Gleek Week: Kurt

Finally, to end Gleek Week, we have Kurt! He’s one of my favorite characters, but obviously, he doesn’t wear makeup. To make of for this, I decided to incorporate his love for skincare and show some skincare products I like and some skincare tips :)


Products Mentioned:
Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask (Also LOVE the olive oil mask for dry skin!!)
Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
My Face Works Masks:

  • I need a quickie
  • I need to heal
  • I need to open my eyes
  • I need a clear day

Clarisonic (or similar face cleaning brush)
Eyecream (i use clinique repairware)

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  1. Jessica says

    I use a loofah on my face in place of those sonic-scrubbers, guess I should join the 21st century.

    And whenever I use the pore strips I end up with that nasty white stuff on my face, defeating the purpose of even using it. What’s up with that?

  2. Sammy says

    Okay.. Great idea! Honest:) BUT I don’t agree with you stopping here! Their are more people you can do!!!!! Like Brittney or Santania! Their look is kinda the same but it is different from the others… Then the counsler! She has such a uniqe look with her red lips and eyeshawdow I think it would be fun to watch! So please! Glee is my favirote show & I love your videos so combined is just great.

  3. Phyrra says

    I really enjoyed your Gleek Week Series!

  4. Joli says

    Just an FYI, Vaseline, does not moisturize. What it does, is provide a barrier, that keep moisture in, and can help keep other crap out. For best results, apply a moisturizer, then a very thin layer of Vaseline. If you have sensitive skin, don’t use it. Petroleum products (petroleum jelly, petrolatum, mineral oil) can be extremely irritating to sensitive skin. I think I managed to cure about 90% of my excema by making sure not to use any petroleum products anymore. You have to remember, that even though we’re using to seeing them all over the place, these are by products of the same stuff we make gasoline out of. They aren’t gentle by any means, though most people can tolerate them. Beauty companies use them because they are cheap fillers (esp mineral oil), and because they give a “sheen” to skin that make people think they are moisturizing, even though they are not.

  5. kathrina says

    i. love. clarisonic!!! I’ve had mine for like 2 years and i use it everyday. It is expensive (thanks mom for buying it!!!) but, I absolutely love it! but I’m in the market for a new cleanser, do you have a favorite? I have acne prone skin too.

  6. sydney says

    i love all of this, believe it!!!!!! you and your ideas are so awesome. okay, what i wanted to say was, to get you more ideas, that you should watch julieg713’s videos on youtube. she is almost practically like you, she’s perky and nice and pretty.:) if you have’nt already, though. she’s pretty popular. you are definitley going to be popular in a few weeks. you probably already are!!! well, don’t want to keep you, byeee!:)))))))))

  7. AllyLou says

    Can you get Queen Helene in drug stores or only online?

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