Glitter Base Showdown!

Tonight I did a little poll on Twitter and Facebook… I asked everyone to tell me which glitter base they would want to use, out of the following:



Now before we get into the results, here are the contenders:

  1. Eyekandy Liquid Sugar
  2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  3. Too Faced Glitter Glue
  4. LA Splash Splashproof Sealer


The overwhelming winner was #4, LA Splash Splashproof Sealer. Too Faced Glitter Glue also had a lot of love, followed by Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar, and finally, joking votes for Too Faced Shadow Insurance (I know, it’s not really made to hold glitter, but I figured it was worth a shot!)

Each of the (real) glitter bases have very different applications and textures as well:


Eyekandy Liquid Sugar is similar to MAC’s mixing medium, in the sense that it is a water based liquid. You can mix the glitter in with the Liquid Sugar, or saturate a brush and dip the brush into the glitter. I find the second way works best, as mixing it with the glitter tents to make it clumpy.



Too Faced Glitter Glue Is basically a thicker, stickier version of Shadow Insurance, It doesn’t dry down as quickly, and definitely gives something for glitter to grab on to. With this base, I applied it on my hand, then patted the glitter on top.


LA Splash Splashproof Sealer comes in a tube similar to lipgloss or how some shadow primers come. It’s consistency is like a thinned out gel, and applies with a doefoot applicator. I applied this the same as Too Faced Glitter Insurance- Applied to my hand, and then patted glitter on top.


Something else I found interesting: I decided to see how well the glitter would lase if i rubbed a finger over each base after applying glitter. By FAR, LA Splash held on to the glitter better than the rest. Too Faced Glitter Glue did a decent job, and Liquid Sugar didn’t hold at all.


  1. Aude Mai says

    Yeah LaSplash is a killer LOL

  2. Justine(justinerawr414) says

    Do you know the difference in price between the Too Faced Glitter Glue and the LASplash?
    Since they both do a decent job, I would prefer to go with the cheaper option.

    1. Leesha says

      im not positive on exact price point, but i know that LA Splash is cheaper. I know the glitter glue was around $18, lasplash is drugstore so im gonna guess $7-9

  3. Amber says

    Do you know how the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy compares with the LA/Too Faced?

    1. Leesha says

      i’ve never used it.

  4. HovercatMittens says

    I don’t think we have LA Splash here, and nooooo way am I spending $18 on Too Faced (actually that comes to over $23 in canadaland! ACK!)
    So I’ll stick with my Pixie Epoxy :D

    1. HovercatMittens says

      I went to Sephora and I was off by a buck, $24! Ouchy to my bank

      1. justine says

        too faced is soooo expensive here! i agree! i wish we had la splash…

        1. Christy says

          Just wanted to add… that down in Aussie Land its $30 to buy TFSI in store. Only one store stocks it! Needless to say I buy mine from the US and get it shipped all the way to Australia! And that STILL works out cheaper! What a joke!? (oh and dont even get me started on the markups on other products like MAC and benefit!)

          I really wish I could get the LA Splash sealer here! I cant even find anywhere online that ships to Australia! If anyone knows of somewhere Please let me know!!! Thanks xoxo

        2. Christy says

          Oh and i know back in the day the exchange rate was different. But now we are basically $ for $ with the US.. and stuff is still more than double (even triple) the US price!

    2. Angel says

      ELF also has a glitter glue. And it’s only $1!!

  5. Kim L. says

    Oh my! I went to a drugstore this week and there was this huge sale on LASplash. I took some glitter (D’uh!) and didn’t check the eyeliner stash because there was mostly this off white eyeliner (Or so I thought). I just realized later that it was the glitter sealer. Huge FAIL! haha!

    1. Leesha says

      hahah :) yeah its an odd color but it shows up clear!

  6. Phyrra says

    I just did a comparison recently between Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, Sobe Botanicals Stick It, Hi-Fi Cosmetics High Impact Shadow Fix and Medusa’s Makeup The Fix. They basically help glittery shadows stick, or give you the look of foiled shadows without the mess of foiling. I think you would definitely like Pixie Epoxy or Stick it :)

    1. Katy says

      I didn’t see this when I posted my review on pixi epoxy. I live your make up blog and I totally agree with you here! :)

      1. LorraineER says

        Katy, can you please link to your blog or just tell me the name if linking isn’t allowed? Thank you :)
        (I love to read blogs that review indies!)

  7. Lauren says

    could you use the LA Splash as a normal eyeshadow primer as well??? it’s SO much cheaper than too faced!

