Today’s video is kind of like when I used to do “Play Date” videos back in the day.. I recently got this palette from Bh Cosmetics, and just sat down, turned on the camera and filmed. I didn’t preplan the look or anything, just kinda went were it took me :)

Hope you enjoy it! If you scroll down, there is a chance to win the palette for yourself :) 



BH Cosmetics Special Occasions PaletteBH Cosmetics Special Occasion Palette


Here’s What was used from the palette for the eyes:

BH Cosmetics

Also used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk
Urban Decay Junkie 24/7 Eye Pencil
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
BH Cosmetics Coral Escape Lipstick


If you’d like to enter to win the Special Occasion Palette, Fill out the form below! Contest ends 4/19 at midnight. 

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  1. jen says

    I really love the neutral tones and purples! I would love to use it for everyday looks <3

  2. Katie Gallardo says

    This is such a pretty look! Hopefully I’ll be able to recreate something this pretty!

  3. Dusti says

    these colors are gorgeous!

  4. Meghan says

    I love the colors of this palette! So gorgeous!

  5. Robin says

    I would use this for a girls night out. very pretty colors!

  6. Alicja says

    I love such colors :) Pretty much peachy, gold and brown there, fancy to create both day- and nightlook :)

  7. Rebecca says

    such beautiful colors!

  8. Jessica says

    Love this look! I adore it!

  9. michela stringati says

    io userei essa tutti i giorni , io sono una persona stravagante ,a me piace osare con i colori

  10. Pahoua Carns says

    Love your look. The Special Occasions palette looks lovely!

  11. Tris says

    I would probably use it for dates, weddings, and performances.

  12. Heather ツ says

    I’d use the left(er) side of the palette for daytime and the right side for evening or to add some color/sparkle for the day time.

    Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola

  13. Cassie Thurston says

    There’s a couple of colors that I’d use for everyday use!!! But most would be weekend play wear!

  14. Rain Phillips Burgos says

    I love this palette so much i would use it everyday it’s just so perfect for any look!

  15. Cate Galeza says

    Gorgeous look!

  16. livi says

    I would use it all the time!!! I love bold looks!!

  17. Valérie Vieira says

    I woud use it to do some bright look for spring and summer mostly on week ends since I am in law school. Got to keep it serous ;-)

  18. Lexi says

    I would make a date night look!!!

  19. Elia Thomas says

    I love everything about your look and how creative you are with the palette. I’ve recently just started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and yours are by far my favorite! :)

  20. Takethia says

    This is GORGE! I wanna use this palette for my bday!

  21. Maura says

    (I’m really hoping that your giveaway is international) I’d use this palette everyday! There are so many colours that you’re never done creating looks!

  22. Em says

    I would do a coppery but neutral look with maybe a pop of colour liner.

  23. TheGingerVirus says

    I love the set up of the palette.

  24. dx says

    i would use this palette everyday on myself, my mom, siblings, friends.. you name it :D as for how i would use the palette, i would do smokey, neutral, glam.

  25. Hilary Lewis says

    Such a pretty look! I would use this palette for everyday, I don’t think it needs to be a special occasion.

  26. Nat c says

    Such a lovely palette, its got basic colours for the day and also shimmery and glitter shadows for the evening. Its an ideal palette to take away on holiday :D x

  27. ash says

    i would use the darker colors to go with my sugarpill brighter colors
    and the lighter blushes since i’m pale and dont want a dramatic pink

  28. Ellie says

    As I travel a lot, I’d take this around with me instead of whatever clutter I normally do… ;)

  29. Jennifer Kennedy says

    There are so many ways you could use this palette. I’d probably go with the purple’s since i have brown eyes. Loved your look! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. Lizzy says

    I love the dark gold colour that you used! I’d probably use the blushes everyday, and the eyeshadows for going out (not everyday work makeup). I love that blue purple on the top row aswell!

  31. Angela Garza says

    I would use this palette just about any day, but most definitely for a special occasion. I love the variety you get in this palette, and it is perfect for someone with not a lot of makeup.

