely cannot afford high-end items, and while I have been able to find some drugstore products that match up with the colors of your products, it would be awesome to do maybe a "budget friendly" theme once a week or so. :)

    But you are amazing as always, Leesha, so anything you do will be wonderful!

  137. Melani says

    Ok so first of all, your cats are too precious! I think videos with tips and tricks would be great. Also I love comparison videos. Hopefully something can inspire you! Remember…. You are awesome! Hehe

  138. brenda says

    HeeHEee!! Love the cat picture, so sorry to hear about the awful reaction to the facial cleanser! I’ve never used Neutrogena products (save for the bath oil and body wash) and I don’t think I’ll ever try it. I stick to what works.

    Understandably ruts happen. Kudos to you for the creativity to keep the tutorials and ideas coming like you do!! I look to you, Lisa Eldridge and Christine at Temptalia the most for reviews, tips and tricks and tutorials. And I’d say that is the order of my favourite things to see on blogs. I don’t buy ANYTHING without reading reviews first and I like to see swatches that show textures and colours as well as the product packaging. The tutorials are a great starting point for when I have my own ruts!! I’ve bookmarked so many of your looks to help me get started (when I do get the chance to put on makeup – I have a newborn!!)

    I like the themes. Pick a theme, any theme!! Get inspired by artists, whether they paint, blow glass or sew! Pick cities, food (fruit?) emotions, I’m sure you can create looks to go with just about anything anyone suggests:)

    Whatever you do, I’m sure it will be great.

    thank you for you inspiration!!!

  139. Monica says

    I have been REALLY into the drugstore hauls recently maybe because drugstore brands have come out with some very awesome products.

    I really do also love the first impression videos. PLEASE DO MORE OF THOSE!

    Thanks! :)

  140. Lalel says

    Hey, Leesha!
    Glad your feeling better again!
    I have to say that you don’t have to do apologise if you couldn’t do a video. It’s your hobby and we don’t pay for it (like Josh at Petrilude says in one of his videos). You have your own life and that’s more important than people you that don’t even know you complaining about whatever.
    Nevertheless I appreciate you caring about what kind of videos we would like to see.
    I personally like reviews because I like getting to know new products.
    Perhaps you could do tips (which are generally very good because it’s often the small things helping most) for example on how to make a look you see on the internet fit your own eye shape or how to alter your face and so on; the very basics of make-up artistry.
    In terms of tutorials I personally would love to see rather editorial make-up like the ones on the website of Illamasqua than every day looks.
    Finally I want to say how much I love your videos. You are so cool and talented.
    Thanks a lot and take care!

  141. Jessie says

    From other youtubers I prefer reviews and hauls, because the tutorials they make are always something I could have just thrown on myself. But when it comes to you Leesha.. TUTORIALS please!!!!! Cause you always go outside the box and make something interessting and amazing that I would’ve never thought of myself ;)

    (sry if my English is bad, hope you understand)


  142. melanie smith says

    ur actually one of my favorite channels and blogs. i would like to see more themes though. i dunno, maybe inspirations from ur favorite tv or cartoon characters? i think sailor moon would be cool too. btw im in a sausalito cookie mood, since i did read all of ur blog :> haha good luck with ur revamp!!

  143. caddy says

    yeah no offence but it feels like we’ve seen all of you…how about doing a makeover series for other people? concealing their flaws and such?

    1. Paige says

      I like that idea, but not concealing their plaws, that just sounds and is plain mean!

      1. Melissa says

        I agree even though I feel like it’s just a wording issue, how about “drawing attention to their best features” instead? Haha.

        Or maybe a similar series where the looks are based on how Leesha views the people’s personalities or even how that person views themselves (a girl with a very bold personality would get a crazy look, a shy girl would get something soft and natural, etc). I feel like you could even take this as far as to do their alter egos if both sides got creative enough.

  144. Allison says

    That Neutrogena Redness Relief wash didn’t work for me either! It actually made my skin WORSE, it was even more red and had more acne! Not gonna use that stuff again. Ugh. Now I’m using some Cetaphil face wash and it’s working great so far–my acne is more settled down than it’s ever been in a long time. Cetaphil moisturizer works pretty well too.

  145. jess says

    i love your videos. the second a new one is posted i immediately watch it. i personally have issues with makeup. peach fuzz= obnoxiously stupid annoying burden.yes, im bitter. you should do videos in relation to that kind of stuff. like body products in general. and you should review more drugstore stuff because a lot of people can’t get sephora/ ulta makeup that’s more expensive. and a new brushes video explaining the different ones. im still confused. haha.

  146. CarrieB says

    I love your videos. I really like the reviews and first impressions because I want to know if a product is worth it before I go out and drop a bunch of money. I like that you use so many different products, but also stick with your favourites. Its a good way for your followers to be exposed to all there is out there and get a feel for the brands. It would be neat to do a series of looks based off of one pallet, for example the Naked or Naked 2, a good 88 or 120 pallet, etc. A common complaint is that people cant afford to shop at Sephora or Ulta all the time, but I think a lot can be achieved from having the basics and a few select products for an extra punch. I love the make-up looks, especially the themed ones. I’ve only gotten into makeup over the last year and I was completely overwhelmed until I found you and a few other beauty guru’s online. I would like to see themed make-up looks come back, as well as a brush video because Im confused about which size and shape are best for what. Tips and tricks are great, and I think most effective when combined with Ask Leesha. If one person is having a problem, chances are hundreds of others are as well. I do really like that you’ve started to include other aspects of lifestyle such as diet and exercise. They are important to beauty and health and it leaves your blog with a well balanced feel. Thanks for doing a great job!