    1. Leesha says

      the thing is, its very sticky, so using it for normal shadows would probably make for a very uneven application that was very splotchy. If you’re looking for a cheap eyeshadow base try NYX or loreal decrease

  8. Katy says

    The stuff I love for glitter is MACs eyeliner mixing medium for glitter but I’m sure la splash is much more affordable. The other product that I think is one of the best purchases I have ever made to help glitters show up in lose eyeshadows is Pixi Epoxy! If you have bought bare minerals eye shadow and lived the way it searched on you hand, all singer and glittery but you put it on you eye and it just fades to nothing even with a primer. Truuuust me get this stuff! Its from an online site (now im going to butcher the name) fyrinne. I don’t work with them I’m not affiliated, I just think everyone sold invest in this stuff if you have bought loose eye shadow from any company, sugar pill, glamour doll, uhh those old lime crime shadows you jammed in the back of your make up box angrily. Again, I’m just sharing the love and highly recommending you all look into pixi epoxy!

    1. Sheilla says

      Thanks so much for bringing up the BM eyeshadows.. because that is the exact reason I was looking at this post! I’m definitely going to try and find the Pixi Epoxy to give it a try now!

  9. Katy says

    Ugh that was all typed on my phone and it kept picking the wrong words. One line about bare minerals: ‘and loved the way it swatched on your hand all shiney and glittery’. Its a love hate relationship with my keyboards auto word pick. :)

  10. Elissa says

    i got the lasplash last week because i remember you using it in pretty much any tutorial that involved glitter.
    i am in lovee with it! i just need more glitters. :)

  11. Heather says

    I’ve never heard of La Splash, do you know which drugstores carry it? I went to their website trying to find some sort of “Where can I buy it?” mention, nothing.

    1. Lindsey says

      I get most of my LASpalsh stuff at Fredmeyers.. The range of cost is usually between $3-$10…. I love there glitters and the Sealer is by far the best and it is by far the best considering the price..

  12. Zoe says

    BEATIFUL!!<3 Please check out my blog. Its all about fashion and make-up :)

  13. Gabi says

    Thanks Leesha!
    My EyeKandy just ran out and I was going to buy a new one, But i’ll get LA splash instead now that i saw this. Which also means i’ll be saving a few $ woohoo!

  14. saucerville says

    totally bought the too faced one today. I didn’t even know it existed until I walked in for something else and got sidetracked.

    I didn’t even know LASplash made one! Now I have to go try it. If it really is better than too faced, I guess I’ll be making a sephora return…

    I’ve used Pixi Epoxy before and find it works ok.
    Hard candy show girl’s secret was disappointing.
    Liquid sugar did nothing for me.
    Ben nye let me down.
    Medusa’s Makeup Stick it works for a while, but better for pigments and loose shadows.
    And the gel glitter glue from sally beauty was a joke.

    I’m a girl who loves her glitter, but on her eyelids, not all over her face.

  15. Amy P says

    I picked up the LASplash sealer at Ulta today…it seems to work really well, but be warned…it has a STRONG and extremely NASTY smell. Not synthetic or overly sweet (like NYX megashines), but kind of a rancid odor. I wonder if this is normal or I just got one that had gone bad? Either way I’m returning it.

    1. Marcela says

      LOL i just bought it yesterday at ULTA and i was also put off by the smell. to me it’s a cross between elmer’s glue and celery! but goes away once it dries and holds onto glitter really well.

  16. Maria says

    Thanks Leesha, i just brought the NYX Glitterati glitter cream palette and was wondering what base to use, this has made my mind up for me, cheers!

  17. Michelle says

    I woulda said Too Face Shadow Insurance too! LOL

  18. justine says

    love this type of post! comparisons are so helpful for shoppers :)

  19. Victoria loves xsparkage! says

    Can you use the glitter base on top of an eyeshadow then put the glitter over?

    1. Marcela says

      yup! just pat a little bit of glitter base (LASPlash is great) on top of your finished eye (but don’t rub) and then pat a bit of glitter over it. i just use my finger for glitter application.

  20. Marcela says

    Thanks, Leesha! I went out yesterday and bought LASplash glitter base at your recommendation. it really does work! only thing is the strange smell… like… elmers glue mixed with celery? LOL

    1. Rebekah says

      I was wondering the best remover for LAsplash sealer ? If I decide to use it on set and need to do a plain look afterwards. Basically anything that will take off all residue.

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