  32. Jennyfer Leon says

    I would love to use this for myself but as well for my makeup clients when I do freelance definitely would come in handy. I love you leesha ! You taught me how to do makeup since highschool lol >.<

  33. Kristyna Stukel says

    Great look!!

  34. oliviva says

    I love wine colour loads :D

  35. Llyrra says

    Ugh, I don’t have anything like that wine or that gold! (I have a million golds, but none that antique/dark looking). I would pretty much use this palette to play around making looks with the shades I don’t have. This one would probably be first.

  36. Star says

    I would definitely use it for special ocassions. Such a great selection of colors – perfect for day or night events!

  37. Jordanne says

    I absolutely loved the look that you had on youtube with this palette. I’m not sure exactly how I would use it, but I know I would LOVE to just play around with the colors. I generally tend to go for looks that are mainly neutral with one bright color put in there just as something interesting

  38. Brittany Cook says

    I would use this palette to create many looks on my YouTube channel and expand my color boundaries.

  39. Jessica Soldwisch says

    So pretty! Reminds me of Gryfendor.

  40. ShaynaMarie says

    Love this palette!( :

  41. khintz says

    i would use this just to get start on my makeup collection

  42. jnlove1986 says

    Thats a really pretty way to use wine clors.

  43. Michelle says

    This would be a great to all occassions pallette. There are enough colors to mix up for everyday looks as well as dramatic party looks.

  44. Erica Hinojosa says

    I love this look very unique :)

  45. Ashley says

    i would probably use this palette on a daily basis just because I think the colors would be good with my eye color.

  46. Eliza Noel says

    Build up my collection again!

  47. Breanna says

    I would use this palette for special occasions and maybe everyday. it has nice all around colors.

  48. jenny says

    I would use this palette as an everyday one, it has so many beautiful colors and a lot of blushes as well. :D

  49. Leigha says

    i would use this palate to build up my collection. Id wear the blushes everyday. I would use the more neutral shadows for day then the use the darker colours for nights out.

  50. Jaclynn Seesink says

    I would use it to build up my collection

  51. Emma Paplinski says

    I love BHCosmetics’ products and have been eyeing this one up for quite a while. I love all the purple/maroon toned shades and can see myself using them to create some dark and vampy smokey eyes. :)

  52. Anja A says

    I would use it almost everyday, and to build up my little collection.

  53. Regan Starks says

    I would get learn more about makeup and start my collection

  54. hiba cheema says

    I would build up my collection

  55. lizzy says

    i would use this palette to experiment more with my eye shadow.

  56. Gabbie says

    I’d use this to expand my horizons when it comes to eye makeup! :)

  57. Becky Gee says

    I would use this palette to build my ever expanding BH collection and my Makeup Artistry kit. :D

  58. Jen says

    Those colors are gorgeous!!

  59. Jen says

    I’d use this not only for special occasions, but many of the colors for every day looks

  60. Nikki Zuniga says

    I would use the Special Occasions palette for everyday looks. The colors are very neutral for everyday wear. And also I would love to build my collection, I already own the BH cosmetics Party girl palette and I would love to own this one as well.

  61. Julia Kyla Shannara says

    Is this giveaway international?

  62. hunter says

    I love the wine colors of it so I would probably be using it for deep wine/plum smokey eye looks.

  63. Krystal Best-Pickup says

    I would probably use this palette for accent colours. I love bright vibrant looks so this would help deepen them up and give me some nice new looks. I would also just love playing around with the entire palette.

  64. jade margason says

    i would use it every day! i dress pinup so a look is not complete without makeup

  65. Phoebe Jane Dunn says

    I would definitely use this palette on an every day basis as well as for special occasions, the colors are all amazing! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity bh cosmetics and leesha :)

  66. Kajsa says

    I actually think I would travel with it! Just toss in between my cloth in my bag, add some brushes and some more essentials and travel away!

  67. Sadie Hill says

    I think this palette is great for everyday and special occasions. I love purple and plum colors so I think I would use it a lot, either for an entire eye look or just to add a bit of those plum colors to a look.

  68. Anna says

    I would use it everyday!!