  147. Stephanie says

    Holy crap the same thing happened to my Mom and I with Neutrogena stuff. She used an eye cream that burned her skin up and made it all red/blotchy painful and I used a “sensitive skin” face sunblock that made my skin feel like it was burning off and it became all red/blotchy painful. I have sensitive skin, but I have NEVER had any product from any line effect my skin the way the Neutrogena stuff did. I avoid their stuff like the plague now, whatever is in it isn’t good for me. D:

  148. Almeida88 says

    Hey Leesha, i really love and enjoy your hauls and reviews they are awesome. I first noticed you through a tutorial and you are just great at what you do. I would like to see Dupes!!! I think that would be awesome!!! if you have ever tried any HE products and noticed if a drugstore brand has worked the same I know we would like to know. I aslo like the posting you did once when you had pictures of a jacket you recently bought, I think if you wanted to take a break from cosmetics you can let us know what great deals you may have gotten or a new accessory you just purchased etc.

  149. Paige says

    I read it all, can I have some cookies now please? :)

  150. Amber J says

    You owe me cookies. :D Even though I totally enjoyed your blog. I personally love your tutorial videos because I feel they are more useful. When I see you do something fun and different, it makes me want to do something extra fun that day! Honestly, I have felt your recent tutorials haven’t caught my eye and that has made me stop caring about my makeup. Geez, I haven’t done my makeup for a week now. :[ I love when you inspire us! Especially themes and doing looks from art. Plus, I love videos when you are you! Because you’re such a sweetheart! Just keep up the good work! <3

  151. Amy says

    I’d really like to see more open box videos like when you get a new MAC collection in the mail! I really love to see your first thoughts on the products the first time you open the box because you’re always so enthusiastic!

  152. Sara says

    i think a great way you could improve your blog is getting the readers more involved – you could have a section in which we could ask questions, personal opinions, make suggestions…. ’cause i know we can do it on the comment section of both your blog and yt channel but i always get the feeling that you won’t read the comments cause you have so many to go through!! love your work, as always! xo

  153. Grace says

    i like surveys and polls!! for WW, FF, etc

  154. Avery says

    I loooooooooove youur Open Box reviews on the Ideeli, Hautelook, and the soap box one!! I would alsoo loooove to see more tutorials i feel likee its all about the salees and reviews. the Open Box reviews aree best because we can see themm and see you use them!! Lovee uu leeshaa!

  155. Kay says

    Leesha, I love your videos. You’re so creative and inspiring. I think there are some great ideas above for your blog and your youtube. You should totally make your Formspring better known though, as that is a great way to connect with you. And just like you did here, you wrote asking us something. I usually am not one to reply, but I was compelled to do so.

    You’re doing a great job even when you’re in a rut. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to come up with down the line. :)

  156. Kaisa says

    Hello, hello!
    First of all, eat lot of fruits to keep up your energy and good mood and a cookie if you must!
    Everybody is getting bluueess sometimes…
    I like your blog very much! I like the swatches of the new products especially MAC…lol..all of new swaches, i always check pruducts like this before i go out and buy them!
    Also wouldn’t it be a huge challenge to create a make up look with useing only new new pruducts you just got?
    I know that everybody have their own style but You coyuld always add some colour to it!
    Ayway, keep up to good work and you are such a cutei :)
    Regards from cold Estonia

  157. Chelana says

    I Think my favorite videos of your are tutorials, and then just random “Hey guys here some thoughts about today/make up” videos. I don’t know really know how to explain. I just like watching you; you are a really funny and interesting person. I came for the makeup but i stay for your personality. :]

    And an Idea: if you want XSparkage blog to be more of a “community” then maybe adding a forum…? I don’t know if you could with the website host you use, but if you could then it would be easier for us to talk to you and other viewers. We could post things about our lives with make up and you could see our thoughts. plus it would be a throw back to your days on LiveJournal. :] Just an idea. Thumbs ups to you!

  158. Stacy says

    I really love your videos! The theme tutorials were always my favorite. “Celebrity looks-a-like” tutorials are always really fun to watch as well. Thanks for making great videos!

  159. Carolina says

    My favourite type of videos is definitely haul and review, but I must say that I enjoy all kinds of vlog posts from you! :) I guess I´m a little bit disappointed that most of the products you try out doesn´t sell in Sweden, but hey, I know it isn´t something you can effect. Your tutorial videos really inspire me to try out diffrent colour combinations and products to combine, so keep it up, your so talanted! :)

  160. Cha says

    I totally want my cookies now!

    Jk! (But if you just happen to have some extra…)

    I love your blog! You’re the first makeup tutorial I ever watched and still my fave guru! I love all your tutorials and especially your first impressions videos. Reviews are helpful because it’s important to me to be educated when spending money on expensive products!!

    I know its super far away, but I’m going to EDC Vegas in June and was wondering if you could do a couple of bright looks for it (preferably ones that will last ALL night!) I need the time from now until then to practice!

    You’re an inspiration.

  161. AllieW says

    I love your tutorials!!!!(: I always love learning new ways to do stuff, I also like product reviews(: xoxo

  162. Jessica says

    I would say my favorite is the swatches and reviews. I don’t have a lot of money for make up so when I buy something I really like to it’s going to be a good product. It’s REALLY helpful to know how things actually look when used. I also really like the tutorials. Unlike most of the other viewers, my least favorite are the haul videos. But I just skip those (no offense intended). I love the forum idea, sometimes it feels pointless to comment on things because I know you don’t have time to read everything. That would definitely make this site feel more like a community :) Over all, love what you do!!!

  163. Mili says

    I would love some fashion Hauls and some OTTD!!! I really don’t know much about your style but I’d love to find out more!

  164. Katie says

    Can you do more tips and tricks? I’m a bit late to this,but they help alot!

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