  69. Samantha says

    I would use this palette for everyday looks. I mostly own bright colorful eyeshadow palettes like Vice and Vice 2. I have really been looking for a palette with both matte and shimmer colors. I especially would use the different blushes for cheek color and highlights.

  70. Kaitlyn Renaud says

    I would use it as an every day palette

  71. diana says

    i would you this palette for sultry edgy looks or really soft looks as well

  72. WandaLoca... says

    I love it!!! :D… You are gorgeous <3…

    1. WandaLoca... says

      I forgot XD… I would use it everyday, because it have all the shades for different occasions… Thanks for the giveaway!!!… Good luck everyone <3…

  73. Nan says

    I would use it when having dinner withs friends or on special ocasions such as birthday parties.

  74. Sierra says

    I would probably use this palette for every day looks. I think it’s versatile enough and with all of the colors there are so many looks to do that still have a lot of color!

  75. Rita Hecker says

    I would use this palette for everyday and even sultry looks for evening.

  76. April says

    I would use this palette for going to school because I have no limits XD I don’t restrict myself to special occasions only!

  77. kerry says

    i would use it for everyday use probably!

  78. Soledad M.G. says

    For any ocassion! what should i choose? ;)

  79. Nurhan says

    This is such a versatile palette! I think you can use it for special occasions as well as everyday workplace appropriate look. I also think it’s great for travelling with all the eye shadow and blush options!

  80. Lela says

    This is such a pretty pallet, I’d probably use it everyday!

  81. Nikki Smith says

    I think this palette would be a fun experimenting palette! Just like you said you didn’t have a plan in mind with your looks it is so fun to sit down with a big palette and play around.

  82. Dee J says

    as an everyday type thing

  83. Rina says

    What a gorgeous look! You are so talented. I would use this anytime, I love muted color.

  84. Vicki Comis says

    Gorgeous eye shadow pallette! The colors you chose make your blue eyes pop! I’m a blue eyed gal too!

  85. Bronwyn says

    I love this look!

  86. Cassie N says

    I love this palette! I think it has a great range of sheer neutrals to pops of color!

  87. Cortney B says

    I would use this palette for when I take photos

  88. Yesenia Jimenez says

    I would use this pallet for any occasion!! Love the colors!!

  89. Deidra Lunardon says

    I have been interested in getting a BH pallett for a while, but wanted to see more reviews from reperable bloggers! Thank you!

  90. Roberta Stojic says

    I would use this palette to create a romantic smokey eye look for nightly occasions. :)

  91. Rejani says

    I would use this palette to create some dramatic Smokey eyes for whenever I’m going out :)

  92. Grace Gosch says

    I love the gold and pink tone :) it looks gorgeous! ♥

  93. Geek Palette says

    Date nights with the boyfriend. There are so many great colors to use for those special meal nights. Dramatic, or sassy. Fancy or subtle. Especially all the different blushes. That’s how I would use the palette.

  94. Grace says

    I would love to use this palette to deepen up a neutral eye look or add a pop of color to the lash line. Those plum shades look gorgeous! Totally could work for a simple or dramatic look

  95. Alicia says

    I would definitely use this for a girls’ night out, which is greatly needed right now (end of semester stress. Gotta love college)

  96. Magalie says

    I love the color so much omg I wouldn’t put blue on the bottom but the burgundy and gold is gorgeous

  97. Harri says

    I would probably use this to play around….A LOT!!!

  98. Danielle hawley says

    I would try different looks on my and anyone who would let my experiment lol

  99. Heather R. Mason says

    I would love the blushes! I like that the palette has matte and shimmer!

  100. Courtney says

    I love bh cosmetics. They are so adorable but sheikhs good quality. Thus look is awesome!!

  101. krystinathealien says

    I’d love to do a more daytime friendly version of this look. I work in a library, and I’m not sure wine would go very well, but it’s so pretty!

  102. aly says

    I love how versatile this palette can be :3

  103. Htwe Nyein Han says

    I’d like to create the look that you created with this palette! I just finished watching the tutorial!

  104. Mika says

    I’ve been eyeing this palette for a while now, but they don’t sell it where I live. :( I’m definitely going to try out a variety of looks with this palette. I love that it as really neutral, earth-toned colors because I’m not really brave enough to wear bright colors. :D

  105. xxSusanxxxx says

    Nice look! ;)

  106. Squidny says

    I would probably use this pallette like every day! It looks beautiful and I love all the colors :3

  107. Daniela says

    I would try to use this everyday to switch up my standard look of just black winged liner =)

  108. Casskim says

    I would love to do a smokey purple look with it to start with

  109. Becky Dunmall says

    Such a lovely palette!

  110. Sugar says

    I think I’m going to get this either way. Haha

  111. Emily B says

    Such a great look!!!

  112. Ellie says

    I would use it when I’m going out with my girlfriends for dinner!! There are so many options and looks to go with!

  113. ayesha says

    I think this palette will be perfect to do some Arab inspired looks with because its got a good variety of colours :D

  114. Kell says

    I would use this for nights out!!

  115. natisv says

    Love this palette! I’m just learning how to realle use make up so i really really want it. It’s just soo complete!

  116. Kathi says

    I become a make up Artist in a few months and i would use the Palette for it =)

  117. Tanya says

    I love that there are so many cheek colours. I only have 1 blush :D

  118. Monica Perales says

    I would use it on days where I feel I need a “I feel beautiful day”. I work in a rough terrain environment (with all men) so there are those days where I just wana feel more like a lady and less like “one of the boys”.

  119. Kaytee says

    I adore those cheek colors!

  120. jesea says

    I would use this palette for my crazy mix n match eye looks that I love to do!!! Like purple, slate/gray and spring green. Or Blue, red/burgundy/brick, and tan/brown or chestnut. My looks always sounds kinda scary, but ends up amazing!!! (If I do say so myself!!) The amount of colors in this palette would really allow me to take my look easily to the next level!

  121. beautyrefind says

    I can see so many ways to use this palette! Night out or night in!

  122. Cassie says

    There are so many options for this palette! Thank you for the giveaway!

  123. BeckyLovesKanga says

    I would use it to try to find some dupes!

  124. Mei Zi says

    Those shimmery shades look so pretty! Would love to experiment with them ^.^

  125. Crystal says

    I would probably use it mostly for night time/clubbing looks.. although I do love doing dark smokey eyes even for everyday looks.

  126. Madeline says

    Taupe/neutral on the lid and crease with a pop of colour underneath the eye!

  127. Zoe Neocleous ☠ says

    Would love to experiment with the pink/red tones to bring out my green eyes as I learnt from one of your previous videos :)

  128. Alyssa says

    I would use this palette for everything. I think it has a lovely mix of lighter neutrals and darker colors for day and night.

  129. Lili says

    This palette is really pretty :) I would use it for everyday looks, the colors are super versatile!

  130. Danielle Garcia says

    I would experiment with different smokey eye looks!

  131. Lauren Barnes says

    I would use these colours to add some glam to neutral every day makeup

  132. Floppysockies says

    I would like to experiment with different colors! My eyeshadow set is very plain, and barely existent! haha :)

  133. Teodora says

    I would try and experiment with different colours. Because I usually use very neutral colours.

  134. nicole says

    love those earth tone colours

  135. Kimmy Delos Angeles says

    Wow this palette really is great for wine based looks. It would be perfect for the fall.

  136. Zelin Ozturk says

    I would love to try experimenting with the earth tones. I used to always only use super bright colours, and recently started rocking more neutrals too, so this would be a perfect halfway point between the two, and something I’m really lacking in my makeup collection…

  137. Brittany says

    Love that shade of lipstick. Gorgeous. I don’t have a lot of matte shades and it looks like there are quite a few in here. That’d be useful.

  138. Meredith says

    I have been doing my friends and my makeup for a while now and just was asked by a photographer near my town if I would do some freelance paid work. This would be a nice addition to my collection, especially for what I may be doing for the shoot in the future

  139. Febz says

    I’d love to try some more muted tones, as I usually use a lot of color in my makeup looks. Also I’ve never used any shadows from BH Cosmetics, so I’d love to give them a try and see what their products are like.

  140. Kimberly says

    This palette has more muted tones but they’re interesting colors. I’ve been eyeing a lot of the the BH cosmetics palettes but I can never pick just one and never get around to getting them. I would love to use this palette for more evening looks since I’m always too timid to go more on the darker side with my looks.

  141. Terri Eden says

    I would love to use this palette !! It’s perfect for everyday looks or dramatic or even special occasions! Love this :)

  142. andrea says

    I´d love to have this palette, the colors look amazing :)

  143. Natalie says

    I have been dying to try BH cosmetics! I’m a makeup student and this would be good for my starter kit!

  144. Aja says

    This look is super cute. I love the gold in it.

  145. Jazmín González says

    I’ll use for my wedding aniversary!

  146. charlotte says

    I would love to try out BH cosmetics shadows.

  147. Jenea says

    I’ll use it in a video to help start my vlogging collection. :)

  148. Whitney107 says

    I would use this pallette for myself and to help build my collection so I can continue to practice creating looks.

  149. Ara says

    I will use it daily for work makeup! :)

  150. Morgan S says

    The colors look really interesting and would be fun to play with

  151. Bianca Rogoveanu says

    I would use it to create summer looks!

  152. Emmely Timmerman says

    I’m gonna use it on my sister! haha! She loves me doing her makeup. Love the colors in this palette, there’s so much to choose from!

  153. Brittany says

    I would use it for summer nights and all the way into fall too. I work on camera usually so having something to make my eyes pop and look good pays off

  154. morganlea24 says

    I would use the mattes for every day, but I would definitely break out those dark colors for nighttime looks!

  155. Emilie says

    I’d find a way to use it for every occasion!

  156. StarxDust says

    I love this look! It’s something that you can switch out the wine colour with and use any colour in the palette that goes with your outfit!

  157. Avery says

    i would use it for prom! and nights when i go out

  158. Carmen says

    Looks so great! I would use it for everything, I like bright and more natural looks ^^

  159. Kelli says

    i’d use it everyday!!

  160. Zoefraser94 says

    i would use it everyday for different makeup looks!

  161. Andrea says

    For everyday as well as any special occassions(:

  162. Angela Chandia says

    Would def use it as everyday wear

  163. Leonicca van der Merwe says

    I’d use it on my face!

  164. Ági Takács says

    great colour range! i think i’d use it for daytime makeup as well as for night looks

  165. ceecs43 . says

    I would use it all the time, because I honestly love color eyeshadow, and I love looking majestic af like a unicorn.

  166. lguinn says

    Suddenly, I can’t actually see any of your posts, just the comments… wtf?

    1. Sabré Davis says

      So it isn’t just me who can’t see the videos and stuff anymore. Thought I was going crazy there for a moment

      1. Ashley says

        Me i cant see anything on this page except comments and ads and the also might like section :(

        1. mysteries1984 says

          Same here. I’d love to have seen it but this has happened a few times on different browsers…and only ever with this blog. I’ll probably just unsubscribe.

    2. Jac says

      I can’t see the post either, just the comments. This sucks.

  167. 高島真理 says

    I can’t see the post nor the giveaway, only comments! D:

  168. Liberty Anne Yanaga says

    what the post is gone D:

  169. Ve says

    Where’s the post?!?! Did the giveaway end?

  170. Alice Trillian says

    I need this eye palette so much. I had an eye allergy and I could not wear any make up for almost a year. We finally found out what the problem was. I need make up now, thanks.

  171. Domniki Sarri says

    I would use it all time.Day,night,spring,summer.winter etc.It’s all I need!

  172. BabaS says

    These colors are sparkling gorgeous — I would wear these colors in this palate all day and all night!

  173. PK says

    This look is so pretty!

  174. Kelliflower says

    This is so pretty. It reminds me of a red sunset with a golden pyramid.

  175. Letitia Harriet says

    Came back to see if the website was back up and running and the competition is over. Unfortunate. :(

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